Lelouch and kallen relationship test

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lelouch and kallen relationship test

Think you know "Code Geass" like I do? Let's find out. (Must have seen most if not all of this anime to pass this test.) Quiz. What was Kallen's designation?. Read the topic about Karen x Lelouch pairing - just a wishful thinking? on In the first season, we can see the relationship between those two slowly . First of all, I'd like to point out - that was supposed to be a test. .. Also, please include why Kallen narrating the aftermath does not prove Kalulu's victory. What if Kallen knew what she truly mean to Lelouch? How would things turn Now we all know about the complex relationship between Kallen and Lelouch. This is just This is also a test for my upcoming fanfic. Well enjoy!.

That just spells "maturity", right? I think the slap there is speaking for itself. Returning to the final episode - this is where the situation began to fall apart. The problem with Karen's feelings was simple - her despise towards Lelouch's apathic behaviour was stronger than her trust towards Zero.

Not much - She still served under Zero's orders - but it was still a tiny bit stronger. This is the first sign of Karen completely misunderstanding Lelouch's behaviour and ideals, but I will get to that later. Anyway, the first nail to Kalulu coffin was hammered right there and then - when she ran away from Lelouch and Suzaku, instead of helping Zero. Now I know what some of you will say - "She was confused! She didn't know how to deal with those feelings! But again, the fact that she was confused enough to run away, means nothing else, but that she couldn't trust Zero enough to save him right there.

The other thing is the lack of understanding of Lelouch I mentioned a while earlier. That's right, I'm Zero. And eventually, i'll be the one to take over the world. You made use of us Japanese? If you see it from the result standpoint, Japan will be liberated.

lelouch and kallen relationship test

You have no qualms about this, right? This is the second nail - which in the long run is the heaviest one of all. While we're at it, let's point another thing - her idea of Zero changed purely because of learning his identity. He said nothing about his ideals, except for what he already stated as Zero way, way back earlier OK the part about "Conquering the world" might have been a shock, but notice that that sentence alone did not add much to the shock Karen was already in Also, what do you expect from a man who threats to destroy an Empire that holds one third of a whole world within it's grasp?

So her shock was mostly based on the fact that Zero is indeed Lelouch - so I'd risk betting that the "You used us" did not come from the "Conquer the world part", but from the episodes earlier.

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And anyway - what is "Even me Where did you get the idea that you were somehow special to him? I saw very little signs of this when he was acting as Zero And by that I mean mostly the "You are the best pilot" and the part where he wanted to show her his true identityand none at all when he was in school, so, dear Karen But there is more, let's move on.

The next sign of distrust shows up in the first episodes of R2 - when Karen asks Lelouch "Who is he? Is he Lelouch, or is he Zero?

Next would be the Refrain episode from R2, but I will go on a little detour here - don't worry, we'll get back to that episode soon. I know many people like to point out the "let's go back to school and watch fireworks together" scene as something similar to a confession from Lelouch - but If you were to hear my opinion, it is you that are misunderstanding Lelouch this time.

Lelouch never showed much concern towards Karen, and definitely did not look at her like you would look at a lover. Let's just bring up the fact that it took him almost half of the series to rescue her from Britannian prison. Again, I can tell what you will bring up next.

The problem is, Lelouch cares for his friends. You could tell that he cares for them when back in season 1 they were held hostage by the JLF. You could tell that when he got mad at himself when he learned that Shirley's father has died. You could also tell that when he learned that Suzaku killed his father. This wasn't some amazing confession of love towards Karen. It was simple "It's fun spending time with you, I'd like to rebuild the relationship we all had in the Student Council before the whole 'Zero' Ruckuss" - no more, no less - He treated her as a friend, and - mind you - not the "trustee" type of friend, the one you would trust with your life That place was reserved for Suzaku before Lelouch was betrayed by himbut the simple "classmate" type of friend - more than "Acquaintance", less than "True friend".

The next thing I would like to bring up is the time when the Order betrayed Lelouch. And I seriously mean it - He tells her that he only used her She believed him. Do you remember what I said about Trusting Zero? OK, what should he say for her to catch on that he tried to sacrifice himself for her? Many people say that "She was just confused again about it" - she was so confused that she did not care to ask anyone what they think about it? And you also say that "because of that confusion she did not go searching for him" - But this is a contradiction right there.

If she was really confused about his feelings towards her, wouldn't it be all the more reason to go and find him, and ask him about it? This is yet another example of immaturity I mentioned at the beginning - Why approach the matter like adults, and ask each other what the hell is going on?

It's better to throw a tantrum - maybe he'll see that I'm angry, and he'll come back to me? No, I don't think she really thought that way, it's just that this kind of reasoning comes to my mind when I think of the way she behaved back then Yet another argument of Kalulu fans is Karen kissing Lelouch after his rise to power as Britannian Emperor - But that was only that. Karen kissing lelouch, and in return he was just standing there, staring at her without emotion. First of all, I'd like to point out - that was supposed to be a test.

