Noctis and stella relationship

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noctis and stella relationship

Director Hajime Tabata has described Noctis's relationship with his father thusly: .. Final Fantasy Versus XIII scene in which he talks to Stella Nox Fleuret, and it. Crossovers are also allowed but it has to have Stella/Noctis. forced to read Romeo and Juliet, strange how his relationship with her reminds him of the tale. personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships.

The terms are accepted and the wedding is planned to be held in Altissia. She publicly supports the peace treaty in a radio broadcast, and promises that her marriage will not hinder her duties as the Oracle even though her travels will be temporarily suspended until the wedding. As depicted in Kingsglaive: The plan goes awry when Lunafreya is caught leaving by Ravus and a squad of magitek soldiersand they force her to return to her room.

Lunafreya greets Regis warmly, though Noctis and his friends have already departed to Altissia. At the party in Caelum Via before the signing, she learns from Nyx that the Kingsglaive soldier sent to escort her was killed.


She expresses remorse and receives a hairpin from Nyx that had been intended for Crowe to give to her.

Later that night she is confronted by General Glaucawho asks her if she really thought that the peace treaty was real. Glauca imprisons her on a fleet of airships outside the borders of Insomnia. The Kingsglaive arrive to rescue her, but Lunafreya's kidnapping was a trap for them; many of their body are traitors. Nyx escorts her to safety on a hijacked airship after escaping Ultrosa daemon unleashed upon them. The imperials steal the sacred Crystal, and Lunafreya insists on returning to the Citadel against Nyx's advise to escape.

Resolved to reach King Regis, she leaps off the airship and is caught by Nyx who reluctantly follows her.

noctis and stella relationship

Lunafreya with Nyx and King Regis. The two arrive at the throne room to find Regis in combat with Glauca. Glauca removes the Ring of the Lucii from Regis and Ravus, who had remained behind to take his revenge on Regis, puts it on.

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The ring is a Lucian royal heirloom that contains the collective powers and wisdom of each Lucian monarch and grants its immense power only to those it deems worthy. Ravus is burned when the ring rejects him.

noctis and stella relationship

Nyx, Lunafreya, and Regis escape, and Regis gives the ring to her to pass on to Noctis. Regis erects a magical barrier between them despite her pleas to not leave them. Regis requests Nyx to protect her and the two watch on helplessly as Glauca kills Regis.

Nyx and Lunafreya flee while being pursued by Niflheim forces. Nyx discovers he can no longer use magic as the result of the king's death, and soon realizes that Lunafreya's hairpin has a tracer. She picks up the tracer Nyx drops and tosses it into a machine that explodes. The two arrive at a rendezvous point with plans to meet with the Kingsglaive leader, Titus Drautos.

They are accosted by one of the traitorous Kingsglaive, Luche Lazarus. She reluctantly tricks Lazarus into putting on the ring to gain its power, and takes it back from his burning corpse. Drautos arrives, but another former Kingsglaive member, Libertus Ostiumrams him with a car, forcing Drautos to reveal himself as Glauca.

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To fend off the powerful imperial commander, Lunafreya readies to put on the ring until Nyx stops her and puts it on himself. After being deemed worthy to wield the ring by the past kings of LucisNyx orders Libertus to get Lunafreya out of the city. The Ring of the Lucii returns to her care after Nyx receives its powers. Nyx remains behind to battle Glauca while Libertus escapes the city with Lunafreya.

They part ways on the outskirts and Lunafreya blends in with the refugees, meeting Gentiana and her dogs outside the city.

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To awaken the Six Edit Lunafreya awakens Titan. En route to his destination, Noctis is shocked to learn that Insomnia has fallen and that his father and his betrothed are believed dead. In truth, she escaped Niflheim's conquest of Lucis, and lets Noctis know she is fine via a message delivered by Umbra. She appears in Noctis's visions when he confronts the Astrals, the gods of Eos, also referred to as the Six.

Noctis learns that she is rousing the Six, speaking to the Astrals on his behalf so that he can forge covenants with them and gain their power. Ravus becomes the high commander of the Niflheim army after Glauca's death.

He is ordered to hunt down his sister, but ignores the orders. Instead, he helps Lunafreya escape Lucis back to Tenebrae. Ravus disagrees with her mission to help Noctis reclaim his throne, not believing Noctis is worthy of her sacrifice, as communing with the gods is making her ill. One was available since the beginning of the game, and others are obtained by progressing in the story, from DLC both free and paid and from patches.

