Ross and monica weird relationship

Friends: 22 Times Monica And Ross Were Bad At Being Siblings

ross and monica weird relationship

Monica wanting to know every detail about Ross and Rachel's first kiss? to have no respect for their relationship at all, even crashing Monica. Like, they openly talk about sex in front of one another. It's not weird to them when Ross is with Rachel and Richard is with Monica and they're. That would be the incestuously weird vibes Ross and Monica send one another. Ross mistook Monica for Rachel in a dark dorm room and kissed her on the .. men and women in how they discuss details on relationships.

This theory about Ross and Monica on Friends will blow your mind

Monica and Ross are related. Monica and Ross are brother and sister. Okay, it was apparently dark and it was college and Ross thought he was kissing Rachel but he was actually kissing Monica…but no, just…. That was an epic scene, why did they have to make it now gross? In the beginning, he was sweet and nerdy.

He was caring and you felt for him when he got divorced from his lesbian ex-wife, Carol. In the first season, you learn that Carol was the only woman he had ever been with and now Carol was going to have his child and in the midst of all of this, he had this crush on Rachel that had begun in high school.

It was all so sweet — but then that stopped. He became possessive and irrationally jealous. When Rachel finally got her dream job in fashion instead of acting supportive, he got upset that she was spending too much time at work and ended up setting fire to her desk after he showed up at her office on their anniversary.

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He became this crazy, jealous, no-longer-sweet Ross. He was icky and creepy and stalkery and weird. In addition, they also forgot about his first time being with Carol because we find out that Ross hooked up with the school librarian in high school. He becomes a different Ross. He even hooks up with one of his students.

ross and monica weird relationship

I miss the old Ross. He was just better. Phoebe Phoebe also becomes a completely different person from the beginning to the end of the series. At the start, she is a free-spirit and is always honest, but never cruel. She cares deeply about her friends, yet at the same time is often in her own little Phoebe world.

She became almost cruel to her friends. Chandler is not the only friend she is mean to though, she openly mocks each one of them at some point or another and comes across like she is better than all of them.

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It becomes uncomfortable watching her interact with the other friends. But Ross watches the whole thing go down and just gets angrier and angrier, until he's so upset that he runs across the street to confront them. It doesn't take that much time to confirm it, Ross. You know what sex looks like by now.

ross and monica weird relationship

Monica knows the exact date and year that you found out what sex looked like, too. Ramoray Dies", Ross and Rachel start getting in the mood at the exact same time as Monica and Richard.


This leads to Rachel and Monica having to battle it out for the last condom in their joint stash. Ross and Richard even come out of their respective bedrooms at point and shrug at each other as if to say, "Women, right?

ross and monica weird relationship

There should be no bigger mood killer than seeing your sister's boyfriend in his underwear. Monica would disgree with this fundamental truth, unfortunately.

Yet before Monica even knew about the tape, she wanted to know when Rachel and Ross had sex, how it happened, and how many times it happened. These are reasonable questions to ask your best friend about how she got pregnant.

Even if that is all Monica wants to see to prove a point, surely having her friends watch it will be enough for her. Chandler and Joey just want to know if there was tongue involved. Looking back, it's even weirder considering that most of the time Ross was with Rachel and Monica was with Chandler.

That's why it was such a big deal when Ross kissed Rachel for the first time. Well, he had thought they kissed before when he was in college, but we all know now that was Monica. Either way, this was the first kiss between the two that really counts. The show had a funny way of showing the difference between men and women in how they discuss details on relationships.

Of course, the women were way more passionate in their details. The weird part though was how into it Monica got. She even closed her eyes while Rachel was describing the kiss as if she were imagining it for herself. They kept things secret though for some time. This was partly because they weren't sure at first how long it would last and partly because they were afraid of what everyone else in the group would think.

Eventually, the others began to catch on to what was happening, with Ross being the last to know. He found out by spotting them from the window and then ran over to Monica's apartment to stop them.

ross and monica weird relationship

When he got there, he stared at them a little too long before yelling. Then, Chandler and Monica told him that they weren't just fooling around but that they loved each another.

ross and monica weird relationship

While this did soften the blow of Ross seeing the two of them together, most brothers would still be a little mad at their friend for getting it on with their little sister. Ross simply let all of his hostility go in a matter of seconds.