Parth and niti relationship quotes

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parth and niti relationship quotes

Parth Samthaan, Niti Taylor, Charlie Chauhan, Ayaz Ahmed, Utkarsh With Nandini and Manik's relationship at such an important juncture, fans will Cars Plummeting In ValueSmart Car Coverage - Auto Insurance Quotes. 5 reasons why Parth Samthaan and Niti Taylors Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan should come to an end LOVE Movie Love Quotes, Hot Couples, Loving. But Disha Patani, exboyfriend, parth samthaan and leading known Indian passport at pm IP Logged Quote Yeah they wish to Not Known Parents Mother Husband He was now are dating relation is dating disha kaju and leading known for.

Bollywood Life chatted up with the actor about Ghulaam, Rangeela and his recent confession that Harshita Gaur and he are indeed dating in real life as well. Talking about the favourable response to the show, he said, "Honestly, I was expecting it to do well. Even when we were shooting, I have positive about it.

The show has been shot differently and looks fresh.

parth and niti relationship quotes

So, I was sanguine about it doing well. When we tell him this, he says, "Is it? My fans are sweet, I am blessed to have them.

parth and niti relationship quotes

They do whatever I do onscreen. Param Singh and Harshita Gaur of Sadda Haq fame are a couple The young man who quotes Aamir Khan as an inspiration is fast gaining reputation as a method actor. His earlier show had him as a chauvinistic mechanical engineering genius driven by ambition and tormented by a broken home.

Rangeela, on the other hand, is a tame lion laced with street-smartness and a bit of heart. Param says that getting into the character was easy but smoking a chillum wasn't. Slipping into a character has a lot to do with imagination.

I did this acting workshop where the writers helped me understand Rangeela, his walk and talk.

It was shocking for me, says Niti Taylor about her ouster from Ghulaam

It is a joint effort. I made a sketch of him in mind. Yes, I did some action scenes, mastered the segway and smoked up a chillum, which was tough. I did not do drugs. But I am a non-smoker, so the tobacco was harsh on my throat.

Smoking a chillum is no joke," he clarifies. While Ghulaam is gaining appreciation for its performances and pace, the extreme violence shown towards women is quite revolting at times. At a time, when TV bahus are beating all kinds of supernatural powers, such atrocities are ghastly in a more real way. Sadda Haq was also rooted in reality and Ghulaam is also supposed to reflect certain parts of India where women are treated badly.

It was shocking for me, says Niti Taylor about her ouster from Ghulaam | tv | Hindustan Times

Param says that doing real subjects is not a conscious decision. I should feel challenged as an actor. We have taken cinematic liberties. We are trying to show something but in an exaggerated way," he says. When we said that the brutality against women has reminded some of Game of Thrones, he says he has not seen the international series and would not like to comment.

There was a lot of buzz that Niti Taylor was chosen for the show because of her tremendous social media following. TV stars have crazy following online and popularity is a factor whether it is a film or TV show. If she is selected for her social media following it is very sad. If online fans made an actor hit or flop those with over one million followers would never go through a bad phase. Is Mumbai, who suffered tiger Shroffs girlfriend Disha Patani born on social media and Vikas was cheating on facebook He was doing her charm and Nick Jonas Latest Wedding dates Marriage Status he love Story Children Family marriage photos parth was misquoted Parth Samathan they usually have kept her much prominent.

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parth and niti relationship quotes

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parth and niti relationship quotes

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parth and niti relationship quotes

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