Naruto and sarada relationship problems

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naruto and sarada relationship problems

A relationship that shaped Naruto's character, albeit unintentionally, was with Kurama — having witnessed all of the challenges and endeavours Naruto .. After hearing Sasuke and Sakura confirm Sarada is their child, Naruto was relieved. Keep in mind Sasuke's own relationship with his father, Uchiha Fugaku. . In the Boruto anime which they just re-take the issue of Sarada's birth Sakura and. Am I ready for a relationship yet..? Did my Shikamaru: Yeah, it won't be a problem. I'll just Boruto: *blushes red and hugs Sarada* It's no problem, Sarada .

And you must be Uchiha-san, huh. Then later on the show, in episode 39, when they start working as a team, Mitsuki said that he decided to trust both Boruto and Sarada without a doubt. It easy to understand why he trusts Boruto because he's the "sun" to Mitsuki, but to Sarada, there's no specific reason for Mitsuki to trust Sarada at the moment.

naruto and sarada relationship problems

This can be considered as their relationship have been developed. Besides Boruto, Sarada is the second person he decided to trust. They also shared a little chat when the two was waiting for Boruto. Sarada asked Mitsuki's personal opinion about his choice in doing mission. This is also the first time for a character to show some interest in Mitsuki's feelings.

Mitsuki agrees with Sarada It's very clear that Mitsuki always follows and agree with whatever Boruto does in the series but since team 7 worked together, instead of supporting Boruto, Mitsuki supported Sarada's judgement several times. In episode 40, when team 7 starts their first mission, Konohamaru sensei reminds them not to take action on their own and Sarada say it refers to Boruto because he's the most reckless one in the team.

naruto and sarada relationship problems

When Boruto gets angry at Sarada, Mitsuki says he also agrees with what Sarada said, which surprises Boruto a lot because usually Mitsuki only agrees with Boruto. Mitsuki and Sarada reply at the same time When Boruto, Mitsuki and Sarada separate with Konohamaru sensei, they have to hide on the tree and make a plan to attack Ashimaru.

While hiding on the tree, Kiri talks about how her dad always works independently so hard to protect the villagers and how hard she tries to protect the village just because she's his daughter.

Sarada realizes that Kiri and the village head have the same kind of situation like Boruto and his father, so she mentions about it with Boruto. When Boruto negates with Sarada about what she says, Mitsuki joins Sarada by teasing Boruto and says to her: Later on, when Ashimaru appears, Boruto wants to attack alone immediately but Sarada stops him and talks about how reckless and stupid he is when he tried to attack without any plan.

Then she comes up with a plan and says three of them should engage Ashimaru right there to take the advantage.

Once again, Mitsuki smiles and supports with Sarada immediately. Lastly, when Kiri tells them to show her their teamwork, Boruto reply: Although she completed the scarf, Hinata encountered problems such as her own shyness and the new-found competition with the many other female admirers for Naruto's affections. When Hinata finally made an attempt to give it to him, she saw Naruto wearing a scarf his late mother had knitted for him, which made her sadly back down as she thought it was given by another girl.

Naruto grows closer to Hinata. Later, while the team got caught in the Gatekeeper 's genjutsu that dredges up old memories, the red scarf — which Hinata was in the process of repairing — got loose from her bag and wrapped around Naruto, sharing her memories and corresponding feelings with him. Left utterly bewildered after witnessing how long Hinata had loved him and realising that she was the first person to acknowledge and support him, even before Iruka, [31] Naruto became fiercely protective of Hinata, even bashful in her presence.

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When the team arrived in what they later discovered was the Moon 's interior and explored the landscape, Naruto later saw Hinata knitting the red scarf and realised it was for him, to which he stopped wearing his mother's scarf. As he spent time interacting with Hinata, Naruto began to experience a special kind of happiness he had never felt before and realise that her being was irreplaceable and essential to him. Eventually, in their moment alone, Naruto confessed that he was in love with her, which left Hinata speechless.

Naruto and Hinata's first kiss. However, driven to save her captured sister and destroy the TenseiganHinata, after giving the red scarf to Naruto, left with Toneri and pretended to accept his offer, much to Naruto's shock and confusion when she said goodbye to him.

As Naruto was chasing after them, he was greatly saddened because Hinata did not deny Toneri's statement that they would be married. After Toneri attacked Naruto by draining almost all of his chakra, he was left near death, and the scarf was destroyed. After recovering three days later, the broken-hearted Naruto fell into a state of great depression and came very close to giving up on everything, but it wasn't until Sakura helped him realise how deep and unwavering Hinata's feelings for him truly were that his mental strength returned and he set out to rescue her.

Once he reunited with Hinata, she apologised to Naruto for her earlier act, but he replied that he understood why she had to do it and he himself should be the one to apologise. As Naruto and Hinata regrouped with the rest of the team including Hanabi after the two destroyed the Tenseigan, Naruto then happily took a small remnant of Hinata's replacement scarf that was callously ripped by Toneri, saying that even in its ruined state, he would cherish it forever, which left her on the brink of tears of joy by his kind gesture.

Naruto and Hinata's new family. After Naruto defeated Toneri and saved the shinobi world, Naruto then reiterated his love for Hinata and stated that he wanted to be with her for the rest of his life, much to her happiness, and the two had their first kiss upon returning to Earth. After several months of dating, Naruto and Hinata got married and eventually had two children together.

