Root and shaw relationship memes

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root and shaw relationship memes

Root and Shaw's relationship is one of the best on TV. .. above, I have only scraped the tip of the iceberg from those party quotes/preview. Fuck Yeah Root and Shaw . And maybe through this episode, Shaw realizes where her heart lies. PoI Meme | nine characters [4/9]. potcpoi. Anonymous said: root and shaw for ! Anonymous. (From this meme!) When I started shipping it if I did: I started really shipping them in Death Benefit!.

The two walk off and share a smile. Root learns about the attempt on Shaw's life and drives up on her motorcycle as soon as Shaw escapes the store. Root is adamant that Shaw get to safety, telling her that people care about her, but Shaw is determined to help Reese, who is tangled up with Elias and the Brotherhood.

Root seemingly agrees and manhandles Shaw out of frustration, but leads Shaw to an abandoned bingo hall and sedates her with a syringe in the neck. The episode depicts different simulations run by the Machine regarding possible outcomes for different methods of Root, Finch, Reese, and Fusco handling the threat at the New York Stock Exchange, while Shaw is stuck on a subway car with a suicide bomber.

The second simulation shows Root knowing she is about to die, and calling Shaw for one last conversation: Skip the verbal foreplay, Root, why're you calling? Can't a couple of gals take a little break from work to catch up? I've been arrested and you're fighting an AI apocalypse so no, we don't have time to catch up. There's no need to be rude. I am not having this conversation right now. There's no time like the present, Sameen. Why are you so afraid to talk about your feelings?

I'm a sociopath, I don't have feelings. And I'm a reformed killer for hire.

root and shaw relationship memes

We're perfect for each other. You're gonna figure that out someday. If you and I were the last two people on the face of this planet- Root: An increasingly plausible scenario, given Samaritan's plans.

Maybe someday, when Samaritan wipes everyone out You're saying maybe someday? Yeah, sure Root, maybe someday. Is that good enough for you? That's good enough for me.

Root & Shaw Captains - Amy Acker - Sarah Shahi - "I want to be her when I grow up"

The third simulation features the Machine running a simplified simulation, in which the dialogue is broken down into descriptions of character-typical interactions: Transparent rationale for conversation. Annoyed attempt to deflect subtext. Mildly embarrassed defensiveness, bordering on hostility. The Machine ultimately selects an option which was shown as having a less than two percent chance of success, as time ran out before the simulation could be finished. The four team members in the Stock Exchange become cornered by Samaritan operatives after successfully averting the financial crisis, with Reese having been shot in the back and Root having been grazed.

Root calls Shaw and appears to begin her final conversation with Shaw from the second simulation, but Shaw appears, having gotten explosives from the subway bomber, and the team's chances of survival skyrockets as shown on one of the Machine's graphical overlays. She and Root give the others cover fire as they make their way to the elevator, and Root pressed up against Shaw's back as they move brings up the topic of their relationship again: We're so good at this together.

You're gonna realize that someday.

root and shaw relationship memes

You're hot, you're good with a gun. Those are two qualities I greatly admire. But you and me together would be like a four alarm fire in an oil refinery. The team gets to their escape elevator, but the controls fail to work. Shaw spots an override button across the hallway and says that someone needs to get to the button. Root tries to prevent Shaw from leaving, but Shaw shrugs out of Root's grip. Upon turning around and looking at Root, Shaw sighs, shakes her head, and pulls Root in for a kiss before shoving her backward, leaving the elevator, and locking the freight door behind her.

Shaw engages the button and gets shot twice in the abdomen, and Root looks on in horror, screaming and crying as the doors close and the last thing she sees is Martine aiming a gun at Shaw's head. The two are nearly killed in the search, and the woman they are tracking turns out not to be Shaw. Reese and Finch resign themselves to giving up the search for Shaw, but Root tearfully begs the Machine for an answer about whether Shaw is alive or dead. The Machine calls her to tell her to stop, and Root goes off on her own.

The audience learns that Shaw is still alive at the end of episode 13, but the rest of the team remains ignorant. After a lengthy time on her own, she rejoins Finch and Reese, at one point nearly choking Martine to death when they run into her on a mission [25].

Ultimately she receives a call from Shaw saying she needs her help. Finch says it's a trap, and Root acknowledges it but is determined to go after Shaw anyway. The two trace the call to a psychiatric facility in New York and infiltrate the building, but it is soon revealed to be Samaritan's headquarters.

Root discovers the room Shaw had been staying in, including the blood-stained coat she had been wearing at the Stock Exchange, and catches sight of Shaw from the window being led into a van outside.

Martine taunts Root about "her little girlfriend" telling Martine about Root's cochlear implant and threatens Finch. Root snaps Martine's neck and Samaritan threatens her and Finch's lives if the Machine does not reveal her location. Shaw is last seen in the front passenger's seat of the van, being driven to an unknown location.

Shaw first reappears to the audience in episode 4 as Samaritan's prisoner. Shaw's interactions with Samaritan and their simulations are shown in episodes 4, 6, 7, and 8.

