Oz beecher and kellers relationship goals

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oz beecher and kellers relationship goals

Christopher Meloni as 'Chris Keller' & Lee Tergesen as 'Tobias Beecher' in Oz HBO) I watched OZ tv series - Keller & Beecher my favourite fucked up couple!. Christopher Meloni, who played Chris Keller, was excellent in this season whether it was in his dramatic relationship with Beecher, or in his dialogue with Sister. Chris Keller is a fictional character on the HBO series Oz, portrayed by Christopher Meloni from He has a strong desire for dominance in any relationship and often chooses partners based on how he can treat them and still have them love him. Despite Schillinger arranges for the bisexual Keller to meet Tobias Beecher.

Enraged, Howell brutally beats him, putting him in the infirmaryand tells her superiors that he attacked her. After he recuperates from his injuries, he is found guilty of the murder charge, and sentenced to death. At about this time, Beecher's father is stabbed to death in a suspiciously empty hall. While Keller's relationship with Beecher is by now somewhat estranged, he tries to show his former lover that he still cares by killing Franklin Winthropthe inmate who had murdered Beecher's father to advance in the Aryan Brotherhood.

Beecher hesitates, but eventually agrees and takes the package. Shortly after Beecher leaves the room, Keller makes an anonymous telephone call to tip off the police, getting Beecher caught and sent back to Oz.

Furious, Beecher rejects Keller once and for all. Meanwhile, Keller seems to get on friendly terms with Schillinger again. Keller takes a job backstage managing the props. He tells Schillinger that they will kill Beecher then later tells Beecher that he is being friends with Schillinger to keep Beecher alive.

He then kisses Schillinger and tells him that he will switch Schillinger's prop knife with a real one so he can kill Beecher onstage. However, during the final fight scene, Keller switches Beecher's knife with a real one. Beecher stabs Schillinger unintentionally during a fight scene, thinking the knife in his hand is a prop. Keller claims to have no idea how a real knife got onto the set.

Schillinger's death is considered an accident. Keller reaffirms his love for Beecher and explains that he eliminated every obstacle between them, referring to Schillinger. He also claims to have taken care of the entire Aryan Brotherhood to keep Beecher safe from any retaliation. However, during a heated conversation Beecher demands to know whether Keller had set him up with the illegal drugs; when Keller admits the truth, Beecher rejects him for the final time.

During a subsequent confrontation in Emerald City, Keller, while professing his love for Beecher, falls over a railing, fatally breaking his neck. Beecher possibly faces the death penalty, but whether he is found guilty of murder or not is not revealed.

Augustus Hill narrates the show while simultaneously giving commentary on the prison system and life in Oz, all according to a theme indicated by the episode's title. Oftentimes he breaks to take a shot at one of the other prisoners or the staff. Loads and Loads of Characters: During any given season, there's at least twenty recurring characters that are playing a pivotal role in at least one arc. If you got a line somewhere in the first two seasons, chances are you got a name, multiple character arcs, and a tragic death scene by the end of the show.

With Anyone Can Die being strongly in effect with at least one or two notable character deaths per episode there was pretty huge cast turnover so collectively, there was well over named characters and over half of them died over the course of the series. Several characters serve such sentences.

Chris Keller is sentenced to 88 years with parole accessible in 50 before getting an eventually overturned death sentence. Subverted with Omar White: And the pain aspect being intentional doesn't help much. Beecher's nursery rhymes in Season 2. Alvarez could be a mundane version. Over the course of the show, he is stabbed four times once in the first five minutes of the showshot, strangled, beaten, starved, and attacked with a shiv twice, and tries to commit suicide twice.

And he manages to survive until the series finale.

Chris Keller

Played with in that he does spend time in the hospital ward for several of these injuries, but characters lament the fact that it seems impossible to actually kill him. Cyril O'Reily, due to brain damage. Ryan O'Reily, the king chessmaster of the prison.

Stanislofsky is O'Reily's rival chessmaster for a time, and even has the advantage for most of Season 4. If penises scare you, don't watch the show.

Two moments of this bookend Season 4. In the premiere, during Guillaume Tarrant's shooting rampage characters as disparate as Hernandez, Schillinger and Said are shown with a massive Oh, Crap! Maybe Magic, Maybe Mundane: Rebadow's "conversations with God", Timmy Kirk's demonic voice, and the visions of the Reverend Cloutier are never given an explanation. In fact, almost all the American white supremacists on the show James Robson being the exception have at least one German or German-sounding name.