The "Confusion" I mentioned just now was the reason for this - "Let's kiss him and see how he reacts If he cares for me, he'll definitely kiss me back, right? This is yet another example how little does Karen understand of Lelouch - If she knew just a little better, she'd know that the whole thing is a farce, and that he can't go into any relationships, because a It would hinder his plans b It would hurt those involved more.

So he cuts all his ties with people he knew - remnants of the Student Council, Karen - and stays only with CC and Suzaku on personal terms. CC said "I will follow you, no matter what you do", and Suzaku had his part of the "deal" in it. Of course Karen wouldn't be able to get that in years, because - she can't understand a thing about Lelouch. At the end of the series, we can see Karen exclaiming "This is true Zero!

This is the detour I mentioned earlier, and the conclusion of this article. One thing many people like to draw out in defence of Kalulu is the refrain episode, where Karen slaps Lelouch again back to reality.

Kallen Kōzuki

But look at the general mood of that scene. Lelouch - learning that his beloved sister Nanally is to become the next governor of Area 11, feels he doesn't have any reason to fight anymore and wants to use refrain to bring his mind back to the past, when he could most probably live with Nanally joyously, without being worried about the war.

Then Karen steps in, realises what he wanted to do, and after Lelouch asks her to "comfort him", she slaps him back into reality, talking about "the play he has begun" and "responsibilities he has".

Aren't we quite understanding here Giving some of that "love" What I want to point out in this scene is the manner in which she brings him back. I'd say there were at least two other ways to walk out of this one, supporting Kalulu: I trust that you will be able to find a way out of this one, you always managed to find one I'd say it never even came through her mind - why?

Because - and this is where we get to the bottom of things - She was never in love with Lelouch. She couldn't care less if it was Lelouch, Rival, Suzaku or whoever else that was Zero - she never considered spending the rest of her life with Zero being alive, feeling person. Then what DID she consider? The problem is that Zero was never existant as a person. Zero gave Karen that sense of security, and she was able to trust him, because she never considered that there might be conflicts within him - just a person that wants to free Japan for whatever cost possible - this kind of guy can't betray us, right?

If his wish is the same as ours, he couldn't possibly turn on us, right? But suddenly, Zero gained a face. He gained a personality - he wasn't the "faceless concept" anymore - he was a person, that lives and feels.

Go help him out. Just one more thing. Lights pierced through the darkness like a sword through flesh. Look at how far we come because of Zero! At least let him answer! Lelouch knew that it was over. Perhaps there was a way out.

The prince glanced at a corner and saw a tall white figure and knew that it was hopeless.

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Kallen was still there shielding him from the others. He knew she was willing to die with him. She can't die now; he needed someone to protect CC.

She had to live. No, that's what he was telling himself. It was more than that. He was right earlier. Kallen Kosuki would always be there for him since the beginning and now she's there infront of him when everyone is against him. Such loyalty…she was willing to be his slave unlike others whom he had geassed.

She had followed him everywhere anywhere w He understood what CC had told him earlier now: Kallen was deeply in love with him. That explained why she had been acting to him strangely earlier and why she was outrageously jealous when CC told him to take off his clothes.

Lelouch had always made fun of her by mentioning of them being a couple many times before but he had never been serious about it. He knew now why she was able to perform so many deeds before. Love is power, Lelouch! Shirley's voice rang in his head. People would do things that were insane beyond reason for those they love regardless for what happen to oneself. It gives them the will, strength and power to go on beyond all expectations…against all odds. It was the most powerful weapon anyone can have.

Love…the fear and grief in his chest was replaced by an unfamiliar emotion. It was similar to that of how he felt for Euphie, Shirley, even C. Not Kallen as well. He would see to her that she live even without him. Kallen was his knight…his friend…his queen and now he felt the feeling he was willing to die for her as she would for him…The Black Prince suddenly found out what that emotion was…love All that matter to him now is to keep Kallen safe.

He knew that there was only one way to save her. Although it hurt him more than it will ever hurt her, he had to do it.

lelouch and kallen relationship test

Lelouch Vi Britannia let out a evil laugh. So you finally figured it out. That I've been using you all! You're all pawns in my game. Kallen let out a grasp and turned to him. It's like a well played knight. His whole act would break if he looked at her face any longer. He knew her eyes were tearing though he couldn't see it. Guns cocked and aimed at the Black Prince. But Lelouch did not care.

Tears swell his violet orbs as the words rang into his mind. It could not be avoided if she were to live but it hurt much more than he thought he would feel. He dipped his head to hide the tears that were coming out and the fading grin that was changing to a bitter frown. The act was breaking up. He could not let them see had hurt the one person who stood by his side after all the evil he had done. He had hurt his queen…his love After all the failures he had done, at least Zero, Lelouch Vi Britannia succeeded in saving the person who would have wanted to share his life with in another life.

Lelouch imagined himself in another time, in another world. A world where there was peace everywhere. They parted and she appeared striding towards him gracefully.

Kallen would be dressed in a white beautiful dress looking at him.