Pauly d and jwoww relationship trust

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pauly d and jwoww relationship trust

'Jersey Shore' Tea-Shirt Time: Ronnie Baby Mama Drama Ends In relationship with baby mama Jen Harley, who he said he didn't trust. 'I would have to say that this is the craziest we ever went,' the reality star says about reuniting with her cast mates for Jersey Shore: Family. JWoww fought with The Situation, then with Pauly D, who picked a And as for Sammi and Pauly D? Their on-off relationship is back off Situation and Snooki watch in the series 2 finale of Jersey Shore 'It hurts because I've been very close to Jenny and now she's like I can't trust anyone in the house".

She reached out to Jen -- not her costar -- following the Instagram explosion to make sure she and the baby were okay.

pauly d and jwoww relationship trust

In a way, they formed a bit of a friendship. Jenni knew if Ron found out, he would flip. View Story The gang of guidos and guidettes then all got the chance to meet Baby Ariana, because Ronnie's baby mama lives in Vegas. Nicole cried, Vinny melted and Mike caught baby fever.

Then Jen and the baby jetted off to Oklahoma, but before she left, she assured Jenni she had not told Ronnie they had been talking.

pauly d and jwoww relationship trust

At this point, the group was still walking on eggshells regarding their relationship, but no one knew just how bad things really were. At dinner, Jenni aired her grievances with the group about their lack of participation in the Mother's Day video.

She then took five shots and felt it was a good time to let Ron know she had been talking to Jen. Surprisingly, Ron was somewhat okay with it? Fast-forward to Drai's nightclub -- Jenni fell asleep in the cabana because she drank a whole bottle of tequila. Snooki took her home, leaving the boys to fend for themselves.

pauly d and jwoww relationship trust

Ronnie behaved himself beautifully, as did Mike. Pauly and Vinny ended up smashing two Canadian girls. What has Ronnie spiraling? When the guys ran into Roger on the boardwalk last week, and Jenni had no idea he was there, that's when the problem started. This week we saw it fester. Advertisement At the heart of the problem was the fact that JWoww let one of the biggest relationship killers enter the scene -- insecurity. Roger has proved time and again to be a great guy, but she couldn't help but channel Sammi and feel slighted by him for not putting her first in the relationship.

Instead of talking about it maturely, however, she just got pissy and hung up on him.

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More from The Stir: Somewhere Out There, Snooki's Mom Is Crying Hey, it happens to the best of us, but watching it happen to someone else, you just want to shake her out of it, and scream, You're driving away a great guy! And Roger is no pushover. When Vinny and Pauly D ran into him at the gym, he let them know he was over her attitude. Basically, she was the cast's Big Brother, constantly keeping an eye on the shenanigans happening one story below. In addition to the cameras inside the home, Salsano also set up cameras all the way down the Seaside Heights boardwalk up until the ferris wheel.

The entire town was wired, catching the cast's every move. Everyone hated Snooki until she got punched YouTube Snooki is undeniably the most beloved meatball in the Jersey Shore house, aside from the ones served with Sunday family dinners. Since the very first season, the star was painted as a good-hearted, fun-loving party animal with a penchant for pranks excusing the occasional drunken brawl.

In real life though, the cast wasn't as friendly to their little sis as you'd think. They hated her so much that she wanted to leave the show at the very start of filming.

pauly d and jwoww relationship trust

Well, tragedy brought the Jersey Shore family together. In the fourth episode of the first season, Snooki was assaulted by a male bar patron after ordering shots for her roommates. It was the punch heard round the MTV universe and aired it exactly once during a teaser at the end of the second episode.

It was nice that they listened, because my dad was really, really upset about it. At one point, Snooki was one of the few cast members who was friendly with everyone on the show well, except for Angelina.

Brad Ferro, the thenyear-old man who did the punching, was charged with assault and spent six months on probation. They actually had to earn their keep because the producers wanted to capture the real experience of somethings spending their summer at a shore house.

To make things super authentic, the cast worked at the Shore Store, a t-shirt shop on the boardwalk, and they eventually made pretty good money. However, the extra cash wasn't the only totally unrealistic aspect of their employment, as the stars were allowed to be terrible employees.

Why Jersey Shore is totally fake

In fact, the Situation would have probably been fired if MTV didn't have a hand in things. He'd rather think of a million excuses not to do stuff.

He'll just wander around in circles. It's a real talent.

'Jersey Shore' Tea-Shirt Time: Ronnie Baby Mama Drama Ends In JWoww Screaming Match

He's by far the worst person to work with. It was so convincing that many of us questioned how the heck the biggest reality stars on the planet — and the probably biggest scene-causers in the world — could slide along the boardwalk unnoticed. The truth is that they couldn't. Sure, the cast managed to fly under-the-radar during the first season, but, by the time the series ended, MTV was struggling to keep up the front. According to producer SallyAnn Salsano, there was between 1, and 3, people following the cast around every time they left the house.

A security tent was erected next the home and police monitored the property at all times.

pauly d and jwoww relationship trust

Barricades were set up to keep fans away, but they only served as a resting place for paparazzi hoping to catch a glimpse.

Eventually, producers stopped allowing the cast to go out on the balcony altogether.

Jenni ‘JWoww’ Farley returns to Jersey Shore ‘humbled’ by family life but still ready to party

Salsano only let them in if they pretended to be real customers and didn't talk about the show. None of the cast's boardwalk trips were spontaneous Getty Images The cast of the Jersey Shore usually took hours getting ready for a night out. According to the girls of the show, they spent two or three hours glamming up before t-shirt time, and Pauly D's blowout took a solid 25 minutes on it's own.

Normally, production had plenty of warning when a castmate was going to leave the house, but, even if they didn't, it was required nonetheless. Despite the seemingly spontaneous Meatball Day that time Cortese and Snooki randomly got tanked on the boardwalk in the early afternooncastmates were required to give an hour's notice anytime they wanted to leave the house.