Mine and tatsumi relationship memes

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mine and tatsumi relationship memes

a fellow gder the other day spoiled for me that mine will die shortly after being in a romantic relationship with Tatsumi, I think the writers should. First of all, the main character is Tatsumi, even though the show is called Akame ga . Mine could have still killed Ubiquitous for killing Sheele. [Sheele / Bulat / Mine / Lubbock / Chelsea / Tatsumi / Susanoo / Najenda / Leone Promises are everything Manga Quotes, Anime Qoutes, Otaku Anime, Sad.

Even Tatsumi himself states that he can sense his mind slipping, becoming something else.

mine and tatsumi relationship memes

And though remembering Bulat allowed Tatsumi to remain the same person until Shikoutazer's defeat, once the battle was over Tatsumi was finally consumed by Incursio and his body became its new host. Once consumed, he took on all personality traits of Tyrant, but returned to his normal self once Akame had killed the dragon's soul. Despite now possessing a Danger Beast's body, his mind remains intact. History Tatsumi, Ieyasu and Sayo Tatsumi spent his whole childhood in a small village where he became close friends with Sayo and Ieyasu.

It appears that he was well respected in his village as the elder gave him a unique idol of their god. Tatsumi also trained under the tutelage of a retired soldier, learning the art of swordsmanship, hand-to-hand combat, and blacksmithing.

After Tatsumi, Sayo, and Ieyasu set off on their journey, they become separated when attacked by bandits, leaving Tatsumi alone. Tatsumi fighting against Earth Dragon In the opening chapter of the story, Tatsumi is first revealed fighting an Earth dragon.

Using his skills in combat, he defeats the danger beast with ease. Later, he enters one of the Empire's cities, where he meets a young lady who offers him military connections in exchange for money, conning him out of all of his savings. At the streets, he is invited by a wealthy girl named Aria to stay at her house where he learned about the state of the empire, the corrupted Prime Minister who is the core of all corruption and about the assassination organization Night Raid from one of the guards of that house while staying there.

Later, the mansion is attacked by Night Raid itself, witnessing their strength where they easily disposed of the guards.

Tatsumi decides to find and protect Aria instead. Tatsumi determined to protect Aria decides to fight Akame and after a struggle and almost being killed by Akame, the girl who conned Tatsumi out of his money earlier shows up, and is revealed to be a member of Night Raid herself interrupts the fight between Tatsumi and Akame stopping Akame from killing Tatsumi. Tatsumi killing Aria The girl proceeds to reveal the true nature of the household with Tatsumi looking on in horror, shocked and disguised when he realized that Sayo were among the victims.

mine and tatsumi relationship memes

Being at a state of mind where Tatsumi was no longer knowing who is right or wrong, Ieyasu who was captured as well reveals that Aria was the person who tortured Sayo to death. Aria then proceeds to reveal her true nature as she states her despise for Sayo, further disgusting Tatsumi and those around.

Knowing the truth and no longer in doubt, Tatsumi stops Akame from slaying Aria as he proceeds to dispose of Aria himself out of pure anger and hatred for her actions towards his friends. Tatsumi was then forced to see Ieyasu succumb to the Lubora disease, leaving Tatsumi devastated over the loss of his two closest friends. Leone, the Night Raid member who conned Tatsumi of his money, impressed by his potential officially invites him to join their group of assassins.

Tatsumi reluctantly leaves with the group being carried off by themand they head back to the hideout. Still devastated over the death of his childhood friends, Tatsumi was hesitant to accept Leone's offer to join at first.

Leone shows him around the hideout and introduces him to the other members of Night Raid: Suspicious that they will kill him if he refuses, he asks what will become of him.

Najenda assures him that they will not kill him should he refuse, but tells him that he would not be allowed to leave, and that he would be able to work for Night Raid as a laborer, earning money to send back to his village should he wish.

She explains Night Raid's purpose and goals, and Tatsumi finally accepts the offer to join the Assassin's guild. Tatsumi killing Ogre He is first paired up with Akame to be trained by her and also to share her duties as well cooking. While working with her, the two bond as they learn more about each other.

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Soon, he is given his first official mission to assassinate Ogre the Demonwhile Leone and Akame deal with a corrupt merchant named Gamal. Tatsumi deceives Ogre and lures him into an abandoned alley, where he tells him he wants to join the Imperial Guard, but once Ogre turns his back on Tatsumi, he attacks. During the fight, Ogre threatens to kill the client who hired Night Raid, as well as the rest of her family in revenge.

A very angry Tatsumi is then able to overpower Ogre and ultimately kill the corrupted Imperial.

mine and tatsumi relationship memes

Afterwards, he states that he didn't take any wounds at all. Upon returning to the hideout, Akame promptly strips him to see if he was lying to save his pride, and is greatly relieved when she found that he was not lying, explaining that she has lost many friends from poison because they didn't report their wounds.

