Ryuko and mako relationship quizzes

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ryuko and mako relationship quizzes

Mako Mankanshoku "Winning with friendship means winning at life! Mako will do whatever it takes to keep her relationship with Ryuko, even. MikiRyu. Dedicated entirely to Mikisugi Aikuro x Matoi Ryuko from Kill la Kill. . mako x gamagoori | Tumblr Kill A Kill, Electric Shock, Manga Couple, Anime. Take the test and find out which Kill la Kill lady is best suited for you! Is it the calculating ice queen, the hot blooded rebel, the happy go lucky.

Consider the opening of episode 4. Here, Ryuko has a nightmare involving Senketsu being chopped to bits. Compare, for instance, how she defends Mako in episode 2: Sooo, does this mean you wanna take her place? I kinda owe her for dinner and a bed. She always plays it rather impersonally, like a detached but undeniably badass hero.

In episode 1 she saves Mako without much of a word about it; same goes for the second time Ryuko rescues her in episode 2.

What the episode 5 bathroom scene also accomplishes, then, is mark a turning point in Ryuko. The intimate hug between them is given special focus, with Tsumugu thinking as he looks upon them: These two… care for each other? Which tells us that Ryuko actively displays her compassion towards Senketsu in such a manner that even the stubborn and thick-skinned Tsumugu gets it.

She stays true to her word and continues to cling to Senketsu, any embarrassment over her own kindheartedness be damned. Ryuko is considerably more relaxed with showing how she truly feels—for instance, note how much sweeter her rescue of Nagita in episode 13 is compared to her rescue of Mako in episode 2—but this is especially true when it comes to Senketsu.

Then of course we get the moment where she calls him her friend: You and I need to become even stronger. No, we CAN become even stronger. And she means it. That positive outlook of yours is what I love about you, Senketsu!

In episode 13, she pushes everyone away, but ultimately comes to confess everything on her mind to Senketsu, portrayed as such a big deal that the whole Mankanshoku family sans Mako peek in on it, full of anticipation.

Come episode 14, she gets pretty dang close to bawling in front of Aikuro of all people when she fears Senketsu dead: Of course I am. I… I lost Senketsu. One of my favorite moments between the two is the ironing scene in episode 6: So, as with any story, every scene should be there for a reason and serve a purpose.

ryuko and mako relationship quizzes

The only purpose this has is to emphasize Ryuko and Senketsu growing closer as friends, which does bring up some questions, like Why is this here? Or Why did Trigger dedicate time to this?

Well, it all goes back to what I said in the start. When confronted that their plan had indeed hurt him, she apologizes genuinely. Ultimately, this scene was written and storyboarded and animated to show that their relationship is not just a girl and her sailor uniform or a girl and a weapon, but friends that are becoming so close that even the hot-blooded protagonist is starting to let her guard down around him. Episode 7 continues this with a gentle scene in which Ryuko reveals to Senketsu her love of family dinners and opens up about her past to him before repeating the same information to both him and Mako in episode 8: What is so funny?

Lively dinners are a great thing. Mom died when I was young, and Dad sent me off to a boarding school.

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I always thought that was pretty ordinary. She sounds absolutely sweet as honey. And then the sweet tone vanishes as soon as the boys try to peep on her, but this only helps mark the moment as something really special. She may be a little slow about it, but Ryuko really is trying to let people into her heart. Your friend has finally started cheering for herself. It sure looks that way. Your pulse and respiration have returned to normal.

As previously mentioned, every scene should serve some sort of purpose in a story. Basically, that Ryuko has a real family now. It may just be one little line, but considering the emphasis the show places on family dinners, I see it as something worth discussing. In episode 4 she only comments about having made one for Mako, and in episode 5, Ryuko is notably lunchless while Mako is not. And the couple times these lunches are brought up, Ryuko is always exceedingly happy about them and absolutely pissed when club members destroy one in episode 7.

Note how long the show lingers on this shot of the lunch Sukuyo made for Ryuko before the Naturals Election: Is something the matter? When he notices how happy her newfound family makes her she lets him notice and smiles. I could really go on and on about this. When you heard what Satsuki had to say.

