Peyton list and zachary gordon relationship

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peyton list and zachary gordon relationship

Peyton List and Zachary Gordon photos, news and gossip. Find out more about Relationship Type, On-Screen. Zachary Gordon is an American actor. Relationship with Peyton List Zachary and Peyton co-starred in the films Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules and Diary of. Who doesn't know Zachary Gordon? The year-old cutie's been lighting up the screen as everyone's favorite wimp Greg Heffley in the Diary Of A Wimpy Kid.

However, it doesn't explain the popularity of the stories' translation into live-action movies.

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Hence we have this hastily produced sequel which should match its predecessor's success, judging from its early box office figures in the US. Advertisement This time year-old Greg Heffley Zachary Gordon is entering year 7 with his best friends, Rowley Robert Capronwho is tubby and accident-prone, and Chirag Karan Braran Indian boy even smaller and more loquacious than Greg himself.

When Greg sets his sights on pretty, blonde Holly Peyton Listthe new girl at school, Chirag is the first to dull his optimism. She would never look at a loser like him - or any of their trio, he tells him. But Greg goes on hoping, in between dealing with his other problems, most of which involve the flak he takes as a middle child.

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Rodrick Devon BostickGreg's teenage brother, has appointed himself his chief tormentor. When Susan starts bribing the brothers to spend more time together in the hope they might learn to like each other, Rodrick predictably regards this as a licence to intensify Greg's punishment.

Most parents in Hollywood family movies and sitcoms are at least moderately stupid.

peyton list and zachary gordon relationship

It seems to be an intrinsic part of the package and some manage to make comic capital out of it. Not Zahn and Harris. He seems to have lost the feel for goofy humour that saw him through the early part of his career, and while she excels at being irritating, it's a gift with a short shelf life.

peyton list and zachary gordon relationship

Frank thinks that Greg Zachary Gordon should spend his time outdoors, playing sports, and doing activities that will build up their father-son relationship.

Greg and Rowley play their first tennis match.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules

Most of the film is made up of episodic slapstick comedy, where Greg manages to get himself in embarassing situations that work themselves into even more humiliating results. A typical example is when Greg loses his swim trunks at the country club swimming pool and a girl refuses to give them back. Instead of explaining what happened Greg gets himself into greater trouble, ending up high diving without them.

peyton list and zachary gordon relationship

Or when he and Rowley set up a tennis match with Holly and her friend, even though they have never played before. The two boys are lucky to survive the serves lobbed at them, but luckily this time Greg ends up getting some tennis tutoring from Holly.

peyton list and zachary gordon relationship

Greg is going off for a weekend with Rowley and his parents. Each of the vignettes that make up the film do have lessons in life for Greg. Greg gets sent home early, now considered a bad influence on Rowley.

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Greg and the other members of Scout Troup 42 at Camp Wilderness. Several of the vignettes in the story have to do with interactions between Greg and his father.

When his father arranges for Greg to have an internship with his company, Greg lies and says that he is an intern at the country club, so he can be near Holly. Eventually this is discovered, leading to more humiliation for Greg.

peyton list and zachary gordon relationship

Steve also takes Greg on trips. One is to a Civil War battle enactment, and Greg is forced to march down a muddy path with the troops. Later Greg goes to a scout camp where his troop is in competition with another troop, more experiened in the woods it would seem. But later it is discovered that the other troop leader is a phony, pretending to live off the land, but in actuality living with all kinds of amenities not found in the wild.