Marriage is a give and take relationship

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marriage is a give and take relationship

Healthy relationships are based on mutual caring. Whether it's friendship or marriage, there has to be giving and receiving. We reach out to. You give fifty percent into your marriage, and you take fifty percent from that general idea has been planted in the heart of most relationships. Life, so the saying goes, is all about give and take, where we get along by trying to balance our giving and taking. All relationships, it seems, have this element of .

Love is fighting the battle of a lifetime with unending courage so she can stay with her husband as long as possible.

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Wife, mother, fitness instructor. Contributors control their own work and posted freely to our site. If you need to flag this entry as abusive, send us an email. Hispanic couple holding hands on beach "Al, I need ice. A few pieces drop off the plastic utensil onto her bare collarbone, exposed where the hospital gown has slipped off a bony shoulder.

Her breathing is labored and shallow. The leukemia makes her short of breath and the effort of reaching for the ice and talking at the same time is too much. She lays her head back on the pillow, exhausted. But then, my mother-in-law's eyes open and she answers irritably, "I'm getting somebody else. And the chemo and the side effects and the reactions and infections that have devastated her body and threatened to defeat her spirit.

As my husband's father gently wipes away the melted ice, he smiles and croons, "Oh, I'm fired, am I? But I get to interview my replacement.

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For better or for worse. In sickness and in health. Strong when the other is weak, optimistic when the other is sad, calm when the other is upset. She is devoted to him and he adores her. Two souls intertwined; theirs is the ultimate love story. Young lovers can't begin to imagine what awaits them; that the family born out of their passion will test their resolve and challenge their allegiance, forcing them to redefine love as they know it. Years ago, when we were young, I married my best friend.

marriage is a give and take relationship

However prosaic it may sound, my husband is my partner. He is my co-parent.

marriage is a give and take relationship

He is my intellectual equal. He is my companion and comforter and confidante; the love of my life.

Give and Take for a Marriage That Lasts

He is my home. Nonetheless, navigating the constant demands of family life takes a heroic commitment and requires a willingness to place another's needs above one's own at times, trusting that it will balance out. Never static, the relationship is fluid, the dynamics ever-changing, and it's precisely this ebb and flow through seasons of abundance and seasons of bleakness that secures the longevity of a marriage.

marriage is a give and take relationship

With children ages 31, 29, 16 and 12, Steven and I have been doing this parenting gig for a long time, and the truth is we're tired. Sometimes we take it out on each other. It's a known fact that parenting children with special needs can contribute to higher divorce rates, and we've got two. Sydney, a high school sophomore, was born with Down syndrome.

Marriage Is A Give And Give Relationship

Haley, in 7th grade, has a diagnosis of ADHD. Interestingly one study found that in families who had children with Down syndromethe divorce rate was actually lower than in families with other birth defects or no identified disability.

No, they did not make a deal. They never made vows contingent on each other making the same vows. If you had done so, your marriage would be nothing more than a business deal, and, even if it lasted, it would be classified as a failed marriage. The greatest benefit of marriage is unconditional love, period.

All the other benefits do not add up to being a fraction of the value of feeling love. Love is the ultimate succor, what we all seek and need.

But you cannot feel the love you have if your mind wonders when you will get a payback. If your mind is calculating a balance of give and take, even subconsciously, you will not feel the love you seek. When you recognize you married the desired person in order to cherish and please them, without expecting anything in return, then your marriage will succeed. You pour out your love and efforts soul-ly pun intended for your spouse. Work in marriage consists of training your mind to reach this unusual practice.

If you practiced this way of thinking out in the world, you would be smooshed, so you should not try this anywhere except at home. This approach to marriage is not commonly known and much less understood. But those who have learned it from us have attained great success. The trick is in understanding.