Sarada and boruto relationship problems

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sarada and boruto relationship problems

One of the roughest relationships in Naruto was between Sakura and they stumble upon this world of powerful shinobi and trouble begins. After finding out about Boruto's relationship with his father, Sarada returns . good things of being Hokage but Boruto dismisses her and challenges her to a fight. 1 day ago One of the reasons Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has been such a success with But Sasuke and Sakura's relationship has been divisive among fans as [. This is a problem stemmed from the way Sakura and Sasuke's.

The diamond on her forehead sparkled, before she spat, "Explain. He then said, "I was checking her for genjustsu. The mother then scooted into her seat before saying, "Well I guess that is the best transition that we are going to get. Sarada, care to explain what exactly happened?

She figured that she had better get it over with. Neither of us wanted to defeat each other by knockout or… submission. Ignoring it she continued, "So we came up with something else.

Whoever could…" She then squirmed in her seat. That was the plan at least…" The family then relapsed into a period of silence. Sarada made a decent chunk into her turkey before her mother spoke up. I want you to know that your father and I are not disappointed in you. You exceeded our expectations in every way. You made it to the finals on your first try.

Neither your father or I got even close to that our first time! So I am doing better than Mom and Papa? Sasuke without missing a beat said, "Sakura, our village was invaded in the first round. Sakura stopped eating and glared at her husband to get him to say something else.

Sasuke then noticed the look on his daughter's face and felt guilty. He cleared his throat. You've become a fine kuniochi. Sarada brightened up at her father's praise. Sasuke's become a good father after all. That makes me happy. She then realized what needed to be said. Now, your father and I have no problems with you dating at your age. Goodness knows that I was chasing after your father at your age.

After sparing a glance at her husband she continued. At your age, there needs to be some sort of supervision on your first few dates. You need to earn back our trust. But your father, while stupid, is right. We want both you and Boruto to stay pure.

I'm pretty sure that Hinata and Naruto will feel the same way. We have done that! Sakura finished her vegetables and slightly pushed her plate away. I imagine that Hinata will be wanting to plan a dinner for all of us now that our relationship has changed. I don't need to remind you of the last incident. Sarada had to stifle a laugh. My family is the best. She then walked over to the sink and washed her plate off. After racking it up she thanked her mother for the food and walked up to her room.

Sasuke then playfully taunted his wife, "So what would you do if I ended up causing a scene? You've already bludgeoned me. I don't think there is anything worse that you could do.

I think that there are worse things that I could do. Kakashi and Gai in their older years had made it a habit to go out for a drink after big occasions. This tradition had started while Kakashi was, as he put it, filling in as Hokage. Kakashi didn't expect to take after the previous Hokage, but the stress of the position after the war had made it a necessary evil.

The two were currently sitting in one of their favorite bars, talking about the events of the day. The day's events had dragged the conversation much longer than normal. Kakashi had found much humor in the fact that the children of his students were now smacking each other.

He had considered his students his dysfunctional children for a long time now. The fact that his almost grandchildren were now potentially making other children made him feel old. The thought forced him to take another gulp of his beverage. He then looked up at Gai who had suddenly become transfixed on something on the other side of the room.

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Thinking he was drunk Kakashi waved a hand in front of him to get his attention. Gai noticed the movement and focused on his eternal rival. The Green Beast of Konoha could not utter a word and simply gestured for his friend to look where he was looking. Kakashi turned and what he saw forced his eyes to widen. The Fifth Hokage was sitting on a bar stool with several empty shot glasses in front of her.

sarada and boruto relationship problems

It wasn't that fact that Tsunade was drinking, but the fact that she was drinking in a Konoha bar. As she was the Hokage of the Leaf at one point, Tsunade rarely ever drank in public to keep up with appearances. Her sudden change in attitude had the Jonin worried.

Without a word they both stood up and walked over to where Tsunade was sitting. Kakashi got her attention.

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Tsunade whiped her head around. After a moment she recognized the men standing in front of her. Boruto retorts she will have to if she is going to become Hokage and she will never surpass Naruto for this. Sarada, realizing this to be true, talks to her classmate and convinces her to change her mind.