He is next put under Mine who pulls rank over him the whole time that he is paired with her. He learns more about the Empire and the other Night Raid members and begins to form a friendship with her, although she still often teases him.

He remains paired with her when they go on their next mission: While Mine kills Iokal with one shot the remaining members of Night Raid are left to deal with his bodyguards. Tatsumi and Mine retreat as her job is done and Tatsumi is not strong enough to face the bodyguards. While leaving he learns why Mine fights against the Empire. One of the Guards, however, escapes and attacks Mine, and Tatsumi latches on to the attacker, telling Mine to take the shot at close range.

When she starts to object, he tells her he has faith in her. Mine kills the attacker, and is about to accept Tatsumi before he hits her on the forehead, complaining that she nearly killed him as well.

The two return to the hideout, having grown a bit closer after this experience. Tatsumi is then paired with Akame and ordered to recover a Teigu from the serial killer Zanku The Beheader.

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He learns from Akame about the weapon relics known as "Teigu". He is then tricked by Zanku who creates an illusion of Sayo to lure Tatsumi to him, and he is separated from Akame in the process.

While Tatsumi holds his ground against Zanku, the serial killer uses his Teigu Spectator to give him the upper hand, and he proves too much for Tatsumi, Akame however, arrives just in time to save Tatsumi, and defeats Zanku with her superior speed and will.

The pair return with the Teigu to the hideout. Still unable to accept the death of his friends, Tatsumi is found at his friends' grave site by Akame, who tells him to help her get dinner ready. Sheele comforting Tatsumi He then is placed under Sheele, who at first disliked him, but is unable to recall why.

She trains him by making him swim in heavy armor. He learns why she fights against the Empire and why she is in charge of training he enjoys the last reason. Later at a Night Raid meeting, Najenda had him try on Spectator, and the Teigu rejects him as a user, but not before Tatsumi uses its special ability to see Sheele, Mine, and Akame in their underwear. He asks if there are Teigu that can bring the dead back to life and is deeply hurt when the other Night Raid members tell him that there is no such Teigu.

Sheele notices that there is deeper reasoning to this and finds him at the graves of his friends, trying to hold back tears, stating that he had hoped that there was a Teigu able to bring the dead back.

She hugs him and tells him that it is okay to cry. Sheele comforts him, holding him in her arms. He thanked her for her kindness, and from that point the two became closer. He is finally able to let go of his friends and accepts their deaths. Next, Tatsumi is placed with Leone and sent with her to the Capital to complete a mission. He learns that she is very popular in her home district. The two are separated when a gang of men she had swindled out of money come after her. He then meets Seryuwho helps him find the bar he was ordered to find, and reunites with Leone there.

They enter the targeted building and witness a gang kill a drugged prostitute, a girl that Leone knew from the streets. Together, they eliminate all the gangsters in the building. When he asks Leone what will happen to the girls, she replies that it isn't their problem, but then tells him that she knows a doctor who will look after the wounded girls if she asks him to. Tatsumi notes her kindness with a smile and she "marks him" as hers. Tatsumi wonders how the other team Sheele and Mine are doing.

Mine returns to the hideout, sharing the bad news of Sheele's demise at the hands of Seryu Ubiquitous.

Tatsumi and the rest of Night Raid are devastated and enraged. Tatsumi begins to leave to get revenge on Seryu, but is stopped by Bulat, who tells him to stop acting childish. He is told to help Akame with cooking dinner while Mine recovers. Still in distress himself, Tatsumi wonders how Akame can stay calm and collected when one of their comrades has been killed.

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The two complete their mission, slaughtering them, and as they are leaving, Tatsumi hears a child's voice calling for his father, who was a child to one of the brothers. Angry at himself, Tatsumi leaves quickly. The next morning, Tatsumi attempts to clean the bloodstain from his sword while thinking about how the boy only saw the Kobores brother as a good father, instead of the villain he actually was.

Leone shows up and tells him that he could scrub the sword for his entire life, but the stain of blood would never fade. While she tries to cheer him up, he asks where she got her Teigu and why she fights the Empire.

mine and tatsumi relationship memes

While he finds that her reasons give him strength, he is still troubled. Later that night as he goes to eat, he witnesses Akame preparing Sheele 's favorite food to offer to her grave, and Tatsumi tells her that he admires the way she can remain so unaffected, and that losing a friend is something that he will have to get used to like her. Akame grabs Tatsumi, and tearfully tells him that she will never get used to losing her friends. Tatsumi realizes that she was just as affected as he was, and swears to her that he will never put her through the pain of losing him.

He begins training with Akame with a new determination, unwilling to stop until he becomes strong enough to live up to his promise with her.

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He is interrupted by Bulatwho offers to train Tatsumi so he can become stronger, Tatsumi accepts and goes with Bulat to Mt. Fake, where he and Bulat fight against tree beasts as part of his training. The two bond as they put their lives on the line battling the danger beasts of the mountain.