Peter means rock, and Marie is a variation on Mary, the mother of Christ. Schillinger wants to make Adam Guenzel his prag. In old-timey prison slang, the word "gunsel" was the equivalent of "bitch", "punk", etc. It's essentially the Yiddish word for being Camp Gay.

Hill suspects that the name change reflects the administration abandoning any serious attempt to reform the prisoners. This is essentially Schillinger's revenge plan for Beecher during the second season. Ryan O'Reily and his brain-damaged brother — though this is horribly subverted on several occasions due to Ryan's utter willingness to manipulate his brother for his schemes. Beecher, since he's a pretty big Woobie and becomes tougher with a "take no shit" attitude.

Ryan O'Reily does this to Dr. Chris Keller does this to every single one of Beecher's former lovers. Guillaume Tarrant, a weak inmate who got his stint after demolishing an important statue, quickly finds himself bullied by several other inmates.

When he gains possession of a gun through Adebisi, he kills his tormentors in front of everyone. He then turns the gun around on himself when the SORT team corners him. Series 5, episode 3 'Variety' is a downplayed example with various characters singing during the narrator segments instead of Hill talking.

Also including a hilarious duet between enemies Beecher and Schillinger. Of all the characters who sing in the episode, the only one without an actor with stage musical experience was Jaz Hoyt. Hoyt is portrayed by Evan Seinfeld, bassist and singer for metal band Biohazard.

Beecher in Season 1. He's unprepared for the brutality of Oz, and quickly becomes Schillinger's sex slave after "saving" Beecher from becoming a sex slave to Adebisi. After Chris Keller discovers that an old friend tried to sell him out to the cops, he coaxes the man into giving him a blowjob in a janitor's closet, then snaps his neck afterwards.

He claimed that he gang raped his victim because they were all drunk and that he never meant to hurt her he is later seen bragging about the rape.

After Beecher hands him over to the Aryans, he blames his situation on Beecher, even though he brought it on himself by being a complete asshole to him after he saved his life. Adebisi's perpetually tilted knitted hat. Nobody is quite sure how he gets it to stay there.

On many occasions, the most brutal of them all Keller to Beecher being surprisingly systematic in nature. One measure of the show's gradual decline from a gritty prison drama to a prison-based soap opera is the number of times Alvarez is sent to Solitary permanently, only to be let out a couple of weeks later.

Not So Above It All: Most of the prison staff; McManus is secret pot smoker, Diane murdered an inmate in order to keep him from incriminating her in a scheme to get her to smuggle cigarettes into the prison, Sean Murphy helped cut Morales' Achilles tendons as payback for him having another guard's tendon cut, and reoccurring straight-arrow prison guard Armstrong took money to let a man destroy the Muslims' printing press equipment.

In addition, Glynn makes no effort to hide his disdain for prisoners or his bullying of Alvarez. The prop knife in the prison production of Macbeth was switched for a real one. A few develop over the course of the series: Galson, Mukada and Cloutier once they get over their rivalry. Given all the plotting, power struggles and reversals of fortune among the inmates, this is a fairly common occurrence.

Some notable ones include: Schillinger has a literal one in the first season when Beecher takes his revenge, which culminates in Beecher taking an actual dump on Schillinger's face.

Kenny Wangler has a richly deserved moment of this when his meek, introverted bullying victim Guillaume Tarrant unexpectedly whips out a gun. The look on Kareem Said's face when he realizes his efforts on behalf of Jason Cramer have Gone Horribly Rightand he's unwittingly helped set a brutal murderer free. Huseni Mershah has one when Said survives the heart attack Mershah purposefully ignored and returns to Em City.

O'Reily when he hears the contraband cell phone ringing, and realizes Stanislofsky has just outfoxed him. Of the rounded officer characters he seems to have the most common sense.

Rebadow, who's been in for 30 years and was handed the last death penalty in the state before Devlin re-instated it.

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Busmaslis to a lesser extent, but he was old before he came to Oz. The prison has a separate small wing to house inmates who used to work in law enforcement to protect them from other prisoners. Zigzagged by one of the few child killers in the show, Malcolm "Snake" Coyle. He was arrested on a robbery charge, but when the truth about his other crimes came out he couldn't help bragging about itall the other gangs allied together to protect the guy who snitched on him. The Homeboys, however, were pissed off when Coyle ended up dead, albeit for "political" reasons rather than moral ones.