Naruto's first child is a rambunctious boy named Borutoand his second child is a lovely girl named Himawari. Naruto is shown to be a loving and doting parent towards his children, often playing with them whenever he has free time. Because of the job's many responsibilities that prevented Naruto from being around all the time, it led Boruto feeling neglected and becoming resentful towards the Hokage title, declaring it as only fit for those with no loved ones.

Boruto's methods of dealing with that were numerous; he pulled pranks to get his father's attention, strived to surpass him to devalue his legacy, and feigned disinterest whenever Naruto tried to connect with him.

Eventually, after Boruto was exposed to the complications of his father's life, the brutal nature of the ninja world, and witnessed how hard work can make a respectable shinobi, he finally understood and forgave his father's busy schedule, respected the Hokage title, and stopped trying to take the easy options in life. Similarly, Naruto realised he had prioritised his duties as Hokage over the well-being of his family, preferring to do as much work as possible by himself rather than having his advisers relieve some of the burden.

After taking down Shizuma and his gang, Sarada orders Boruto and Iwabe to hurry back to the hotel before rollcall and proceeds to berate Boruto. As a result, all three are sent to detention and Sarada is dismayed at being stuck with Boruto. She offers to tell him a place that sells them on the condition he keeps a secret, which he agrees to.

Sarada finds Boruto fishing As graduation approaches, Boruto rushes to his classroom to hang out with his friends but finds only Sarada, who tells him everyone is too busy. Boruto is confused by her words but notes friendship will last forever after graduation but Sarada says Boruto only thinks that.

Mystified by this, Boruto arranges a camping trip with his friends. While camping, Boruto goes fishing to catch a famous carp and Sarada follows him but they end up arguing. With the help of their friends, they successfully pull in the carp and eat it.

Boruto is delighted to have tasted it and Sarada is amused. Everyone then looks at the starry sky and Sarada glances at Boruto with a smile.

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A couple of weeks before graduation, Boruto and Sarada learn a classmate, who wants to become a shinobi, has decided to forgo her dream to help her family. Boruto retorts she will have to if she is going to become Hokage and she will never surpass Naruto for this.

Sarada, realizing this to be true, talks to her classmate and convinces her to change her mind. Everyone is surprised and glad Sarada did this and Boruto overlooks on proudly. Iwabe accidentally knocks Boruto towards Sarada, almost kissing her in the lips but she blocks him with her foot. Shino announces Boruto, Practically kiss Sarada, and Mitsuki as Team 3 but Sarada is unhappy and demands to speak to Naruto on changing teams. She justifies this on the grounds she and Boruto are incompatible.

Sarada and Boruto race towards the Hokage Office with an appeal scroll but Shikamaru tells them Naruto is at an undisclosed location. They race to the location after Mitsuki steals the information but find they must fight Mirai to get to Naruto. Sarada attacks with her shuriken while Boruto Mitsuki - main shipper hides his shadow clones to defeat Mirai. Boruto retorts about her attitude and they begin arguing.

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Mitsuki comments how well they get along, which shocks them. While fighting against Ashimaru, Team 7 forms a combat strategy; Boruto and Mitsuki use their Wind Style to send Sarada to wards Ashimaru to attack him. Sarada narrates that she may lack some abilities the boys have but she has something better. With her Sharingan and superhuman strength, she brutally punches Ashimaru into the ground.

Boruto comments Sarada is going to kill him one day, making Mitsuki remark how Boruto has his hands full with Sarada and Himawari.

naruto and sarada relationship problems

Boruto gets disappointed and angry when Naruto fails to show up due to work and Sarada finds him sulking in his room. Naruto the Movie After a mission, Sarada berates Boruto for his recklessness but he ignores her and insists he can do missions on his own. Mitsuki compliments Boruto for being the son and grandson of a Hokage and he might be the next Hokage, to which Sarada angrily says she will be Hokage. Sarada watches Boruto and Naruto When they report to Naruto after their mission, Boruto gets into an argument with Naruto and Sarada shows concern for Boruto.

She later finds him hanging out with Shikadai and Inojin, and scolds him for not taking his training seriously because the Chunin Exams are coming up and he is keeping her from achieving her dream. When Boruto says he doesn't plan to enter in the Exams and retorts that she Practically date better be alone for the rest of her life if she wants to be Hokage or else it will cause trouble to the people around her, Sarada realizes that Boruto is simply angry at his father for spending less time with him.

To cheer him up, Sarada suggests that they enter in the Exams to show off their skills and impress Naruto. Boruto thinks about it and finally agrees. He then asks her if her father, Sasuke, will come watch her in the Exams, and Sarada replies she doubts it. Sarada watches Boruto train In the movie version, Boruto was learning the Rasengan from Konohamaru in order to become Sasuke's apprentice, Sarada watched him from afar during his training and expressed worry for him as he struggled with the training.

Once Boruto finally mastered the Rasengan, Sarada was happy for him. When Sasuke pointed out how small his Rasengan was and Boruto, in anger, threw it into a tree and fled, Sarada approached her father.

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She defended Boruto by saying Sasuke is being harsh because he doesn't know Boruto, that Boruto never learns anything, and its' a miracle he lasted as long as he did in his training. Sasuke said he wasn't disappointed in Boruto and decided to take him as his apprentice, much to Sarada's delight.

Boruto blushes at Sarada's comment In the first round of the Chunin Exams, the participants had to answer a true or false question.

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Sarada asked Boruto what answer did he think her father would pick. Boruto suggested false, so Sarada picked true because she wants to take a different path than her father. Trusting Sarada, Boruto and Mitsuki agree with her. They are led to believe the answered incorrectly when they fall into a pit with a lake of ink at the bottom.