Saeko and takashi relationship trust

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saeko and takashi relationship trust

Saeko Busujima (毒島冴子, Busujima Saeko) is a student at Fujimi High School, that Saeko and Rei may have a professional or familial relationship, as it was. I hope he stays with Saeko, because a relationship with Rei will not work. . survival too since she trusts him and likewise Takashi wants Saeko. Explore Smooches Loveberry's board "Saeko Busujima" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about School of the dead, Manga anime and Anime high school.

As sheepish grin crossed his face as he rubbed the back of his head, "I'm sorry, Takashi-kun, it seems I forgot to turn the dryer on! It's 1am and the trains are about to stop running! You can sleep in the guest room you changed in. I don't mind heading home if you want me to.

I can sleep across my daughter's door! He had caught himself on his elbows and had not crushed her beneath him when they fell, but they were still pressed together. Kohta, his head beside hers, rose up slightly and muttered, "That's gonna leave a mark…" She looked toward him and froze when she realized their faces were only centimeters apart. She could feel his breath on her cheek.

Their eyes locked and they stared at each other for a few seconds, then Saya leaned up and kissed him. Kohta's eyes flew open as Saya's lips closed on his. Locked together for a minute, Kohta finally shut his eyes and responded to her. They pulled back and stared at each other before Kohta moved in for a second kiss.

Saya moaned as his soft lips pressed to her's. He sucked lightly on her bottom lip before brushing his tongue across it. She responded by extending hers and touching his lightly, deepened the kiss as she wrapped her arms around his neck. They held that position until they had to pull back, gasping for air. Kohta's eyes were wild as she brushed some rain from his face. She held his crutches as he struggled to his feet. They made it to the center of his room before they stopped and turned toward each other.

Kohta's eyes were still wild and he had trouble looking her in the face. He stuttered, "Sa…Saya I…I want to say I'm sorr…" he started before she raised her right hand and covered his lips with her fingers.

She leaned close to him and whispered. We did that together; don't apologize for it. Right now, I want you to go get in a hot shower and warm up. I'm going to take a bath and do the same. We'll talk about it tomorrow. She brushed his cheek with her fingers and whispered goodnight before she walked out the door.

Slipping in, Yuriko looked down at the soaking wet clothes on the floor. Frowning, she looked up at Saya, "Why are your things soaking wet, dear? Then I slipped and fell pulling Kohta down with me.

We were soaked before we could get up.

Saeko Busujima

Are both of you okay? You didn't hurt yourselves did you? Saya poked her bottom lip out, "No…but I…kissed him…" Yuriko looked at her for a second before asking, "By accident or did you mean to? Yuriko looked away trying to hide her smile. Turning back, she sat on the edge of the tub and looked down at her stressed-out daughter. She patted Saya on the head and asked, "Did you enjoy it?

And he was having trouble looking at me when I left! Now that you have gotten to know him better you regret that right? Now, if you want to continue as you are going, and he turns his head away in embarrassment, reach out and gently turn his head back toward you, tell him to always look you in the eye to emphasize your point.

I guarantee from that moment on, you will have no trouble understanding each other. What did she want from Kohta now that she had made this step? He cares for you very much. Your father and I can both see that. She stopped and looked back. You have nothing to fear and everything to gain. Don't worry, I will come to you if I have questions. She reached up and touched her lips, remembering how it felt to press hers to his.

Sighing she muttered to herself as she got out of the tub, "I wonder if I will even sleep tonight? Kage had gone to bed earlier the night before, to give the couple some alone time. After talking and cuddling a little, they headed to bed themselves. They had stopped in the hall for a long kiss before Saeko went in her room, telling him goodnight over her shoulder, with a demure look on her face. Takashi had lain in the bed for a long time, unable to sleep, knowing she was just on the other side of the wall.

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After he awoke, he got up to go to the bathroom and upon opening the door, found his clothes folded outside in the hall. Placing them on the bed, he went to relive himself and then came back and changed. Walking to the kitchen he found Kage preparing breakfast. Can I help you do anything? Kage shook his head, "Ohayo, Takashi-kun. No, I have everything in place for now.

Saeko is in the dojo running through her morning exercises. Why don't you go and tell her breakfast will be ready soon. Crossing over to the dojo, he entered to find Saeko dancing through her katas, wooden sword in hand. He settled, after bowing to the shrine, and watched as she worked out.

She's like a ballet dancer, he thought as she spun and slashed.

*Saeko and Takashi*~BoY LiKe YoU~*

She finished and slid her bokken into her sash. She bowed to the shrine and came to kneel down, facing him, to his right with their thighs touching. She smiled at him and leaned over to pull him into a kiss. They stayed like that for a long minute till they heard someone clear their throat behind them. After rescuing Alice, the gang travels to the other side of the river in the Humvee.