Beecher's murder of the loathsome guard Metzger, who was an ally of the Aryans. The homophobic rapist Guenzel becoming the Aryans' newest prag. Also qualifies as Laser-Guided Karma. Cudney views the killing of the son of the doctor who performed his wife's abortion as this. In the long feud between Beecher and Schillinger, Schillinger gets his son to kidnap Beecher's children and kill one of them.

oz beecher and kellers relationship goals

In retaliation, Beecher arranges to have Schillinger's son killed, but feels remorseful afterwards. So remorseful, in fact, that when Schillinger is about to find out that Beecher was responsible Beecher decides to own up to it. Keller wants to confess to the crime instead so that Beecher won't become a target.

Beecher tells him no. Keller knocks Beecher out so that Beecher can't stop him from taking credit for the murder and then runs off to do so. In a late season 6 episode, an inmate in Emerald City is seen playing one of the Tomb Raider games in the computer rec coom. It shouldn't come as a surprise that Lara Croft is one of the main draws.

The show's title refers to the correctional facility. Alvin Yood Prisoner 01Y is a former small town Sheriff jailed for beating a minor who spat on him during an interrogation. Augustus does his usual narrations in Season 6 despite being killed in the Season 5 finale. He's joined by other dead characters such as Jefferson Keane, Dino Ortolani, Antonio Nappa and even the Schillinger brothers who never appeared together onscreen while alive.

Gloria Nathan is raped on her way home from work by an Irish criminal, and she suspects that inmate Ryan O'Reilly, who was obsessed with her and had already arranged her husband's deathwas behind it. When she confronts him, he gloats about the rape until she physically attacks him, but he later admits to Father Mukada that he was lying so she could truly hate him and move on with her life.

He later kills the rapist personally. Schillinger gives one to Peter Schibetta in a hallway that causes Schibetta to have a minor breakdown. The default setting of the vast majority of prisoners. You could make a drinking game of the number of times some variation on "But what's in it for me? Put on a Bus: Special Victims Unit was to exhausting. The sentence was overturned when Meloni changed his mind and came back to the show.

Sister Peter-Marie, who doesn't use any profanity even Father Ray does when talking to inmates angrily shouts "what the fuck is going on!? Occurs frequently, although on-screen ones were much rarer than indicated by the show's reputation. Prison riots are a constant threat. One erupts in the first season finale "A Game of Checkers" when the prison gangs unite to take over Emerald City by taking the guards hostage. The prisoners establish a ruling council, but it's later revealed that everyone from the rioters to the prison administrators were being manipulated by Kareem Said from the start.

He correctly predicted that Governor Devlin would refuse even the rioters' mostly reasonable demands and take back Em City by force, causing enough deaths for public outrage to bring about real reform.

The prison industry is a dress factory. Anyone who doesn't have a job elsewhere in the prison mail room, kitchen, etc. Prison Rape is really rampant in the setting, which turns victims into "prags", prisoners who trade in sexual favors for protection.

The only reliable way for such a prisoner to regain their cred is to kill their rapist. Beecher gets revenge on Schillinger for all the crap he did to him, which includes rape, by knocking glass in his eyebeating him up, and crapping on him. James Robson becomes a prag to Wolfgang Cutler after he is kicked out of the Aryan Brotherhood, who sodomizes him with a spoon several times. Robson gets revenge by tricking Cutler into killing himself through Erotic Asphyxiation.

Chiefly with the rapes of Dr. Nathan and Peter Schibetta. In Season 6, prison rape is treated much more seriously, with one of the final scenes in the series showing Sister Peter Marie's new sexual assault support group. Real Life Writes the Plot: Said was killed off so early and out of nowhere in season six so that Eamonn Walker could film the movie Tears of the Sun. Adebisi was killed off at the end of the first half of season four so that Adewale Akinnouwe Agbaje could film the movie The Mummy Returns.

Wilson Loewen, whom Vern Schillinger idolizes, cuts him down brutally, telling him that he never thought he'd amount to anything, and the only reason he even looked Schillinger's way is because his father and Loewen were friends. Hill gives a big one to Burr Redding: The fact of the matter is, I wouldn't be in Oz, I wouldn't be in this chair, if you had only let me have the fucking paper route! How Father Mukada ended up in Oz. By his own admission he was a star student but was too critical of his superiors to rise further through the ecclesiastical ranks.