When the two return to the hideout, Night Raid has a meeting to discuss the Prime Ministerwho has begun to order his political enemies to be killed, simultaneously using Night Raid as a scapegoat and blaming them for the assassinations. Najenda also notes that Esdeath has returned to the Capital, having finished with her campaign against the Northern Tribes.

Lastly, Najenda notes that she has lost contact with the Night Raid away team, and worries that they have been wiped out. Bulat and Tatsumi are then assigned the task of protecting another of the Prime Minister's political enemies, who is aboard the cruise ship, "Ryuusen".

Tatsumi Calling Incursio for the first time Tatsumi and Bulat arrive at the luxury liner and board, Bulat uses Incursio's stealth ability to scout out the area for potential attackers. The Three Beasts arrive at the same time and begin to search for their target. Tatsumi learns of Bulat's past, and the reason why he fights the Empire.

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Bulat then must retreat to the interior of the ship as the time limit on Incursio's stealth ability had been reached. Bulat then leaves for the interior of the ship, leaving Tatsumi in charge of watching for the assassins. While he is gone, Tatsumi is weakened by the Teigu Scream 's music, and the crew and most of the guests are put to sleep. Tatsumi is attacked by Daidarawhose Teigu gives him a major advantage, but Tatsumi is able to hold his own until Bulat shows up.

Bulat tells Tatsumi to watch his battle closely and memorize his movements, as the other members of the Three Beasts arrive. Bulat evades their attacks, leaping high into the air, knocking out Nyauand quickly uses Neuntote to cut Daidara in half, killing him instantly.

He then begins to fight with Liverhis former superior from his days with the Empire. Still able to fight, Nyau attempts to play Scream to give Liver an advantage, but is stopped by Tatsumi. While Bulat fights Liver, Tatsumi keeps Nyau from interfering, but is unable to keep him occupied for the whole fight and Nyau defeats him, stopping Bulat from landing the killing blow on Liver. While Bulat ends up defeating Liver, he is poisoned and wounded. Tatsumi grabs Bulat and attempts to escape with him, but is stopped by Nyau who uses his trump card, growing to full adult size.

Bulat entrusts Tatsumi with his sword, saying that it is Incursio's key and to use it. Tatsumi's will is so strong that the Teigu's core evolves to match him. With this new power, Tatsumi kills Nyau in one punch. Bulat succumbs due to his wounds and the deadly poison that Liver used in their fight.

Tatsumi sobs as his friend and mentor passes away before him. He then takes the rest of the Teigu along with him back to the Night Raid hideout. Some time after this event, Mines injuries were completely healed, and she immediately began to train in order to become stronger and avenge Sheele.

She finds both Akame and Leone helping Tatsumi and Lubbock train, sitting on their backs as they do pushups. Tatsumi tells her that he is training so he can use Incursio more effectively, and to be able to use its stealth ability for a longer period of time. Lubbock adds that he and Tatsumi are now the only men left in Night Raid, so he should better start getting serious.

Najenda arrives to tell everyone that she is leaving for The Revolutionary Army HQ, in order to hand over the Teigu that Tatsumi gathered. Before leaving, she places Akame in charge, and offers Tatsumi some words of comfort, telling him that he is strong. Leone tells Tatsumi that Bulat had faith in Tatsumi's abilities, and was sure that he would someday become extremely powerful, surpassing even his former mentor. Tatsumi heads to the capital hide-out, which is disguised as a bookstore owned by Lubbock.

The two head down the stairway to the secret room to find an intoxicated Leone already there. Lubbock informs him that Mine's face has been put up on wanted posters, meaning that they are now the only ones left who can walk though the streets of the capital by day. Tatsumi asks about the new police group formed called the " Jaegers ", and their leader Esdeath. She exchanges information of her childhood for his. This has an obvious psychological impact on Esdeath as her Father is the Chef commanding a clan of Hunters who target Danger Beasts.

Even though her Father instigated these basic moral codes within Esdeath, even he used to question her eagerness to harm. I can empathize as having known this now, Esdeath is what I would consider highly misunderstood.

She has been affected by her enviroment and if you overlook her blood thirst; She has the mentality of a child. She is easily excitable and favours comforting others with promises of revenge. Even if she does not seek it herself. Her Father and clan were wiped out by a rival clan, though she didnt feel the need to avenge them.

Tatsumi seems conflicted as to what to do. I doubt that this pairing while go far, where romantic endeavours are concerned, although this may liven up the plot further. I mean the fact Esdeath wants to own a pet, rather than a lover, no sexual content implied. She could punish his triatoury by killing off every member of Night Raid if she ever knew the truth. How she has yet to put the pieces together and suspect Tatsumi is still amazing to me.

Earning himself a smack to the face. Overall, I dont see Esdeath as the type to just let go.