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Author(s):Mukhtar S, Zahoor T, Randhawa MA, Iqbal R, Shabbir A, Liaqat A and . Author(s):Ambash Riaz, Ali Abbas, Noor-ul-Huda,Hira Mubeen,Nazia .. Author(s):Harshal Ashok Pawar*, Pritam Dinesh Choudhary and Swati A Patient Diagnosed with POEMS Syndrome with Atypical Presentation: A Case Report. Muhammad Ali Jinnah · Muhammad Yunus · Muharram · Mukesh Ambani · Mukesh Khanna · Mukesh Meena · Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi · muku · Mukul Kesavan . felicitating BJP National President, Shri Amit Shah at 11, Ashoka Road · Photo .. Shri Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi during his Palghar Loksabha (Maharashtra) visit Shri Rajnath Singh meeting with US Ambassador on cordial relation with US felicitating Boxing Gold Medalist, MC Mary Kom and Bronze Medalist Kavita.

He added that those involved in conversion and cow slaughter must be punished with death, though ghar vapsi, the process of converting minority communities to Hinduism, is not equivalent to conversion.

Ashok Singhal

It is the economically backward and often destitute people who became targets of these campaigns. Groups situated on the lower rungs of the caste structure agreed to go through shuddhi rituals for material gratification, aspiring for social dignity and equality.

What is significant is that ghar vapsi was defended by some members of the ruling party. Laws banning cow slaughter already exist in many States, but the blanket ban imposed in Maharashtra and then Haryana further indicate the creeping in of Hindutva in the Indian body politic.

The ban extended to bulls and bullocks with utter disregard for the dietary needs of a large section of the impoverished citizenry and the already distressed agrarian economy. A slow but sure strategy All this has been happening in a context of low intensity violence against minorities.

Attacks against Christians and Muslims have gone up, and they have been reported from all across the country. The impact of these skirmishes in terms of the spread of religious intolerance is the same as that of religious riots.

A Poetic Protest Against Lynchings of Muslim ‘Beef Eaters’ in India

The problem of such localised attacks is that Hindutva moves forward, minorities voices are marginalised and social hatred spreads, but the political order escapes the blame for dividing people. The Sangh Parivar is doing this in its own typical way by using the strategy of a death by a thousand cuts. These cuts are, slowly but surely, meant to mark out who belongs to the nation and who does not, by defining what people will eat, who they will marry, where they will live, what they will read and watch.

Do you know anything about his childhood? Yes, he was brave right from childhood. Bhagat Singh had written about atheism. What do you think about that? Why had Bhagat Singh thrown a bomb, any idea?

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The profanity points to the patent fact that the person replying has nothing with which to bolster his opinions — no facts, no reason, nothing. Which is why trying to apply any reasonable yardsticks to conversations with trolls on the internet is impossible. Whenever one attempts to try and communicate with any honesty, one is left baffled by the completely arbitrary and irrelevant references thrown at one.

Do you worship cows?

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What is there to ask in this, whoever is a true Hindustani will always worship cows. Why do you worship cows? Because the Hindu religion tells us to worship cows.

There is a whole Ved written on this.

Not a sprinkle, but a spread of saffron

How do you worship cows, meaning what is the manner of worship? We put a tilak on the cow, garland it, fold our hands. Do you do this with all cows? There are 70 cows roaming the city…ask some intelligent questions. Looks like your brains too ran away the day your wife did… Q: Whatever the dairy guys give us, we will use. We are not going to keep a cow separately, just for milk. What do you do for the protection of cows? We go to the Mullah neighbourhoods and agitate.

They are the ones who butcher our cows. The biggest abattoir in Rampur belongs to a Brahmin, where the most amount of cows are slaughtered. What is your view on this? A Brahmin can never be guilty of killing a cow.

What do you do with old cows?