The Cardinal claims that the assignment was not intended as a punishment, but as a lesson in humility. One of the inmates was sent to prison after brandishing a gun at school which went off, killing a schoolgirl on the floor above. Occurs several times when the prisoners are watching Miss Sally's Schoolyard. Both Alvarez and Schillinger receive prominent facial scars during the first season, and both scars are totally badass and reflect on their character.

Nonetheless, both heal over, which in Vern's case is actually pretty hard to believe. Although Alvarez's scar occasionally reappears as the plot demands. Said often uses this stereotype to his advantage, too.

Said can look particularly scary when the lighting makes his normally dark brown eyes appear red! There's quite a lot of full frontal male nudity.

Hell, by Season 4, they made at least one of those shots is part of the opening titles. In the final season the prisoners put on a performance of Macbeth. Every prisoner who volunteers for the title role gets murdered, with the last death taking place on stage during performance night. Quite a few, with Keller eventually admitting to have been one. Floria Mills, Glynn's temporary secretary in season 4. You've seen the face of God. So you wave your dick around trying to help us lowly mortals.

Hill, Mershah, Groves, Jefferson Keane. Fuck, you helped Jefferson Keane right into a lethal injection. So in the end, when all is said and done, who have you really fucking helped? I just saw on the news, he killed a man. He's coming back to Oz. Sometimes it's good to be human.

Escape From Oz [2. In all my years at Oz, I've learned one rule: I say we institute a "no swearing" rule. If nobody has anything more intelligent to say, this meeting is adjourned.

Said, how do you feel? How do I feel? My brothers remain behind. I don't just mean my Muslim brothers, I mean every single man that will sleep in here tonight, that was cut off from everything that he loves.

Cut off from his own self. You know, as the word went around that the Governor was gonna give somebody clemency, I saw a rift develop as each inmate wished himself to be the chosen one. The longing to be free became as palpable as the food that we eat.

But it is a meal that I am being served right now. And I am Muslim. And Allah does not allow me to swallow certain things. Allah does not allow me to take scraps from the hands of a man such as this. A man who is corrupt and immoral. A man who denigrates the gift of clemency just as he violates the principles of justice.

A man that gave the order that caused the death of eight people. And so, Governor Devlin, because even the cost of freedom can be too high, I refuse your pardon! The name on the street for the Oswald Maximum Security Penitentiary. They've changed the name. It's now called the Oswald State Correctional Facility, level four. I don't know what the difference is. Beecher is still in the hospital after Schillinger and Keller broke his bones. Alvarez is still in solitary after blinding a CO.

OZ - 5x08 - Beecher and Keller again togheter [Sub Ita] ☠

Adebisi, still in the loony ward, after changing hats. Maybe it's truth in advertising. Maybe by getting rid of the word "penitentiary" the state is finally admitting that nobody's penitent. I may be blind, but I'm not dumb. Metzger, I know who you are. I know what you are. But if I am what you think I am you should tiptoe. Is that a threat? I'm merely reminding you who your friends are.

Remember who you want standing next to you when one of these fucks comes after you with a knife. Truth is a powerful thing. It can right a wrong, or make a bad thing worse.

In Oz the truth is, if the facts don't fit the truth, fuck the facts. Napoleon's Boney Parts [3. At Attica, you organized a boxing program, right? Maybe we could try something like that here. Great, now all we need is time, gloves, and a good insurance policy. I used to box. In the Special Olympics? Keller's got about three or four assholes now! In my 'hood, you had to learn to run before you learned to walk.

Why would you want to transfer out of the cafeteria to take care of a bunch of fags? What do you think? Out there, I hated them. But here sometimes you need your dick sucked. That's one of the many differences between you and me. Doctor, that is not possible.

I haven't done either, and I'm not Haitian. I know that Tobias was in love with you and that you broke his arms and his legs. Jesus Christ, you put it that way it makes me sound so cold. A bouncing, baby boy. Your son arrived yesterday. Which unit's he in? You must really love your son, Schillinger, to come in here and ask me for a favor. It must be chewing up your insides to have to stand here in my office begging me for your son's life.

oz beecher and kellers relationship goals

Think of all the times I needed something from you and you just sit here with that stupid-ass grin on your face singing "doodah. This is my son, goddamn it! I thought you had two sons. Maybe you'll be luckier with the second. I am black, I am a Muslim, and I am a man. And sometimes those three things, they war with each other.

