Secratary and boss relationship

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secratary and boss relationship

When did it go out of fashion for a boss to marry his secretary? cannot work together or have a friendly relationship together without sex being an issue. The first time I met my boss, who's based in my company's Chicago office, each other on social media, our relationship was instantly friendly. Next, her husband drops the secretary like a hot potato, as his wife grabs her The power differential inherent in the relationship between boss.

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The best thing you can do is be consistent—personality wise and work wise. Some people are moody. Be the consistent force they can rely on. You have no idea what they are dealing with after hours.

secratary and boss relationship

Whenever people tell me they are waiting for praise, it feels immature to me. Why does someone need to tell you that you are doing a good job? Be confident in your abilities.

secratary and boss relationship

Let your boss plan for this as much as possible and of course, only take sick days when really needed. One of our former ambassadors, Dalida, who now works at FindLaw. There are people who ask for something the day they want it and there are people who ask for things days in advance.

Why You Should Talk to Your Boss

Here are my strategies for effective communication with the boss: Have a daily minute face-to-face update meeting with your boss, ideally before the working day starts. So, if your boss is always in meetings from 9: I appreciate this meeting may get moved, and may not always happen every single day, but 5 minutes each day is better than 30 minutes once per week, or even two 15 minute slots twice a week.

secratary and boss relationship

If it drops off, then re-arrange it to another time, perhaps during lunch time or mid-morning instead. If anything, it also promotes the importance of your role — you both start the day by seeing each other, and taking time to check the day is in order before you both go off in your own directions.

12 Ways To Build The Best Relationship With Your Boss

In addition to the daily minute update, you should also schedule a longer meeting, perhaps once every week or once per fortnight, for minutes when you can sit down together and go over work that requires more details to be finalised or more input from the boss; for instance, if you were scheduling an event or planning the diaries for the next month.

Take a cup of tea in with you and one for the boss! Is it via email, mobile phone or an organized meeting?

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Find out what works best for him or her and mostly do that. Limit impromptu visits to his or her office. Unannounced visits can take the focus away from what your boss is currently working on.

It wastes time as your boss has to then regroup and shift his focus back to his prior engagement after you have left. Like Lisa said earlier this also depends on your boss's needs. She may like that you take time to talk to her.

It is your job to get your tasks done and to meet the deadlines set by him or her.

secratary and boss relationship

Your manager does not have the time to continue to prod you to do your job—a job that you are being paid for. Managers already have enough to deal with without additional work being created for them. Do more than expected Just doing what is expected of you does not set you apart from other employees.

secratary and boss relationship

Managers value employees who not only do their jobs, but look for and carry out new and better ways of accomplishing tasks. Be proactive, come up with solutions and schedule time to present them to your manager. This will reflect wonderfully on you.