On the journey, Rei wakes up to find Takashi sleeping. Thinking it was really cute, Rei notices Saeko drooling on Takashi's crotch.

Rei pinches Takashi on the face to wake him up and tells Saeko that she is drooling, much to her dismay. Once they reach the other side, the girls get dressed.

Later Rei and Takashi ride on the back of the Humvee on their way to Takagi's house, only to find the road to be infested with "them". Later the car occurs in a minor accident and Rei falls off the Humvee's back, leading to Takashi saving her and trying to protect her from zombies as other gang members try to protect them as well. After what appears to be the end for the gang, a group of firefighters blasts away the group of "them" that is approaching.

The gang climbs through the barbed wire fence to be greeted by Saya's mother. Click "show" to reveal the anime summary for this section. After what is seemingly the end for the gang, Takashi and Saeko decides to charge through the zombies, and to lure them away as Saya's mom had just arrived to save the gang and was securing them to safety.

After being disconnected from the group, Saeko and Takashi retrace their steps to a motorcycle store that they passed on their way to the accident. In the store, they took a 6 wheeled amphibious ATV and headed to a small sandbar within the river they had crossed that morning. Once they entered the water, Saeko is splashed with water and her outfit became totally see-through, leading Takashi to be really embarrassed and shocked. At the sandbar, Takashi offers Saeko an additional shirt after hearing her sneeze.

Before they leave the sandbar to journey to Saya's house, Takashi asks that if Saeko has any guy that she likes, and she responds with that she used to.

On the way to Saya's house, they encounter a horde of zombies and are forced to ditch the ATV in a fountain with its engine on to attract the zombies.

While cutting their way out, Saeko freezes just before killing some zombie kids. This forces Takashi to rescue her by blowing a kid's head off. Later, Takashi takes her hand and runs to a nearby shrine. In the shrine, Takashi presents Saeko with a portable potty and they strength their relationship bonds. Also, Takashi learns about Saeko's sadistic side, and apparently felt bad for her.

Apparently this lead to a steamy kiss. The next day, as they leave the shrine, they are confronted by several zombies, and again Saeko hesitates to retaliate. Takashi then goes up behind Saeko and gropes her left breast and tells her that he'll admire her until the day he dies and he thinks she is the coolest girl ever and that if shes needs a reason to fight, then the reason would be for both of their survival.

After Saeko hears Takashi's statements, she returns to her old self and annihilates the group of zombies, leading to Takashi's admiration. On the way to Saya's house, Saeko grabs Takashi 's hand with an intimate expression and asks if he'll "take responsibility", which Takashi responds with a "as you wish!

Later in the episode, it is seen that Takashi and Saeko are arm in arm in an intimate embrace at the gate of Saya's house, leading to Saya being jealous. Takagi Estate Takashi and the group are taken to the Takagi Estatewhere they decide to stay for a short time.

After settling in for a day, Takashi helps Shizuka apply ointment to the injuries on Rei's back. He holds her down while Shizuka rubs the ointment on her back. Rei, who is in pain during the procedure, tells Takashi to leave the room because he was responsible for her breasts hurting when he fired the gun that was strapped around her.

As he exits the room, Takashi meets up with Saya after hearing her loudly arguing with her mother on the second floor. He encounters her as she storms down the stairs. He tries to calm her down, but she only gets mad at him because he still does not call her by her first name. Takashi is approached by Yuriko who asks him if he has ever seen this side of Saya as they have been friends since kindergarten.

Takashi says yes and the two engage in light conversation about the Takagi Estate. Changing the subject, Yuriko tells him that Tokonosu is getting its water and electricity from the dam at Okunako.

She tells him that, since everywhere is filling up with "them", the workers will have to abandon the water and power plants, and without maintenance, the plants will stop running, and she reveals her and her husband's plans to take a bus to the plant with anyone who has the will to survive and take full responsibility of water and electricity for the city.

She tells Takashi that he and the others all have a great will to survive, and they have done well to survive this long. After his conversation with Yuriko, Takashi wanders through the house and finds two men moving something heavy.

When he attempts to help them, they mock him for being a kid. Saya holds a conference with all the members of the group in Rei's room. During the conference, Takashi gets mad and raises Saya off the ground by holding her collar. As she is raised off the ground, Takashi tries to talk some sense into Saya after she repeatedly insults her parents and says that they've abandoned her. After the conference, Takashi and Saeko get in an argument with Kohta about guns versus swords.

saeko and takashi relationship trust

Naturally, Takashi takes Saeko's side and tries to calm down Kohta, only to be responded with a sharp "Don't touch me! Later she comes back to Takashi to tell him that Kohta is in trouble. Going to see what is wrong, Takashi finds Kohta being crowded by some of the Takagi house members after Kohta refuses to hand them his guns. Takashi comes to the rescue saying that Kohta has been the one saving Saya up to now. Later he is joined by the rest of the gang to stick up for Kohta.

