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Te-Te Riddick is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Te-Te Riddick and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes. The odd surrogate father/child relationship budding between Riddick and Jack ended abruptly when Riddick left her with the Imam Abu al-Walid on New Mecca. In The Chronicles of Riddick, he manipulates Coombs' crew into wasting more physical than Kyra, it's as though Riddick has met his match.

In Alice In Borderlandone of the members of the Beach, Suguru Niragi, attempts to rape Usagi when she tries to steal one of the Beach's cards and then he attempts to rape her again when he is seemingly losing with his team in a game known as King of Clubs. Soko from Ao no Fuuin experiences this multiple times. In the first Chapter Kashii tries to rape her, but she ultimately stops him by consuming him and leaving only his clothes behind.

Shortly after, Akira attempts to do this, but she gets away in time.

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Even later Akira tries this again when Soko refuses to sleep with him to lose her Soryu status because she feels responsible for the rise of the Oni, but she stops him again. In Attack on TitanMikasa 's backstory has her almost sold as a Sex Slave as a child, by the same men who killed her parents; Eren saves her, rather violently killing one of the menand when the other was going to kill him, Mikasa picks up the knife and rescues him, starting her journey into stoic badassitude.

As a result, he's developed a Paralyzing Fear of Sexuality. Not a rare occurrence in Basilisk.

  • Attempted Rape

Yakushiji Tenzen tries this twice on Oboro and once on Kagerou. Azuki Rousai and Amayo Jingorou both try to rape Okoi. With this many attempts, it kind of makes you wonder, how nobody ever succeeds in finishing the job.

Casca has people try to rape her several times. The first attempt is stopped by Griffith, who then has Casca kill the would-be rapist herself. The second attempt is fought off by Casca herself, who kills her attackers, the third when the apostle Wyald tries to do her with his wacky manhood but she is saved by Guts, and the fourth when the crippled Griffith attempts to force himself on her but fails miserably.

She had some pretty close calls. She doesn't come out of it very well. It doesn't get easier for her afterward, as there are three more attempts, but luckily she was saved by the Child when some pagans tried to rape her, Guts when the Great Goathead tried to make her his " bride ", and then surprisingly, herself when she was almost gang raped by some bandits.

Riddick/Jack age difference

Also, Princess Charlotte has to fight off her own half-maddened father's attempt to rape her after her night with Griffith leads to him getting arrested and thrown in the dungeons to be put to the torture. This alienates her from her father to the point of disowning him and refusing to see him when he's on his deathbed, his health having seriously deteriorated because of the guilt of what he had done. Then there's that maddened, anthropomorphic possessed horse that tries to rape Farnese, which triggers a Flashback Echo in Guts to Casca's rape during the Eclipse and sets off his Berserk Button big time.

Hinako Aikawa, the female lead of the manga Bitter Virginexperiences an Attempted Rape midway through the series. She is rescued by male lead Daisuke. It is because of this action does she realize not all men are like said rapist. A high school girl goes to Black Jack for surgery on her throat. After failing to observe the rest period after the surgery, it looks like her only chance to speak again is if she stays quiet for a full year, at which point he'd give her a synthetic vocal box.

As she takes this challenge, word gets around that she won't scream or say anything, prompting several guys to take advantage of the situation and try to rape her. She saves herself by throwing her school bag across the road, attracting the attention of several passerbys. Another story has Black Jack operate on a girl who gained a huge amount of weight because of a medical condition. After the surgery, she goes back to her original appearance. At this point, her boyfriend who dumped her because he didn't want her after she became unattractive and fat tries to get back together with her.

When she turns him down, he tries to rape her. She's saved when Black Jack steps in and throws several syringes and scalpels at him.

In Brave10this happens several times, most often to Ana including in her introduction, but also to Kakei when he battles Oukatsu, and Isanami gets threatened on one occasion as well. In Cage of Edenit seems that if you're a girl, this trope follows you around like a lost puppy. Kusuru-sensei, Oomori and Rion were almost raped, and the rest of the girls Instead of killing him, the magic dagger cleanses his heart of evil. A backstory chapter in Challengers reveals that Souichi's homophobia was caused by almost being raped by one of his male professors.