Let me get this straight. You aim for the doctor, but you got the son instead. No, I aimed for the son. You took out the kid on purpose? Now that doctor knows how I feel. He killed my baby, I killed his. What are you gonna say to him when you see him? The doctor's son up in Heaven. I already know what I'm gonna say to Dr. Nathan's husband if they let me in.

Tobias Beecher

If it wasn't for Tina, I would have killed myself already. Sometimes I think I should kill myself for her sake so she could start a new life without me. Some days, Alvarez, I wish you would have killed me instead of doing this. I can't cry anymore. Did you know that? You made it so I can't cry. Kosygin is no pal of mine. In my community, he's feared for his savagery.

You Sicilians think you're so tough. He would cut out your heart, eat it, and not think twice. Those are not the kind of men you should be hanging out with.

As opposed to who? Those standup individuals that make up your merry little band? I gotta tell you something. My whole life, you crammed into my head how superior we white folks are.

I don't see the truth in that. I look around this room and I see white faces and black faces, every color in between and the only thing that I know for sure is that we're all shit. You know, shit don't come in degrees. White or black, shit is shit. So fuck everything you believe in, fuck everything you stand for, and fuck you. Don't you dare talk to me like that! Man, you hit me way too many times growing up!

Cruel and Unusual Punishments [3. Unlike you, in Russia I was not a criminal. I was an educator. After the Soviets fell, things got so bleak in Moscow I decided to leave, to come to America. For a better life, right? Yes, for me and my wife. But we did not find a better life. I couldn't get employed teaching.

Must have been terrible. Then I got this job painting a house, the house of Leonid Rodzinsky. He was in the Organizatsya. He treated me like shit, always making fun. Calling me "professor" and ordering me to clean his toilets. One day, he kicked me with his boot in front of my wife. I strangled him on the spot. All right, I'll go. Not till I finish my story. All this time, you've barely said two words. Now you're a regular bottum. It takes me time to warm up to people. I feel very close to you.

I was possessed by guilt for killing Rodzinsky but I got a reputation for being ruthless. The Organizatsya hired me to exterminate someone else. The second time was easy. I don't want to hear this.

The third time, no problem at all. At last count, I murdered at least 49 people. You have the honor of being my 50th. You know what your problem is, Diane? You wanna be everybody's best pal. You wanna be everybody's worst nightmare. You saw my ex, Bonnie? When I met her, she was all alone, very unhappy. So I knew it would be easy to get her to fall in love with me. But what I didn't know was after I broke her heart would she still love me?

See, I'm a piece of shit. As bad as they come. And to have someone keep loving me, no matter how bad You got me to open up and spill my guts all over your table. You look a lot like my ex-wife. That's not a compliment. In his day, Antonio Nappa was a great man.

He was like a father to me. Well, more like an uncle. People are defined by three things: At the end of the day, each of us has to answer one question. One, not so simple question.

Out o' Time [3. It's the way I've been my whole fucking life. I just don't belong in the world. We Russians, we are suspicious of everyone. Everybody's worried about this Y2K problem. Comethe computers are gonna have a nervous breakdown. Planes will fall from the sky, the water supply will dry up and the Pentagon will start shooting nuclear warheads at Canada.

Some predict that prison doors will automatically spring open. But I got the solution: At the stroke of midnight, it's again and we get to do the whole fucking century over.

I mean, let's face it. We didn't do such a hot job the first time around. A bunch of men sit in cells on the brink of a new year a new century, a new millennium. They stare into the future and all they see is themselves in those same cells. Black or white, here we are on the precipice. We either hang on or we fall off. It's up to us. It's up to you and me. A Cock And Balls Story [4. A cannibal eats somebody else's flesh. So what do you call a guy who eats his own flesh? Oz didn't make you a bitch.

You were born one. She was cheating on you? Bitch told me they was through. I don't fuck with another man's wife! Oh, I love a man with principles. She fell in love with a bobby? No, not a bobby, Tim! He guards the queen. Well, then I'm sure they'll have a lot in fucking common! I don't want to love him, but I do. A little birdie told me a secret about you and I just came to see if it was true. You got a cell phone? Then I guess that's what I get for listening to little birdies.