Everyone is surprised and glad Sarada did this and Boruto overlooks on proudly. Iwabe accidentally knocks Boruto towards Sarada, almost kissing her in the lips but she blocks him with her foot. Shino announces Boruto, Practically kiss Sarada, and Mitsuki as Team 3 but Sarada is unhappy and demands to speak to Naruto on changing teams. She justifies this on the grounds she and Boruto are incompatible. Sarada and Boruto race towards the Hokage Office with an appeal scroll but Shikamaru tells them Naruto is at an undisclosed location.

They race to the location after Mitsuki steals the information but find they must fight Mirai to get to Naruto.


Sarada attacks with her shuriken while Boruto Mitsuki - main shipper hides his shadow clones to defeat Mirai. Boruto retorts about her attitude and they begin arguing. Mitsuki comments how well they get along, which shocks them. While fighting against Ashimaru, Team 7 forms a combat strategy; Boruto and Mitsuki use their Wind Style to send Sarada to wards Ashimaru to attack him. Sarada narrates that she may lack some abilities the boys have but she has something better.

With her Sharingan and superhuman strength, she brutally punches Ashimaru into the ground. Boruto comments Sarada is going to kill him one day, making Mitsuki remark how Boruto has his hands full with Sarada and Himawari. Boruto gets disappointed and angry when Naruto fails to show up due to work and Sarada finds him sulking in his room.

Naruto the Movie After a mission, Sarada berates Boruto for his recklessness but he ignores her and insists he can do missions on his own. Mitsuki compliments Boruto for being the son and grandson of a Hokage and he might be the next Hokage, to which Sarada angrily says she will be Hokage.

Sarada watches Boruto and Naruto When they report to Naruto after their mission, Boruto gets into an argument with Naruto and Sarada shows concern for Boruto. She later finds him hanging out with Shikadai and Inojin, and scolds him for not taking his training seriously because the Chunin Exams are coming up and he is keeping her from achieving her dream. When Boruto says he doesn't plan to enter in the Exams and retorts that she Practically date better be alone for the rest of her life if she wants to be Hokage or else it will cause trouble to the people around her, Sarada realizes that Boruto is simply angry at his father for spending less time with him.

To cheer him up, Sarada suggests that they enter in the Exams to show off their skills and impress Naruto. Boruto thinks about it and finally agrees. He then asks her if her father, Sasuke, will come watch her in the Exams, and Sarada replies she doubts it. Sarada watches Boruto train In the movie version, Boruto was learning the Rasengan from Konohamaru in order to become Sasuke's apprentice, Sarada watched him from afar during his training and expressed worry for him as he struggled with the training.

Once Boruto finally mastered the Rasengan, Sarada was happy for him. When Sasuke pointed out how small his Rasengan was and Boruto, in anger, threw it into a tree and fled, Sarada approached her father. She defended Boruto by saying Sasuke is being harsh because he doesn't know Boruto, that Boruto never learns anything, and its' a miracle he lasted as long as he did in his training. Sasuke said he wasn't disappointed in Boruto and decided to take him as his apprentice, much to Sarada's delight.

Boruto blushes at Sarada's comment In the first round of the Chunin Exams, the participants had to answer a true or false question. Sarada asked Boruto what answer did he think her father would pick. Boruto suggested false, so Sarada picked true because she wants to take a different path than her father.

Trusting Sarada, Boruto and Mitsuki agree with her. They are led to believe the answered incorrectly when they fall into a pit with a lake of ink at the bottom. Anime version Sarada uses a wire attached to her kunai to prevent Boruto from falling into the ink and, after noticing a second pit with ink, they deduce that those who land in the ink would be disqualified no matter what answer they picked.

In the second round, Boruto and his team split up, with Boruto Joint battle staying behind to guard their flag and Sarada and Mitsuki going to steal other teams' flags. Sarada told Boruto she and Mitsuki were counting on Boruto because they needed to pass the round if they were going to impress Naruto, and Boruto replied he didn't need her to remind him.