Personality Edit Though his three companions are not royaltyNoctis usually treats them as equals, but mainly because he did not have the confidence to carry himself off as royalty. His upbringing shines through, however, as reflected in his body language, poise, and posture in contrast to his team. He regularly dozes off; this is present from his early childhood. According to Final Fantasy XV Prologue Parting WaysNoctis's personality changed following a childhood incident, making him more withdrawn despite having been a lively child before.

In his teenage years, he appeared perpetually bored and uninterested in the things happening around him. According to the Final Fantasy XV: Official Works, Noctis's overprotective upbringing has left him with poor interpersonal skills and he comes off as brusque with all but his closest friends.

Having witnessed his father work as king has made Noctis respect the position and the dedication needed of a good sovereign, but also fear for the time he would need to assume the throne himself, making interactions with his father a struggle.

Director Hajime Tabata has described Noctis's relationship with his father thusly: Noctis has grown up seeing his father as both a father figure and as the king of the country, so during the game he tries to grow as a person and develop with that image in mind with his father as a role model. Noctis's words and actions often stem from a fear of being unable to meet the expectations of those around him, but as a counterbalance he desires to please them.

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Tabata asked Yusuke Naoraone of the art directors for Final Fantasy XV, to look at Noctis as a real person and to depict his aging with realism rather than symbolism.

Noctis has dealt with a lot of emotional turmoil as his mother died when he was young and his father had to cater to the demands of the kingdom, leaving Noctis feeling alone.

Nevertheless, he is not bitter over it, accepting that sacrifices had to be made. Noctis is still trying to figure out who he is, and struggles articulating his feelings. He keeps a lot bottled up, especially with confronting how he feels about his childhood friend Luna.

When Noctis struggles coping with things, he tends to avoid the issue and become even more withdrawn, such as when he avoids his duties or thinking about being the next king in Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV due to worry over his father's ailing health.

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When he acknowledges the situation is bad, his first instinct is to focus on himself rather than the people he's supposed to lead, or even his closest friends. He doesn't share the weight of his grief over the deaths of his loved ones, and instead tries to deal with it alone, further isolating himself and pushing others away. He enthuses about the things he enjoys, and has a bit of an inflated ego, as noted by Gladiolus.

He can be reckless, having to be held back by others, though this does not always stop him. He's playful, especially towards Prompto, his best friend, and is frequently snarky and sarcastic. Near the end of Noctis's journey, his friends note his increased confidence, and he has become more stern and resolute.

noctis and stella relationship

He has learned to take on the responsibilities of his position, and does so without hesitation. Noctis dislikes vegetables, much to Ignis's displeasure, who tries to encourage a healthy diet.

Noctis and Prompto share a distaste for bugs and a love for animals, especially pets and chocobos. Noctis seems unaware that Iris has a crush on him, though obvious to everyone else.

As the heir to the throne of Lucis, Noctis can wield the power of kings, and those he associates with share into some of his power. However, due to his childhood injury, he can't reach the full potential of his powers. Weapons manifest to his use from thin air, and only he can wield the crystalline royal arms of his forebears; the power to wield all of these weapons at once is called Armigerduring which he is empowered by the souls of his ancestors.

He can warp short distances and phase through solid matter. These powers of teleportation can be used for combat. He can collect elemental power from the environment and craft spells that those with him can also gain access to, but his true magical power is harnessed via the mythical Ring of the Lucii that allows the wearer to wield the power of the Crystal itself in exchange for the user's own life force.

Noctis is the one powering the party's potions and elixirs so they have healing properties [7] —without him, they would be just regular soda.

In the trailer shown at the DKS event, Stella wore silver stud earrings, an open short-sleeved white cardigan over a black corset-like top with a frilled black skirt and black knee-high boots. Creative director of Roen and clothing designer for Final Fantasy XV, Hiromu Takahara, designed the cocktail dress and ankle boots worn by Stella during her conversation with Noctis.

noctis and stella relationship

Hiromu Takahara originally wanted her dress to be black, but the production team changed the color to create a greater contrast with the black suit Noctis wears in the same scene.

Stella's CG render that appears in the roster was redesigned from how she appeared in earlier Versus XIII trailers, but this "new" Stella never appeared again after this trailer. The team had wanted to keep Stella and pursued ways to tie her into Final Fantasy XV but struggled to make sense of her character and role within the new game.

After a lot of consideration, the team decided not to include Stella and go with a new character named Luna, who has a different role in the story.