Marian rivera and dingdong dantes relationship counseling

Fans Can't Get Over the Anniversary Video Dingdong Dantes Made for Marian Rivera | SP

marian rivera and dingdong dantes relationship counseling

the New Year. Fans of the real-life couple were touched and moved by Dingdong's gesture. DongYan. Dingdong Dantes x Marian Rivera. Marian Rivera on Her Relationship with Dingdong Dantes: "May nagiging lubak man, napapatag pa rin" + 5 Ways to Turn Negatives into. Look at the fairy-tale romance between Dingdong Dantes and Karylle. For three Fingers promptly pointed to Marian Rivera as the “culprit.” Dingdong's Instead, I went into counseling and I went on a retreat. It did me a lot of.

Marian Rivera and Her Husband : How They Met and In Loved? | MIJ Miner8

What are the most annoying misconceptions about you? Another one is that I am suplada aloof. Could that be because I am mestiza? I was not raised that way. I am just being myself, rather reserved. I have fixed this. I showed the real Marian, no pretenses. Thank you for your love, but I know that one day, someone younger and more beautiful will come along … my nanay grandmother taught me to value everything because all this fame will disappear one day.

Are you ready for that day? Oo naman, since Day 1. My mom and grandmom keep telling me that this is temporary; popularity is fleeting.

You talk so fast. Matatas articulatedirect to the point. But I can turn it down, soften it. I can be gentle. Are you less confrontational now? If a reporter was mean to me and I answered back, who would benefit from that? But first, who would look like the underdog? Trabaho lang, walang personalan.

How hard or easy was that to learn? I did it slowly.

Fans Can't Get Over the Anniversary Video Dingdong Dantes Made for Marian Rivera

When you join show biz, you should be prepared to take the good with the bad. What changes did the Tuviera team bring to your life and career? Tatay and I have a mentor-student relationship. He reminds me to love my job, treat others well, and be thankful always. Career-wise, how did things change under your new manager? Triple A plans my calendar a month in advance, so I know what to expect every day.

marian rivera and dingdong dantes relationship counseling

It makes me more excited about my work. Tatay and I discuss everything but, in the end, he lets me decide. Sometimes we meet half-way. After show biz, what are your plans? My peg is Miss Gloria Romero. At age 23, I played mother to a 7-year-old kid.

I tell young stars, there are no small roles.

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In every project, give your best. How has Dingdong changed your life? Dong has taught me a lot. As a newcomer immersed in controversies, I could have been traumatized. I am thankful because Dong always sees the good in people. I learned to copy his optimism, his enthusiasm in charity work.

He inspires me to be a better person. He has his own thing; I have mine. When we combine our [efforts] we get to help a lot of people.

marian rivera and dingdong dantes relationship counseling

There is talk that you are running for office? Even in Cavite, when people ask, I tell them I have no political plans. I just want to share whatever I have. Are you ready for politics? If Dingdong ran for office …? Bahala siya sa buhay niya! He used to be the one question, one answer type. I told him to relax, enjoy life. Now, he is more kalog fun-loving than I am. As Dong would say: Not so far, but not so near. It sounds confusing, but we understand each other.

Yes, he is … always surprising me. I guess, we complement each other. We always find a way to meet up, no matter how busy we both are. When we have free time, we go to the movies. Do you still get jealous? Nakakasuka, nakakadiri ang term na selos. They say I get mad when Dong has a kissing scene with another leading lady. But I also have kissing scenes with my leading men! Why should I get upset? Why should I get jealous of another girl?

Am I not sexy? Am I not presentable? But of course I cannot go around saying that because people will say I am arrogant. The point is, I have no reason to be insecure. How do you handle the fact that your boyfriend is a heartthrob? Well, men also fantasize about me. I should be flattered that other girls like him. We are here to guide each other, inspire each other to become good people.

We can be ourselves, eat street food … How would you describe your relationship at this point? Why worry about little things? But I want him to feel that I am not just his girlfriend, but also his best friend.

marian rivera and dingdong dantes relationship counseling

If you end up together, will you remain best friends? There is talk that you are living together. What is the definition of living in?

He has his own house in Quezon City and I live in Makati. He visits me and what is wrong with that?

marian rivera and dingdong dantes relationship counseling

What do you do at home? It may sound weird but I love doing the laundry, cleaning my house. As long as I eat chocolates, I can survive on just an hour of sleep. I never had a production assistant, either. I pay my bills, shop for groceries, cook … What are your specialties?

Sometimes Dong asks me to cook Japanese fried rice. He challenged me to take up baking. I bought a book. Now, I can bake carrot cake, banana cake, muffins, cookies. Once I put my mind to something, I can do it. Do you have pets? I used to have a Shih Tzu, but I got rashes. Now, I have only fish in an aquarium—that I clean myself. I used to have a parrot fish, but its crap was way too big. After three days, the tank turned completely black. Some said that they were seen dating which Marian denied.

She said they cannot be more than friends. Marian is also said to be the reason why Mark and Jennylyn Mercado broke up.

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The fans were alarmed and said negative things about Marian. Mark was then linked with other women. She got her girlfriend pregnant but separated after a year. He is now in a relationship with Wynwyn Marquez. Her Ideal Guy Her ideal guys is someone who is comfortable to be with, with a good sense of humor, who can take care of her, and will be contented having her. She found those characteristics with Dingdong.

Based also from the guys she used to date, we can infer that Marian prefers tall and good looking guys. Her married life gets better everyday and she cannot measure her joy of being a wife to Dingdong. She is happy to discover things about Dingdong now that they live together. She is also happy that they work together in the same station and in the same project.

marian rivera and dingdong dantes relationship counseling

They will be seen together in the remake of drama fantasy Encantadia. Their relationship has become stronger when their daughter Zia came into their lives. How many children they have?

Marian wants to have a big family since she is an only child. They were not settling just for once baby but right now, they want to focus on being good parents to baby Zia. How she thinks about their children? Having a child makes her life whole, said Marian. She gives thanks to the Lord whenever she looks ate her child. Indeed she was a blessing. She will be a supportive mom for sure.

Yan and Dong will give their kids the best of everything. Zia is a happy child they said. She is always smiling and lauging. It is a restaurant where you can have an eat all you can organic vegetables and turn to salad.

You can also roam around the garden of organic plants. And their first date also happened in Tagaytay where they rode a motorcycle and strolled around. They are simple too when having dates. They enjoy walking around while having conversations. They just want to give attention and time to each other.

They inspire each other, and they are happy that way.