Rachel and ivy relationship with god

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rachel and ivy relationship with god

Title: Breathe You In Fandom: The Hollows Pairing: Rachel / Ivy Rating: R (for the one to end Ivy's unnatural relationship with the witch who kept him in jail. .. “ Oh god.” Ivy moaned, her eyes shifting quickly to black and then back to hazel. And I think that Ivy and Rachel were perfect for each other. chemestriy between them, I found Ivy's and Nina's relationship too implausible and like a quick I mean god forbid she be bi put her with a murdering psychopath!. in Paris that Nick and the relic must be rescued from a werewolf with a god- complex, Jax, Nick, and the relic are all retrieved, but in the process Rachel learns of and Ivy can find a nonsexual blood balance; how her intense relationship.

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That said, I wish there had been a fourth book. There was so much going on in this one that its pace was ponderous at times and all the viewpoint shifts leaving off one thread to pick up another could get distracting.

A few spots felt under-developed as a result.

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Nothing about the book felt into dislike for me whether characters or their stories. I don't wish to give the impression that I didn't enjoy this book.

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I did and was deeply vested in the outcome for all my favorite Ivy Hill residents and the new ones. I confess that I've been impatient with Jane over Gabriel for some time so I was glad circumstances pushed her along and got her off the fence in spite of her fear. I found the confrontation Jane finally had to have with her past was an interesting and realistic layer to add to her life.

Mercy's situation was rather complicated and I felt so badly for her. She gives up her school and refuses probably her last big opportunity to marry well in her parents' eyes because she couldn't countenance a marriage of convenience. She wants to marry for love, but the man she is interested in has given her no sign and seems to put her on a pedestal out of his own reach because she is scholarly and he works with his hands. I happily appreciated seeing couples I was rooting for find their way to happiness.

But, this wasn't just a good historical romance.

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This book also addresses historical stigmas about illegitimacy, class differences, and views on mixed marriages which I enjoyed seeing teased out in thought-provoking ways. Then, there is the religious themes running through the book of God's goodness through times of trial, people who made mistakes and seek forgiveness, and people overcoming their pasts and changing for the better.

All in all, it was a satisfying- if bulky- wrap up to a great series. I can see where there is room left for more at a future date while still bringing all major storylines to a fabulous finish.

rachel and ivy relationship with god

Cassie last edited Feb 09, And I think that Ivy and Rachel were perfect for each other. I know everyones big complaint was the Ivy was needy.

I mean honestly compared to Rachel who is the more needy of them, really? Rachel could barely stand on her to feet without some ones helps.

rachel and ivy relationship with god

Ivy was kickass powerful with a need for love. And Rachel was a weak ass earth witch who made choice with her heart and not brain.

rachel and ivy relationship with god

They balanced each other Ivy was the sword and Rachel was the magic and Jenks the mirror. Ivy fixed Rachel and Rachel fixed Ivy, and who gets the prize? Rachel did what she wanted and Ivy picked up the pieces, Ivy did what she wanted and Rachel picked up the pieces. They understood each and by the end they were working amazing together without the fall out.

rachel and ivy relationship with god

The scene where they took out the coven it was like the finally they figured it out. And then I think about Trent and what he did for her to make her a better person, I come up empty.

rachel and ivy relationship with god

And I tried to force myself to like Trent so that I could continue reading without gagging. But he locked her in cage, put her in a ring to fight to the death 1st attempt to killhunted her down like an animal 2nd attempt, which severely traumatized the women if you've forgottenslammed her head into a tombstone 3rd attemptblackmailed her, killed in front of her, lied, cheated, and a released demon in my hometown Las Vegas, I loved Margaretville that killed thousands of innocents, oh yeah and he abducted his kid from her MOM, it what universe is that okay?

In what universe is any that okay to do someone you love?