Mana khemia 2 raze and ulrika ending a relationship

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mana khemia 2 raze and ulrika ending a relationship

Mana Khemia 2 is the latest in the Atelier (alchemy) series, developed and produced It also builds a combo meter which gives you extra AP at the end of the battle. as well as character quests to improve your relationships with your workshop Ulrika sounds so much less angsty and bitchy than Raze, but the tsundere. Razeluxe Meitzen. Mana Khemia 2 ~Fall of Alchemy~ character. Razeluxe "Isn't Al-Revis After that night, Raze's jealousy ended and he became friends with his grandfather's Mana. But one He meets and immediately makes enemies with a girl named Ulrika after he trips over her “rock”. In class he . Relationships Edit. I liked Raze's story more than Ulrika's mainly because of the characters you get in the But in the end you really do have to play them both.

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Edit As a child, Razeluxe never really met his parents. He lived in the forest with his grandfather, Eugene, and his Mana. One night, he became lost in the woods.

The Mana found him and lead him back home, and for the first time Raze felt he could finally understand it despite its silent nature.

mana khemia 2 raze and ulrika ending a relationship

But one day, his grandfather returned home without his Mana. He said the Mana had gone back to its own world. Raze was sent to live with a family friend, the rich Valendorfs, where he quickly became the servant of their young daughter Lily.

He lived with the Valendorfs for ten years. Lily, wanting to become an alchemist, enrolled into Al-Revis academy. Begrudgingly, he sets off with Lily and her Mana Whim to begin his year of school. In class he also meets Et, a girl who he apparently knew as a child and had been good friends with Lily. Third part member get! And thus does Raze learn alchemy! After Et screws up some ingredients, Raze is sent to retrieve the item so they can complete their assignment.

There he encounters a mysterious man who slays a horde of monster in a single blow. Raze pockets the ring and gets the ingredient he came for. Classes go on as usual, until Raze and Et walk into their workshop one day to find a fire Mana guarding it. He attacks them and Raze decides to try out the ring. It works, and the Mana becomes very uncomfortable around the crazy glowing sword of doom.

Fortunately, Lily interrupts the fight to explain the Mana, Yun, was hired by her to assist in their workshop. No one else really asks about it after that.

Fourth party member get! A few weeks later they run into the puni brothers—Jiro, Taro, and Kichi—and agree to help them find their sister, Puniyo. Puniyo turns out to be a human girl who was raised by punis and brought to the academy by her adoptive brothers to learn to be human. Fifth party member get, thus completing the battle line-up!

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Somewhere around that time he also bumps into Ulrika again—or her newborn Mana Uryu, more specifically. During some summer training under Flay, Raze encounters the mysterious man again.

He also introduces himself as Reicher, and suggests that Raze hates Manas, too.

mana khemia 2 raze and ulrika ending a relationship

Raze is a little disturbed. After the summer break, Flay finally starts teaching his combat class. Flay reveals to the class that the school festival was going to be cancelled that year due to lack of funding.

Et and Raze by association goes to Lily to convince her to use her money to fund the festival. With a bit of convincing from Whim she agrees, but at that moment the chairwoman of the school board and the alchemy teacher Mr. Tony arrive to ask Lily and her group to help stop a rebellion led by Ulrika, intended to force the chairwoman to allow the festival to go on anyway.

Without even thinking about it Lily agrees, even though she had just decided to fund the festival anyway. Everyone else in the room calls him terrible for even saying that and he calls it off as a joke. That aside, his seduction causes her to reveal her plans to get rid of the alchemy department and whatnot, so Ulrika and Lily team up to blackmail her and stop her plan.

In the end, she agrees to continue the alchemy classes as well as allow the school festival. The festival comes around and Raze broods in his room. While on his own, he runs into Ulrika and the two of them fight. Instead of solely admitting students with a knack for alchemy, Al-revis opens its doors to anyone with enough money, regardless of talent. The administration introduces courses for combat, government affairs and other useful streams of education.

Slowly, Al-Revis starts to generate profits once more and returns to its once-renowned state. The catch being that, while the academy has more students than ever, the number of alchemy students has declined sharply. In a desperate attempt — which initially sounds very much like a hit order — to change her mind, Zeppel enlists the help of Gunnar Damm, an Al-Revis alum from the first game.

Shortly thereafter, the new term begins at Al-Revis and you are thrown into the shoes of either Razeluxe Meitzen or Ulrika Mulberry, depending on which you prefer. Razeluxe is an interesting kid with an aptitude for combat who was taken under the care of a wealthy family, while Ulrika is…a hillbilly.

An awesome hillbilly, I might add.

mana khemia 2 raze and ulrika ending a relationship

Raze, an orphan, lived with his grandfather as a child. The game then eases you into its menus and alchemical systems with a few short tutorials, while you run around campus and listen to characters echo your thoughts — "This school is so big.

Mana Khemia 2: There’s No "Falling of Alchemy"

They involve exploration, doing battle, gathering ingredients for alchemical purposes and so on. For one thing, there are no random battles. You get to see enemies on the map, which is great. If you hit the right button in time, you get to make the first move in battle.

mana khemia 2 raze and ulrika ending a relationship

Your party can consist of six members: