Page of cups love and relationship

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page of cups love and relationship

A great love card in your Tarot reading, the Page of Cups indicates that you have Have you been operating on a hunch and finding your way in a relationship. When it comes to love and relationships, the Page of Cups tarot card brings luck and good news. If you're curious why, read on the rest of the. How to Interpret 'Cup Cards' in a Relationship Reading Cups- Both a Joy and Pain in Look for Pages and other pregnancy cards such as the Empress, Nine of.

Feeling the love and joyful emotions drain from your heart and soul. Feeling overwhelmed by strong emotions. Shedding buckets of tears. Deep disappointment and upset in love.

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You may feel dreadfully disillusioned as a once promising relationship flounders. News, gossip or rumor that causes upset.

page of cups love and relationship

A break up text, phone-call, email or text. Weddings, engagements called off. Where fertility or conception is concerned there may be problems. Miscarriages can occur, but other cards in the spread would need to support this. Drowning your sorrows with alcohol. Also question any new relationship that involves excess of any kind e.

May not be fully free to pursue a relationship. Say You Will be Mine! Feeling drawn to another. Forming a strong bond. Deciding to commit to each other.

Cups – Love and Romance Associations – Truly Teach Me Tarot

A relationship matures and deepens. You may be feeling all loved up and certainly only have eyes for each other at this stage.

page of cups love and relationship

You may only be realising that you are officially a couple as you spend more and more time together. There is a strong sense of mutual respect and equality in this relationship.

You have much to offer each other and understand that love involves give and take. Take note that this is a Stage Card and also carries the number 2. There may be a sense of playing the part or being caught up in a great romantic drama with heroes and heroines taking center stage.

You may feel unique in this and that no other has experienced a love like yours. You may be caught up in being newly engaged or planning for a wedding. With Stage Cards the act may not be sustainable or it may be far removed from reality. Is it too good to be true?

Only time will tell as this relationship is still in its infancy. With cards that carry the number 2, extremes of love can be experienced. Regardless of how wonderful this relationship may seem right now, remember that there is a You, Me and Us involved, not just an Us. Balance may be needed……. Yes, to happy couples and committing to each other.

Cups – Love and Romance Associations

Yes to successful proposals. Yes, to give and take. No, to wearing Rose Tinted Glasses, this is real life. A relationship fallen or pulled apart. Repulsion instead of attraction. Great unhappiness replaces joy. Break-ups, broken engagements, separation and divorce. He comes up with a myriad of different scenarios.

The Page of Cups can wear her heart on her sleeve. She is very sensitive and can cry easily. She will cry over spilt milk, other times she cries for those around her.

Pages love deeply and without boundaries. Their love is quite unconditional, but it's also immature. It can signal puppy love or a crush.

page of cups love and relationship

Page of Cups as a Message The Page of Cups can signal writing an apology or letter about someone you love. It can signal any kind of love letter. The Page of Cups is usually an offer of some kind. Usually a sweet, heart felt offer. Page of Cups in Love The Page of Cups would like nothing better than to sit around and daydream about love.

The Page of Cups in love idealizes what it means to be in love.

Page of Cups Tarot Card and its Meaning

They maybe very romantic and dreamy often writing, acting or expressing themselves in artistic forms. If the Page of Cups comes up in regard to a romantic question, you will probably be receiving or sending messages related to matters of the heart.

It is most likely the start of a new romance, or in the very least, the idea of a new romance. It can mean that a younger person will figure in your romantic relationship. Now, before you raise your eyebrow and start declaring what a ridiculous thought that is, remember that love knows no age. Especially if he looks like Zac Efron, and has the cool accent of Chris Hemsworth. Everybody deserves a chance, so let this one have a shot.

page of cups love and relationship

You just might really hit it off! The Page of Cups in love also signals your transition from the person who has a playful attitude towards love and relationships to a person who wants something real and long lasting. One year of pining away for that guy who lives down the hall is a long time. Stop daydreaming about the exotic places you will visit for each anniversary, the Bali-inspired apartment you will purchase in the city, or the babies you will make together.

Get out, knock on his door, and ask him out. If he says yes, good for you! If he says no, good for you, too!