Mic louise and spencer relationship facebook

Alik and Louise's relationship is on the rocks in MIC episode three

mic louise and spencer relationship facebook

In an emotionally charged episode of Made In Chelsea, Jamie confronted Persistent: Spencer insists he still wants a relationship with Louise. Spencer and Lauren's relationship on the brink in MIC episode 7. Binky called Louise to invite her to go skiing with her as she wanted to. MIC's Louise has the look of love while her ex Spencer Matthews gets Despite Louise's relationship with new beau Andy Jordan hotting up.

OK, so if you're not up to speed on the ever-changing and dramatic dealings of Louise and Spencer's love-square with Lucy and Andy, let us enlighten you. E4 Things get serious for Louise and Andy as they tell each other "I love you.

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Then Louise finally found true love with Lucy's ex Andy and Lucy started dating Louise's ex Spencer - phew - as if they're lives weren't complicated enough. The split comes as a little surprise as the couple who attended the BAFTA TV Awards seemed to be getting serious with slimy put cross through gushing Spencer telling reporters: I can't lie, she'd be a beautiful bride.

mic louise and spencer relationship facebook

Lucy who "did the dumping", shall we say, was also very positive at the time saying: We're trying to take things slowly but that's just not happening. Then the newly singleton spent the evening flirting with other men, while Spencer looked on. E4 Andy has the look of luuurrrvveee oh don't you just lurve a love-story Although the night was one to remember for Louise, it seems poor Spencer didn't have the evening they expected. A committed and defiant Andy attended Lucy's housewarming party with Louise despite Lucy's request that he didn't bring her as she didn't want "any drama".

Suggesting that Alik should get active and start going to the gym with them, Alik defended his lifestyle to the boys saying: I find him quite lazy," said Louise, confused with her static relationship with her American boyfriend. That night, Alex, Nicola, Jess and Andy finally went on their double date and the conversation soon turned towards the love triangle forming between Nicola, Jamie Laing and Andy.

Alik and Louise caught up with Stephanie and Josh at a wine tasting evening, making an effort to get out of the house and socialise.

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However, troubled relationships seemed to be the topic of the night as Louise admitted that Lauren was enjoying Stephanie and Josh's recent love drama. Meanwhile, Alik, Alex and Spencer went for a spot of shopping and Spencer admitted that independence was essential in a relationship. Over in Kensington, Jamie, Andy and newcomer JP caught up in the park and discussed Andy's date with Jess before he admitted that he had received a text from Fleur.

I ended up hooking up with Jess.

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I've never been in this position before," he said, annoying Jamie who is still texting Jess. Andy and Jess' date was a hot topic that day as Millie and Jess later met up, with Jess revealing that she "properly snogged" Andy but soon admitted that she was still unsure as to whether she really liked him.

The next second, Fleur walked in and was confronted immediately by Jess about her text message. He's not as into me as I thought," joked Jess as Fleur admitted that she thought Andy was good looking and questioned her friend as to whether she was interested in pursuing her budding romance with Andy.

mic louise and spencer relationship facebook