Moon phases and tides relationship questions

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moon phases and tides relationship questions

The Moon takes days to orbit Earth, but the lunar phase cycle (from new Moon to new Moon) is days. Tides: The acceleration of gravity on Earth due to the Sun, is greater than the gravity on Review questions. The tides have complex interactions with the earth and the sun, so making conclusions from the tides alone is not always valid in relation to. Base your answer to questions 1 and 2 on the diagram below, which shows Earth and the Moon in relation to the Sun. Positions A, B, C, and D.

I am also affected by air pressure in a similar way.

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When the air pressure is high, and it'sa full or near full moon, I'm unable to sleep without medication, and if I do partially sleep, I have wild dreams.

When the opposite is the case, I sleep like the dead.

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Temperature is the other obvious variable that exacerbates this cocktail of influences as well. Also, from a natural selection view, maybe we are restless at times of full moon as we are more visible to night predators, and need to keep more alert for that.

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As I said, I'm amazed that science hasn't resolved this question a long time ago. So much of nature is cycled by the moon. But what exactly are circadian rhythms and how is it relevant to Martin?

John - Your circadian rhythm is the approximately hour biological clock that ticks away in every cell of your body, priming us for wakefulness in the morning and making us feel sleepy at night. So, could the moon cycle or atmospheric pressure changes affect our circadian rhythms in some way and disturb sleep. Let's start with atmospheric pressure. What's the data on that?

John - I'm afraid there is very little that's known about the effects of high atmospheric pressure on human sleep. Hannah - That's disappointing.

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Okay, well what about the moon? I recommend choosing one or the other rather than trying to work with both and potentially confusing yourself!

moon phases and tides relationship questions

There is no right or wrong, however—just experiment and see how the moon speaks to you. No light is visible at all, so the moon appears to be absent from the sky. A relationship started in this phase may struggle to survive. The moon is just emerging, so the energy is like that of a seed that has germinated and is now pushing up through the ground. There is hard work; energy must be expended. If you need to focus effort in an area of the relationship, this may be a good time—provided all parties are willing to participate.

The third moon phase is the first quarter.

Does the moon cycle affect human physiology?

This energy, to continue the plant analogy, is when the seedling sends down roots and begins to create tiny leaves. This is a good time to play together, push boundaries a little, and enjoy some excitement.

moon phases and tides relationship questions

The Gibbous stage—when the moon is still waxing but appears close to full— is next. An interesting stage, it brings a sense of anticipation and carries the energy of self-analysis and introspection.

This can create great energy for a calm heart-to-heart with an established love. When the moon reaches its full stage, it presents the compelling glow we see every month. The sixth stage is the disseminating phase. Group activity is also favored. If there is any doubt about a relationship, the third or last quarter is the time to address it.

You may find that breaking up is easier at this moon phase or that the hard conversations are less emotionally strenuous at this time.

moon phases and tides relationship questions