Because if you did have a cell phone, you'd let me borrow it. Rent, maybe, if I had one, which I don't. You told me, and I believe you. Because that's just the kind of friendship we have, right?

oz beecher and kellers relationship goals

So sorry to bother you. The Bill of Wrongs [4. I'm not like Hernandez or Guerra. They're spics, old-school thugs. Me, I'm a businessman. I like Armani suits, I surf the net. I want to be lost in oblivion. What makes you think I want your fucking forgiveness?

Now, Shirley, don't cuss. You come in here all high and mighty deciding to free me of my guilt? Well, Zeke, I don't feel guilty. I did what l had to do, and unlike you, at least my balls were big enough.

You came to console me? Well, I've got a little consolation prize for you. You and the chanteuse ought to go ahead and have yourselves another child, because when Katie died, you didn't lose a child. Your father raped me. That child was his seed. Works of Mercy [4. Mercy is the compassion we feel for someone else's misfortune. Mercy compels us to alleviate that misfortune.

Mercy is a child of charity, but the sister of justice because both are about the invisible link that exists between people. Mercy is spontaneous because misery is involuntary. An extraordinary experience watching the life fade from someone's eyes. Even as he was dying, Hernandez's instinct was to kill me for killing him. Survival meant less to him than revenge. The warden is correct. I have served in many correctional facilities, but what he didn't say was that, like most of you, I come from the streets.

I'm not some candy-ass, white liberal looking to turn you into better citizens. I intend to meet with each of you individually, but until that time, keep one principle in mind: You only see the world as black and white. Trust me, life is gray, as gray as these fucking walls. Shirley, do you have any thoughts as the hour approaches? Of course I have thoughts, how could I not?

Would you share them with us? I'm wondering why anyone cares what my thoughts are. Sure as hell didn't care when my husband was drunk and beat me or when my father-in-law raped me. No, it wasn't until I killed my daughter, till I did something horrific that what I think matters.

All I wanted was for someone to pay attention, and now that you finally are, I see that my life, then or now, isn't worth shit. Oh, if I say shit, you can't use this, right? I'm not supposed to say, shit, on the air, am I? The criminal mind-- For the past years, scientists, sociologists and other folks who fret about such things, have debated whether a person commits a violent act because of their environment or their biological makeup.

What turns on the red crime light in a man's brain? Can we end violence now and forever?

oz beecher and kellers relationship goals

Beecher hasn't been out of his cell for two solid days. He just lies in his bunk sobbing like a wuss. That's what's truly elegant about this plan of mine. We don't physically touch Beecher, and yet the damage done is far more hideous. It's funny, I can't cry. I don't have any more tears left. Like in everything else, society searches for the magic bullet-- the easy answer, 'cause the more complex the answer is, the more terrified we become. Is the root of violence much deeper, much darker?

How about pure evil? Maybe we human creatures are inherently evil. Maybe evil is ingrained, embedded in our souls. Flip Wilson used to joke, The Devil made me do it. Maybe he was right. A Word to the Wise [4. Chucky, are you afraid of dying? Put it out, now! Or I'm coming in there. Four marriages, I never had any kids, so I don't know dick about parenting, but you, fuck, you deserve some sort of prize. One son, you give him drugs knowing he'll OD.

The other you set up for lethal injection. You're father of the fucking year, but you know what the best news is? When both your sons are dead, that'll be the end of it, 'cause you ain't making any more children. So that when you die, your name dies with you. Everything you are dies when you do. And the world'll be a better place. I do things different here in Oz than the way we worked on the street.

For instance, when I want someone dead, I never grease them myself. I always-- I always talk someone else into doing the deed for me. I make them believe the person I want dead is their enemy. That way the kill can't be traced back to me. You got, what, seven years till parole? You think you'll go the distance? Sure, I'll get out. You keep believing that, Patrick. You know how I said that I always get someone to kill for me?

Well in your case, I'm gonna make an exception. A Town Without Pity [4. Look, I said I'd protect you from Keller. Jesus, I thought the Jews were supposed to be tough. That's just the Israelis. I'm going to take that shot again. I told him you got to watch that red meat. I prefer to be happy, but self-hate will do in a pinch. You know, farmland, hillsides, forests.