Eventually the gang convinces the men to let Kohta keep the guns. Rei gets rubbed with ointment again and yells out that her back still hurts, but soon after she is shown standing. Later, Rei walks in on Takashi practicing his gun in his room and talks to Takashi about how the situation is different now and how if Takashi fell in love with another girl she could not go on, possibly showing her love for him with this remark.

Rei tries to embrace Takashi but then starts to feel pain again so she goes to see Shizuka and as she leaves she tells him to think about what she said. A scene is shown where Mr. Shido's bus is being pulled into the vista because they need assistance. One of Saya's workers brings out a prototype military ATV that does not require electricity to run, only gasoline. Takashi takes the ATV for a joy ride around the vista, displaying that he can handle it well.

Shizuka asks Takashi if she can borrow his cellphone for a minute to call her friend Rika Minami. Rei is then shown dashing toward the bus that Shido was standing outside of. She holds her gun up to Shido's neck, nearly cutting him with the bayonet. She then walks away and says he is not worth killing. Shido and his cult are told to leave on the bus they came in and do so respectively.

Shizuka asks Takashi for his phone again and she then informs Rika that they were at her house already and borrowed some weapons. Moments later, a nuclear warhead detonates overhead, causing a massive EMP blast that nullifies all electronics. This leads Shido and his cult on the bus to crash into a forklift, leaving stranded in the middle of "them".

saeko and takashi relationship trust

The status of all of the people on the bus and Shido is currently unknown. Shizuka hands Takashi back his cellphone thinking that she may have broken it. Soon after, "they" start to attack on the vista, Souichiro Takagi, Saya's father, orders that they close the gates to the vista at once, but "they" are in too great of a number and burst through the gate.

Kohta is soon shown using his gun skill against "them" and the adults are amazed. Souichiro and his men are shown throwing dynamite at "them", which could attract more of Them. Saya's parents are last shown fending for themselves while the gang flees from the crowd of "them".

Takashi and the gang flee on the ATV and Saya's parents are glad that they have left and regret nothing. The status of Saya's parents is currently unknown. The gang then tries to flee on the highway, only to be surrounded by "them". Takashi and Saeko devise a plan to meet up within a day while they distract Them.

Afterward, Saeko and Takashi drive off to the riverbank to get some rest. Later, Takashi decides to use the ATV's amphibious feature. After they found out that the road is infested with too many zombies, they head to a park and continuously let the ATV run in circles in a fountain to attract the zombies.

As they are fighting their way towards Takagi's house, Saeko kills many zombies efficiently until she encounters a cluster of zombie children which causes her to space out and freeze.

Takashi comes to her rescue and shoots one of the kids in the head, before taking her hand and running to a shrine. In the shrine, Takashi learns about Saeko's sadistic side and about how she enjoyed beating up her would-be molester four years ago.

This causes Takashi to feel bad for her as she mentions that how can a girl like her have something as pure as love and that's why she never conveyed her feelings to the person she liked.

Takashi stops her abruptly and grabs her hand and leans in for what seems to be an intimate kiss. The next day, they head out of the temple, to only find them being surrounded by zombies. Saeko, even after the previous night's events, still hesitated, but Takashi comes up and grabs her left breast and tells here that if she needs a reason to fight, then fight for both of their survival and how that Takashi will always think that Saeko is the coolest girl ever.

After hearing those statements, Saeko returns to her old self and massacres the entire horde. After killing the last zombie, she says "I'm WET! Later, they arrive at Takagi's house and is shown walking there together with arms around each other intimately, much to the chagrin of Saya. Takagi Estate Seemingly doomed, Saya's mother and a group of people come to their rescue. Saeko and the group is saved. They stop at Takagi's parents house and gathers supplies as well as a good rest break. Here, Saeko and Rei have their first heightening of tensions as they fight for Takashi's affections.

Takashi blushed when he saw Saeko in a kimono, to which Saeko blushed likewise. Soon after, "they" start to attack the vista. Takagi orders that they close the gates at once to the vista, but "they" are in too great of a number and bust down the gate.

saeko and takashi relationship trust

Hirano is soon shown using his gun skill against "them" and the adults are amazed. Souichrio and his men throw dynamite in an attempt to clear a path of "them", but it simply attracts more of "them. During the fighting one of "them" comes at Saeko from behind, but she is saved by Rei; this shows that while the girls are rivals for Takashi, they will continue to help each other stay alive.

