Mrs hughes and mr carson relationship problems

Downton Abbey's Carson and Mrs. Hughes Teach Us About Real Love

mrs hughes and mr carson relationship problems

Downton Abbey's Mr. Carson is officially the most infuriating character on More: 4 Times Downton Abbey's Branson was spot-on with his relationship advice. Not only does Carson continue to talk down to Mrs. Hughes in a. Mrs. Patmore offers sensible advice: “Then keep the lights off.” But Mrs. Hughes considers another solution: their marriage could be a close. Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes, played by acting heavyweights Jim Carter on levels—allowing for both a workplace where a sudden marriage.

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Or does she know, and just refuses to let anyone be more interesting than her? For those wondering why the pile looks so familiar, I have two words for you: And he knows of the Anna murder charges.

Mr Carson and Mrs Hughes

And Thomas will have to act as a footman while there. When Lady Mary decides to knock Stowell down a peg for his treatment of Branson, she turns to Thomas, who relishes the project. Everything goes absolutely perfectly in the end. But alas, not everything works out for Isobel Crawley and Lord Merton. The scene where she calls off the engagement is short, restrained and heartbreaking.

Lord Merton is such a babe. I hope he and Isobel can work it out somehow. The only problem is his insufferable snobby sons! Fellowes, I would like to special order a Downton tragedy for the Brothers Merton, please. Oh, and while I have you, I demand a spin-off: Rose and Atticus Take New York. Lord Merton and Prince Kuragin are gone, leaving the dowager countess and Isobel with nothing to do but give all a season recap, in case you drifted off why would you….

mrs hughes and mr carson relationship problems

Patricia you buried the lede in this one. Did you catch this conversation? Grannie Vi was a vixen in her day! Anna and Bates are both out of prison and singing Christmas carols together.

Finally Branson is going to Boston. Those two cutie pies put on their Sherlock and Watson routine and questioned all the publicans in York until they found the one who could confirm Mr.

Elsie Carson

The snot-nosed little valet is actually some kind of kingpin, and his murder is part of a huge web of underground criminality and intrigue. Because Scotland Yard does not launch a two-year investigation after a junior manservant dies from stumbling into traffic.

mrs hughes and mr carson relationship problems

I hope that Daisy gets a good romance. In the privacy of their chambers, Carson polishes the silver and filters wine in solitude, while Mrs.

mrs hughes and mr carson relationship problems

Hughes rotates linens and occasionally experiments with newfangled contraptions like the toaster. Carson sits at the head of the table, and Mrs. Hughes at the foot. This is a very pleasant fiction, on levels—allowing for both a workplace where a sudden marriage between two professionals expected to remain single would be tolerated in these positions; and one where a lifelong housekeeper and butler would even have the emotional bandwidth to fall in love with another human being.

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Hughes are, not so subtly, a rehash of another fictional butler and the fictional housekeeper he was in love with—Mr. Halfway through the book, for example, Stevens relates of a terrible evening where his father dies during an important dinner for his employer, Lord Darlington. When she is attempting to tell him how she feels: Patmore is glad to be away.

mrs hughes and mr carson relationship problems

They both start laughing. She then swiftly fires Edna, whom she was suspicious of for a while. Edit Mrs Hughes, like Mr Carson and Tom Branson, is unhappy about the fact that Edna Braithwaite has returned, and is certain that they cannot have her back.

But Carson determines they cannot speak out and resolves they should keep an eye on her. Mrs Hughes nonetheless feels that Edna's return is "a ticking bomb. Desperate, Tom confides in her on Mary's advice to find someone he can talk to after she sees him feeling guilty and ashamed and he does not tell her.

She and Tom then confront Edna, where she reveals evidence behind Edna's scheme and threatens to ruin her if she does not leave and keep quiet.

But after Edna leaves the room, she admits to Tom she wasn't certain Edna was not pregnant, but now is. She asserts to Carson following Edna's departure from Downton they were "mad as hatters" to let her back in the house. When she finds Carson's old colleague Charles Grigg has fallen on hard times, she steps in and helps him when Carson would not, and encourages him to let his old wounds heal.

Eventually they do, and she even takes a picture of Carson's old love Alice Neal and frames it for him. He thanks her, clearly very touched, after they talk about it later. She is the first one to know Anna was raped by Lord Gillingham 's valet Green until Anna tells Maryhaving found her afterwards. Anna swears her to secrecy, but Mrs Hughes tries to get her to mend her relationship with John which has soured because she is avoiding himand will not hear of Anna thinking of suicide which she plans on doing if she turns out to be carrying Green's child.

Unfortunately John, who by now has been convinced he is at fault for Anna's behaviour and that she no longer loves him, overhears the two women talking and tells Mrs Hughes he will leave unless he learns the truth.

She stops him and assures him Anna still loves him, and decides to tell him so he would stay, feeling John's departure would finish Anna. But she swears Green is not to blame despite John's suspicions. Later he tells her nothing is settled after Anna was confident John believed her. Mr Carson refers to her as quite a plotter when she wants to be.

She replies it is a skill all women must learn. When Lord Grantham has to go to America to help his in-laws, she knows he will take John with him and insists to Mary that Thomas should go instead, because John needs to be with Anna. When Mary asks why, Mrs Hughes has to reveal the truth of what happened to Anna, but once again remains silent as to who was responsible.

She confronts Green in the boot room after he returns with Lord Gillingham. Green tells her he and Anna were both drunk, therefore they are both to blame. But Mrs Hughes steadfastly reminds him he alone is to blame, and warns him to watch himself.