While initially Shaw appears to escape in episode four and reunite with Root and the rest of the teamit it ultimately shown to be a simulation meant to trick Shaw into telling Samaritan when the team and The Machine are located - something that she has failed to do at least 6, times. This reaches Shaw just in time, and she begins to plan her escape. In episode 8, Shaw finally escapes from where Samaritan is holding her which is revealed to be in South Africashooting Lambert despite his efforts to convince her it is all a simulation.

As Shaw drives away, a news report on the radio refers to events the rest of the team was dealing with - confirming this it is in fact reality. I read your file, and I'm kind of a big fan. So, I really don't want to hurt you. I just need the name. You really have no idea what you're caught up in, do you?

Who you're actually working for. Did you honestly think the source of the numbers was Guantanamo? Some sad taxi driver rotting away in a cage somewhere? I mean, you should know torture almost never produces good information. Sadly, we are on a bit of a clock. Wilson's men started looking for Veronica here three hours ago. Now, Aquino was hired to build a home for something very special. Something I want to find.

One of the things they left out of my file: I kind of enjoy this sort of thing. I'm so glad you said that.

Root's phone rings Oh, and just when we were starting to really connect. Their first scene together. Shaw wakes up in a car with Root, ziptied to the steering wheel Root: The tasing, the drugging, or whatever this is?

I had to make sure you'd hear me out. She needs our help and I figured you wouldn't come willingly. The Machine's given me a mission, and step one is to team up with you. Besides, the Machine gives missions to Harold and the government. Relevant, irrelevant, why would it be talking to you? Because now there's a third category. And my relationship with the machine is a little As for trust issues, I'm happy to take the first step.

This is the part where you give me one good reason to believe anything you say. You took a road trip with your father to watch the Houston Oilers play the Philadelphia Eagles. March 1st Photos Credit: Also, did they mention a love scene between the two? Fuck you, CBS, again. Can these two work on projects together in the future? She Was Sorely Missed. Welcome to the fandom! If you are new to Person Of Interest and are wondering why Amy and Sarah seem so familiar to you, let me introduce you to the actresses: She takes the time to talk to you, she never stops smiling, and her positivity is infectious.

As many fans will tell you: My favorite role of hers has definitely been Sameen Shaw. I love the song as well.

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To answer my own question: Finch even mentions something very important to Root about her relationship with Shaw, which you can read about in the next section. Samaritan and its acolytes in Decima Technologies. When Root sees Shaw again for the first time since her capture by Samaritan, I will be bawling like a baby. Their first meeting was far from romantic almost deadlybut it has grown into something more throughout the seasons.

The entire quote as follows: Shoot scenes from Season Four, Episodes Credit: How Did Shoot Start? I do cover what some of the episodes are about if they feature important Shoot scenes. Missing even one episode will leave you lost — trust me.

Let the arm-flailing and shrieking begin! Before she became their direct link to TM, Root was quite the worthy adversary. As the plot unfolds, we later learn that Turing set everything up and is later revealed to be…Root!

“This Could Take All Night…” – Root & Sameen Shaw, PERSON OF INTEREST [‘Ship Spotlight]

The plot thickens as she kidnaps Finch to learn more about her god, the Machine, in the first two episodes of Season Two. We get some background story on her and the shadowy government outfit that she works for as a highly-trained assassin, ISA.

Only they can make possible future torture sexy. With a hood and zip-ties involved. Throw in a taser for a good time!

Reese went after HR, the corrupt organization of police officers and mobsters that were trying to control the city at the time, after their second-in-command Simmons murdered Team Machine ally Joss Carter. Of course, she and Reese expressed their feelings to each other and kissed, and that can never lead to good things.

Kissing on this show can lead to death. In the ensuing gun battle, Root is shot while Shaw looks on, concerned for her safety. Oh, those crazy kids! You can always expect some superb acting whenever Amy Acker and Michael Emerson are in the same scene, with lots of emotional moments shared between their characters.

They know how to have a fun time. Decima Technologies, the sinister and shady tech company that built Samaritan, is run by a really dastardly bastard named John Greer — an ex-spy with a dark past who wants to create a New World Order using Samaritan as their leader. Things only get more intense from this episode on for Team Machine and Shoot. Both teams are looking for their respective employers, who have been kidnapped by a Decima off-shoot known as Vigilance: These seven people pose the biggest threat to destroying or disabling Samaritan in some way, and they have to be protected at all costs.

Poor Shaw is stuck as a make-up saleswoman at a department store — her worst nightmare ever, though the five-finger discount on eyeliner is the only positive.

Root keeps checking up on Shaw, who is a bit annoyed by that but secretly likes it. Finch quickly adds that Shaw already knows. We can guess what Root wanted to say to Shaw. This was the first episode of POI that I watched after a phone call with my mom one evening.

connects it to root and shaw's relationship

Jump to this episode. So Fred from Angel is the gay hacker you mentioned? A great Team Machine episode with two of my favorite Shoot exchanges. The flirting obviously gets to Shaw a few times, but she tries her hardest to play it off in front of Tomas. She ends up sedating Shaw after tricking her, gently holding onto her as Shaw falls into a deep sleep.

There are several Shoot scenes in this episode as well: Finch stares her down and pointedly tells her: How did it slip by me before?