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You could have come out and told her so. Seriously, you are so obnoxious! But in my current condition, I am unable to transform into Life Fiber Synchronize mode. How do you intend to fight an opponent like Satsuki?

Queer la Queer: From Illogical Dedication to Misappropriation

Come episode 15, Ryuko and Satsuki have this discussion over their battle: Have you forgotten that you went on a rampage when you gave in to rage? Have you forgotten the rage in your heart that wants revenge for your father? The desire to take back my friend! To protect the friends that are precious to me! Pretty much the whole of episode 13 is spent sad and devastated due to this fact.

But Senketsu tells her: But when you were out of control, you did stop. Using your own willpower. That is why I am not frightened in the least.

Senketsu can literally see right through Ryuko, knowing her BMI and weight and respiration and heart rate and all sorts of things, but metaphorically, he also sees right through all the masks she covers her heart with. No, you really did get angry on my behalf, Ryuko. Ultimately, Ryuko easily and naturally lets Senketsu see who she is. She openly discusses her concerns with him and has multiple heart-to-hearts with him.

ryuko and mako relationship quizzes

She trusts him with the deepest parts of herself, more than anyone else in the series. Mostly, it stems from his unfortunate introductory scene, in which he forces himself onto Ryuko. Senketsu is highly loyal, respectful, and trusting of Ryuko, and denying that is to deny so much of what this series is about.

Fact is, Senketsu respects Ryuko. Which is just another reason why the two of them work so well together: Where Ryuko is brash and quick to anger, Senketsu is patient and understanding.

Whenever Ryuko goes through turmoil, Senketsu never pushes her; he waits and he helps her through it at her pace. Consider episode 13 again.

ryuko and mako relationship quizzes

Here, Senketsu tries to talk to Ryuko early on: She tells him to shut up: Not a word out of you. Only then does he say what he wants to say.

This is not Stockholm Syndrome. This is not forcing anyone to do anything. And this respect, combined with their trust and understanding of one another, makes for a pretty dang great relationship. But I want to add that the relationship is also very mutually beneficial. I have free will, and I can make myself understood by humans! Her relationship with Senketsu? She does all this thanks to meeting him. Ryuko opens up to Senketsu before anybody else.

She lets him see her at her most tenderhearted, and shows few qualms in letting anyone else know just how much she cares about him.

Ryuko discovers who she is through Senketsu, just as Senketsu discovers who he is through Ryuko. Many people are quick to dismiss the possibility of anything romantic between Ryuko and Senketsu, as though this somehow spoils their entire relationship.

Source You can view them all sorts of ways. Brother and sister, true partners, the best of lovers, a mixture of all three. I love a romance, and would have loved if they ended up having some big gooey lovefest at the very least, this would guarantee that their relationship be taken more seriously than it is now.

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And I could just go on and on about them. Every precious moment they share.

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How they have so much trust and how nothing can tear them apart, not even death. Although a brilliant scientist, Isshin was less adept at parenting, preferring to focus on his research over his daughter.

Living… in Honno City, six months after her father's death. Although never close to her father, when Isshin Matoi is murdered, Ryuko becomes determined to avenge his death. With one half of the Scissor Blade that killed her father and a sailor uniform that grants her immense power, she arrives at Honnoji Academy and challenges its dictatorial class president: This Scissor Blade was left behind by the person who murdered him. Now, you're going to tell me who this Scissor Blade belongs to, Satsuki Kiryuin!

ryuko and mako relationship quizzes

Although a high school, Honnoji Academy is run more like a military dictatorship, with everyone bowing to the all-powerful Student Council. Below Satsuki and her Elite Four, Honnoji operates on a hierarchy of "stars," with rank determined by how many stars a student's uniform carries. A no-star student currently, Ryuko must make her way through these ranks before finally facing Satsuki herself. Interests… pursuing her father's killer. Although a skilled fighter, Ryuko initially stands little chance against Satsuki's underlings, whose Goku uniforms infused with Life Fibers grant them supernatural strength.

Between battling Satsuki's minions and aiding the rebel faction Nudist Beach, Ryuko's schedule quickly fills up, though she still finds time to spend with her new best friend, Mako.