Marketing and human resources relationship

The Relationship Between Marketing & Human Resources |

marketing and human resources relationship

The marketing and HR departments are more alike than most people think. Learn how HR and marketing align when it comes to talent. Marketing and human resources are not as different as one might think. Whenever we are trying to convince people, we need to position and market our . Marketing is all about Branding and communication to the Audience that matters to the your Business. It is a mass medium which co-relates directly to bring a.

And even after all that, often, many customers simply have other priorities over promoting your business. Comparatively, on their first day, employees are vested in the success of your company, and their future is often tied to it. Companies that are successful here, like Starbuckshave adopted that mantra that if you want your customers to love you, your people have to first.

The correlation between Marketing and Human Resources –

They build their brand with their people top of mind, including the traits and values of their people. In marketing we like to say a brand is a vehicle for a company to emotionally attract a customer. But top brands and well, life prove people are far more adept at connecting with each other emotionally.

How much more powerful is a brand delivered by a human? How much more likely are people to stay with a company when who they are and what they do naturally is a big part of why they were hired?

Rather than cultivating an employer brand or a marketing led customer experience, the complete alignment of marketing and people as well as product and store has made Starbucks one of the most pervasive and financially successful companies on the planet. Branding that attracts Talent — Inenergy company Consol Energy full disclosure, they were a client of the agency I worked at in my former life saw that of its coal miners, more than were boomers approaching retirement; and they had no succession plan.

They used real miners in new brand ads that sought to simultaneously increase awareness and change perceptions.

The correlation between Marketing and Human Resources

Another beautiful marriage of talent and brand. How many automated emails do you get a day some even from us? How creeped out are you when the website you just visited appears on your mobile Facebook feed hours later?

Big data and software are impacting everything.

marketing and human resources relationship

Where is my time best spent to impact people? Even without celebrities to toss around, brands are increasingly using corporate philanthropy and community activism to get closer to the causes that matter to their customer.

marketing and human resources relationship

These do nothing to spark candidate interest, and they might even scare away the best talent. Today, employees want more than just a place to work. They want a culture they can feel comfortable in. Communicating this unique culture is a type of branding. When branding your company in the job profile and during the hiring process, talk about the reputation of the business and how its mission is a strong part of the daily routine.

The Relationship Between Marketing & Human Resources | Your Business

Talk about the way your company is different than the competition. This is what will make your applicants excited to learn more, and more enthusiastic about joining the team. Hiring Accurately Bad hires can cost companies upwards of thousands of dollars. This harm goes beyond just monetary costs of training and onboarding the employee.

marketing and human resources relationship

They also include lowered moral across the entire team. How do you do that? You need to match your hiring process with your companies business plan. Just like when marketing a business, you are clear with your message.

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Note that best fit might not mean most accomplished. Yes, education and experience are always important, but some things can be taught along the way with the right person. You might have to go to them to avoid wasting time and money on another bad hire.