Souichiro and Yuriko Takagi are last shown fending for themselves, while the gang flees from the crowd of "them" on an ATV, saying they are glad the group left and that they regret nothing. As the gang tries to flee on the highway, they are surrounded by "them. Afterwards, Saeko and Takashi drive off to the riverbank to get some rest.

Later, Takashi decides to use the ATV's amphibious feature. In the resulting splash when they landed in the water, both Saeko and Takashi gets wet. When Takashi turns around to check if Saeko is alright, he is mesmerized by her see-through wet clothing.

Saeko and Takashi are soon found on a sandbar in the middle of the river to distract "them", because "they" cannot cross the river. After Saeko changes shirts, Takashi drives the ATV to a nearby park where there is a fountain in the middle.

The ATV then continues to go around in a circle in the fountain attracting "them" to it. When it comes to fighting though, Saeko is shown that she does not have the will at the moment to kill two children that have been turned into "them". Takashi rushes over and shoots the children in the head, saving Saeko. Saeko and Takashi flee to a nearby shrine for the time being. In the shrine at night, Saeko explains to Takashi her sadistic side about how she nearly killed a man in "self-defence.

But still, Saeko has no will to fight. Seeing this, Takashi tells Saeko to make himself as her reason to fight if she has no reason at all.

Takashi gropes her left breast to imply to Saeko that he is attracted to her and says that he will always think Saeko is the greatest girl ever and he'll accept her faults and sadistic nature. After that, Saeko snaps into action and dominates "them" around her.

The quote "I'm getting wet" then follows, possibly due to the fact that she is cutting up so many people or she is enjoying the sensation of cutting up "them. One of her reasons to continue to fight is because of him.

When Saya said that she wonders what makes the pain bearable for her and Rei, Saeko for herself thought of Takashi. Takashi reasoning with Saeko. After Saeko and Takashi arrives at Takagi's house, Saeko changes into a beautiful blue kimono and shares an awkward, but funny moment with Takashi after he comments on how pretty she looks.

At the mansion she has an argument with Hirano over either guns or swords are better in combat. After the argument, she is seen leaning over a small pond and observing the koi in the pond. Shortly, Takagi confronts her and remarks that not only is she adept at Kendo, she knows about Koi. After they hear an argument brewing between the Takagi house against Hirano and Takashi, Saeko steps in with Saya to help out in the argument. Saeko is next seen sitting in a room with Souichiro Takagi.

She examines a sword that he presents to her and notes that it is a rare one as well as being double-bladed. After a clever discussion on how to accept the sword from Souichiro, she talks about the relationship between Souichiro and Saya, noting how Saya is so much like her parents and that Saya's intelligence has saved them in more than one occasion.

Saeko also discusses Takashi's standing as the non-official leader of the group with Souichiro. They conclude that although he is reliable, Takashi hesitates too much and is unstable. After receiving her new sword and finishing her discussion, Saeko heads to Takashi's room. There she waits for Takashi to finish his conversation with Rei outside his door. As Rei leaves, Saeko tells Rei that she didn't hear anything and waited outside because she knew someone was in there.

In response, Rei tells Saeko that Takashi would prefer Saeko talking to him and that she'd make him happier. As Saeko is about to enter Takashi's room, she tells Rei to stop calling her senpai and mentions that if "it were true Later, Saeko is heard saying that she wants to accompany Takashi in his search his and Rei's parents.

Dressed in her combat gear, Takashi comments on how good Saeko looks, much to Rei's dismay. After Rei goes after Shido, who has just arrived, Takashi goes to try and stop her from killing Shido, but is held back by Saeko. Saeko tells Takashi that Rei has to decide this for herself and not let Takashi interfere with her actions. After Shido leaves, Saeko is seen with the group looking at an overjoyed Shizuka, who seems to have remembered her friend Rika's cellphone number.

While Shizuka is making a call to her friend, Saeko notices a blinding white light. After Saya finishes her explanation, Souichiro joins the group and talks to Saya. During their conversation, one of the concrete block movers arrives at the estate's gates but is held back and killed by a couple of "them".

Along with the rest of the group, Saeko is utterly in shock to see the blockade has been breached. After Souichiro orders the estate's gates to be closed to prevent more of "them" slipping in, Saeko prepares to fight along with the rest of the group. Shortly after they manage to close the gates, a horde of "them" crowd into the gates and manage to break it down with sheer force.

Once "they" break into the estate, the group goes and tries to eradicate "them".

saeko and takashi relationship trust

After Saeko back-flips into a group of "them", Saeko manages to kill most of them until one of them starts to ambush Saeko. Rei comes to Saeko's aid and kills it. Following that act of kindness, Saeko and Rei exchange warm glances with each other.