Morinaga came to his rescue, which might have set up a Rescue Romance for the two However, four or five years later the two do get a romance in The Tyrant Falls in Lovealthough Souichi finds it hard coming to terms with his homosexuality for a long time and generally likes to pretend That Didn't Happen.

Jack B. Badd

Miaka from Fushigi Yuugi has to deal with so many rape attempts it practically defies rational explanation that the act is never fulfilled. Ogilviean antiques dealer. Riddick was caught soon after and secured in one of the ship's holds. While Fry was trying to interrogate Riddick, Jack sneaks in and asks him how he got his eyes.

Riddick tells the steps, beginning with murder, something she says she's willing to do. As she searched an underground cave for Zeke's remains she discovered that it was not Riddick who killed him, but creatures indigenous to the planet. As the creatures closed in around Fry, Jack heard her and rallied the rest of the survivors to save her. Jack adopted several of Riddick's traits, shaving her head, wearing old broken goggles, and using profanity to mimic her new hero.

As they are leaving the planet, Jack asks what they should say if they run into bounty hunters or other law enforcers asking where to find Riddick. He died somewhere on that planet. Although the criminals are frozen, they are still alive and conscious. To her Riddick is the ultimate "masterpiece" for her collection. Riddick, Jack, and Abu al-Walid must fight their way through an army of mercs and creatures at her disposal.

This discovery is clearly a source of worry for Riddick and Abu al-Walid as the three escape from the mercenary ship. It is during this time that a seventeen year old Jack takes on the name "Kyra". Whether this is her real name or a nom de guerre is a mystery. When they're reunited on Crematoria she tells Riddick briefly about what has happened to her during the five years since they last spoke. She mentions that she joined the mercenaries on the planet Lupus 5which appears to be barren and over-industrialized and contains a well-developed space transportation industry.

It is possibly a merc recruiting hotspot. Kyra eventually became a criminal, convicted of 4 counts of manslaughter and 3 first degree murders. Her first kill was Antonia Chillingsworth, commander of the merc vessel Kublai Khan. The connection was there, even the chemical reaction despite my age.

We became friends, although I my feeling were more along the attraction line than just the filial line. But he was just friendly, we had a laugh and a joke and talked etc. The power balance had shifted to more the middle rather than just tilted in his favour.

We did have a slight romance but weren't together long for various 'normal' relationship reasons. However, to deny the possibility of a relationship developing, especially given the circumstances and character backgrounds, would be denying something I had myself experienced. Especially if they get separated for a few years and he reappears in her life when she's older.

In my situation, we never got separated, I grew up under his nose as it were. That would be a bit more on the squicky side, if you think about it, because when people are separated, then reunited, the changes are much more apparent.

As mature as you are at 16, the power balance is still too much in favour of the older person. To emphasize that, I had a relationship with an older man from late 15 to early He was 32, so twice my then age.

Looking back, I was very naive, despite being mature for my age. The power was in his hands, more so than mine. We mature faster than boys, that's a given, but often we're our own worst enemies and can jump headlong into things thinking we're okay then find ourselves out of our depths. A sexual attraction from a 15 year old girl to an older man, may suit her for the time being, but it's unlikely as she gets older she'll have respect for him.

Of course, there are exceptions to the rule as always. And some girls mature slower, some even faster. Everything needs to be decided on merit, but that's my tuppence worth. It still seemed weird to me after she was of age.

But then I read Ardath's Apprentice, and it was so tastefully done and eased into it so well, after that, it just seemed right. So I think if people aren't sure, there are definately ways to ease into it.

Basically I'd say that if something makes you uncomfortable, don't read it. I wonder, do we even know Jack and Riddick's ages? Are they revealed in the movie anywhere? Or are we basing them on the ages of their actors?

Cause thats how it appears to me