Murdoch mysteries william and julia relationship quotes

Murdoch Mysteries Movie Quotes

murdoch mysteries william and julia relationship quotes

A page for describing Headscratchers: Murdoch Mysteries. Create New -, Analysis · FanficRecs · FanWorks · Haiku · ImageLinks · Laconic · PlayingWith · Quotes Word of God is that Ruby was out of the country, and Murdoch's relationship However William and Julia's son, Roland, is their son by adoption, as Julia is. William & Julia Mystery Tv Series, Murdock Mysteries, Period Dramas, Detective, Otp . Yannick Bisson as William Murdoch in Murdoch Mysteries which moved to CBC for its sixth season. If I could sum up their relationship in one picture. Great memorable quotes and script exchanges from the Murdoch Mysteries movie on [Speaking of Wendell's attempt at a marriage of convenience] Nothing like a sanctified Detective William Murdoch: Dr. Julia Ogden.


Inspector Brackenreid comments on one boy's poetry in his letters, and casually asks Murdoch whether he ever wrote something like that. Murdoch says that he's not much of a poet, but he recalls composing and being proud of a rhyming couplet when he was a young boy Inspector's face goes from mildly amused expression to an extremely excited one, and then he just gets visibly disappointed.

Murdoch's one-liner after the beat is priceless: If there is, the haemoglobin will cause the reaction. Murdoch nearly drowns in a room on a boat that is slowly filling up with water. He is saved by Dr.

murdoch mysteries william and julia relationship quotes

Ogden after she and Brackenreid drag him out of the water. The first thing he says? In the epilogue of "Murdochophobia," Crabtree is delighted when a previously-thought-dead spider that he grew a liking to throughout the episode, comes back to life. Brackenreid proceeds to drop off some papers for Crabtree to go through. But it was too late: Which you might thing sounds like great news, except for the small matter of her tying the knot with someone else.

A dashing doctor named Darcy, no less. Murdoch, already a dab hand at repressing all his feelings, had to squash them down even further inside himself, to the point where we were slightly worried he'd burst a blood vessel. But things were about to look up, at last To give Darcy some credit, he recognized what was going on, and accepted that Julia's heart belonged with Murdoch.

In fact, on New Year's EveDarcy even suggested that she go find Murdoch, to begin the new century with the man she truly loved.

murdoch mysteries william and julia relationship quotes

Murdoch was shocked and elated, and there wasn't a dry eye in the house as they kissed under the fireworks. At last they could be happy, right?

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Overcome with bitterness, he refused to give Julia an easy divorce, saying "If she's going to act like a whore, she may as well be labelled as such.

Followed by Julia being convicted of killing her estranged husband, and sentenced to hang. It was only thanks to Murdoch's dogged policework that the real culprit - evil brat James Gillies - was exposed. Not only that, but they even had a taste of parenthood by temporarily adopting a bouncing baby called Roland.

murdoch mysteries william and julia relationship quotes

But things have been far from smooth, with a shocking intervention from old enemy Eva Pearce, who almost killed Julia during a plan that was warped and wicked even by her standards. But the good doctor survived, and the pair have now settled down for a quiet life of domestic serenity.

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murdoch mysteries william and julia relationship quotes

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murdoch mysteries william and julia relationship quotes