Muslim husband and wife relationship

Part 1: The Duties of Women | Principles Of Marriage & Family Ethics |

muslim husband and wife relationship

Why get married? Read our free introduction to Islamic Marriage and understand the relationship between Muslim husband and wife. From Find Your Muslim. Muslim husband and wife should never do these four things mentioned, Marriage is very beautiful and pure relation between a girl and a boy. According to Islam, the family is a small social unit that makes up the society. The relationship between a husband and wife is not like that of neighbors or.

muslim husband and wife relationship

Not just for ourselves, but for society as a whole. The Prophet Muhammed, peace be upon him, placed enormous importance upon marriage. What did he mean by this? Many scholars have interpreted this as meaning that he saw marriage providing protection in helping the married couple avoid temptation. Additionally, we all face tests in married life, and sometimes we need patience, wisdom and faith in facing those tests.

Married life helps you, both singly, and as a unified couple, face the challenges of life. So, marriage can help strengthen our love and faith. But as a Muslim, how does marriage help us on a practical basis? Marriage gives us a framework of legally-enforceable rights and duties for both husband and wife. For both partners to be equally fulfilled, and to live in balance and harmony with each other, and with God, in an atmosphere of love and respect, we must strive to follow these rights and duties: To be treated with honour, patience and kindness.

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To enjoy intimate relations with each other. To keep your personal and legal identity after marriage. Muslim women retain their inheritance, family name, mahr etc General duties For both men and women, to maintain an effort to be attractive to your spouse. To be faithful to the bond of marriage.

muslim husband and wife relationship

To resolve disputes amicably. To assist and support each other.

muslim husband and wife relationship

The supervisory duties of men may be summarized in three categories: Providing for the expenses of the family, making plans through consultation, and managing the incomes and expenditures of the family 2. Safeguarding, protecting, and looking after all members of the family 3. Overseeing religious, moral, and cultural issues of family members, guiding them towards improvement and spiritual and physical development, and preventing social and ethical corruption within the family 2.

Honor, Gentleness, and Lenience A man must be appreciative of his wife and regard her as a blessing from God. He must honor her, be gentle with her, forgive her mistakes, and refrain from strictness and stubbornness. Even though you also have rights upon her, you must be kind and forgiving toward her because she is captivated by you.

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And you must provide her food and clothing and when she makes a mistake, you must forgive her. Religious and Moral Guidance Men are obligated to make provision for religious, ethical, and belief related issues of their wives. Either they must help them in this matter themselves, or they must provide the instruments for their learning.

He must encourage her to virtuous deeds and praiseworthy behavior and dissuade her from evil deeds and indecent behavior.

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In short, he must free her from the fires of Hell and invite her to Heaven. This is one of the results and requirements of supervision, which is the responsibility of men. Save yourselves and your families from the Fire whose fuel is humans and stones.

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  • Mutual Rights and Responsibilities of Spouses

All these responsibilities can be epitomized in one phrase: Regarding a woman who takes good care of her husband, it can be said: She accepts the supervision and administration of her husband and defends and supports it. She consults with him in important issues. She obeys his commands.

If in some circumstances he deems it unwise that she leaves the house and does not permit it, she acquiesces.

muslim husband and wife relationship