Line and staff relationship definition dictionary

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line and staff relationship definition dictionary

The relationships that result are known as line relationships. In any organisation By contrast, staff relationships exist when a manager gives/receives advice from another organisational member. How clear is the definition of jobs? Do some. Definition of Line Organization. Line organization, as the name suggests, is an organization wherein a direct vertical relationship. Definition of line and staff management: A military-type organizational structure, commonly employed in large, centralized corporations. Line and staff.

There are two lines of authority which flow at one time in a concern: Line Authority Power of command remains with the line executive and staff serves only as counselors.

line and staff relationship definition dictionary

Merits of Line and Staff Organization Relief to line of executives- In a line and staff organization, the advice and counseling which is provided to the line executives divides the work between the two. The line executive can concentrate on the execution of plans and they get relieved of dividing their attention to many areas. Expert advice- The line and staff organization facilitates expert advice to the line executive at the time of need. The planning and investigation which is related to different matters can be done by the staff specialist and line officers can concentrate on execution of plans.

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Benefit of Specialization- Line and staff through division of whole concern into two types of authority divides the enterprise into parts and functional areas. This way every officer or official can concentrate in its own area. Better co-ordination- Line and staff organization through specialization is able to provide better decision making and concentration remains in few hands.

This feature helps in bringing co-ordination in work as every official is concentrating in their own area.

line and staff relationship definition dictionary

Benefits of Research and Development- Through the advice of specialized staff, the line executives, the line executives get time to execute plans by taking productive decisions which are helpful for a concern. This gives a wide scope to the line executive to bring innovations and go for research work in those areas.

line and staff relationship definition dictionary

This is possible due to the presence of staff specialists. Training- Due to the presence of staff specialists and their expert advice serves as ground for training to line officials. Line executives can give due concentration to their decision making.

Difference Between Line and Line & Staff Organization

This in itself is a training ground for them. Balanced decisions- The factor of specialization which is achieved by line staff helps in bringing co-ordination. This relationship automatically ends up the line official to take better and balanced decision. Unity of action- Unity of action is a result of unified control. Control and its effectivity take place when co-ordination is present in the concern.

Difference Between Line and Line & Staff Organization (with Comparison Chart) - Key Differences

In the line and staff authority all the officials have got independence to make decisions. Degree of centralization Partly centralized and partly decentralized Appropriate for Small organization with less number of employees.

Large organization with a number of employees. Definition of Line Organization Line organization, as the name suggests, is an organization wherein a direct vertical relationship between the superior and subordinate exists.

Staff and line

It relies on the scalar principle, which encompasses that authority flows downward, i. When it comes to the quantum of authority, it is highest at the foremost level, which tends to decrease at each following level.

line and staff relationship definition dictionary

This type of organization is characterised by a direct chain of command, which is like a thread that passes through all the members of the organization. So, who is responsible for what and who is accountable to whom is defined, that is to say, subordinates work under the supervision of the superior. Definition of Line and Staff Organization Line and staff organization is the organization that combines the merits of line and functional organization, by adding the functional specialist to the line organization.

Here, line authority stays same, as in the case of line organization and it flows downward.

Line and Staff Organization

The functional experts, give advise to the front line managers, in the matters relevant to the object of the organization.

The specialist works as staff and serves the line officials, by supporting and guiding them, whenever necessary. There are a number of benefits of line and staff organization, in the sense that it gives relief to the line managers and they can concentrate on the implementation of policies and plans. Moreover, there is a benefit of specialization, as in work is divided between the line and staff executives, and they focus on their respective area.