Sarada showed concern for Boruto when he fought another genin and wanted to go help him but Mitsuki told her to go while he went to Boruto's aid.

Boruto was overpowered by his opponents who were about to get his flag, but Boruto suddenly thinks of Sarada, implying he didn't want to lose so she could fail at achieving her dream of being Hokage, and he instantly used his Kote. After winning the round, Sarada scolded Boruto for not being happy as he should be but then she looked closely at Boruto's face and noted his eyes were bluer than Naruto's, which caused him to blush and get embarrassed when Mitsuki came between them.

Boruto protects Sarada In the movie, Boruto fought against Shikadai in the third and final round, Sarada was impressed of Boruto's abilities, but she was saddened when Naruto revealed that Boruto used a Kote to cheat in the fight. Whereas, in the anime series, Boruto and Sarada made it to the final rounds against Shinki, and decided to join forces. When Sarada was injured and disqualified, Boruto was enraged and resorted to cheating to win, which upon being exposed, left Sarada shocked and felt betrayed.

When Momoshiki and Kinshiki Anime version appeared and attacked, Naruto and Sasuke rescued their children, and Boruto and Sarada asked each other if they were alright. Sarada became fearful at Momoshiki's monstrous strength and fell to her knees, and Boruto grew worried about her and promptly used a shadow clone to protect her, despite his own fear.

After all, he must being sending word back to Naruto about missions. It makes no sense that Sasuke couldn't have sent his family sparse letters to show them his love and affection. Between parenting, going on missions, expressing feelings, all of it, Sasuke doesn't often say the things he should. This communication issue comes to a head during a moment in Sakura's Hidden Novel. There are rumors circulating that Sasuke could be evil again. She wants to defend him, but she has to be honest that she doesn't know.

She hasn't heard enough of him to answer the question honestly. Sakura's inability to know if the man she loves is evil again reveals a glaring flaw in their relationship, one that doesn't make much sense. The crush sprang from his looks and his abilities. She saw how he was in class and became infatuated. The crush became nonsensical, though, when she chose to reject her best friend over him. When she obsessed about being on his team, his opinion, his growth and strengths as a ninja, and her thoughts always lingered to him.

Young Sakura even keeps her appearance how she think he might like it, not how she;d prefer. Her crush grew into a deeper, more balanced love, where Sakura starts to think more on her own. Her frienc mentions that she knows this is where the Uchiha couple had their first date. Embarrassed, Sakura says it was only two and a half minutes. However, she admits the place brings back fond memories of him.

The place clearly means a lot to her, just because she was there with Sasuke. Yet, their first date barely lasted a few bits of dialogue. After war and the world nearly ending, fans would think Sasuke might want to enjoy the company of his new love. Sasuke never seems to grow a romantic side, though, and remains distant as ever.

Though she insists their love is strong and they show their intimacy differently, she clearly struggles with several insecurities. At the mere suggestion that she's not his wife, Sakura breaks down her own house with a punch to the ground.

The question isn't even from some rival or enemy - it's from her frustrated and confused daughter. If their love is as strong as she insists, Sakura shouldn't be so easily sensitive about their relationship. However, she clearly is, and it shows how fragile her connection sometimes is with Sasuke.

Before her friendships, such as Ino and Naruto and ahead of her safety, trying to bring him back home and, later, to end his madness. On the opposite end, Sasuke never puts Sakura first. He may love her, but his priorities lie first and foremost with protecting the village and succeeding in his missions.

sarada and boruto relationship problems

Their love and marriage are painfully uneven, and it doesn't make sense for a lasting union to be that way. Though, it seems to be the way they have decided to do things. The first time, he tells Sakura thank you and says he will come back home.

Off-screen, he comes back to visit and this time Sakura joins his journeys. Though, to follow Sasuke, Sakura had to abandon her life as a Konohakagure shinobi and follow whatever missions he might decide to be on. She spent years training for her work and position, only to drop it all to be by his side. As dedicated as she was, it makes no sense for her to give up her life to follow him.