Shaggy and daphne relationship

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shaggy and daphne relationship

Nov 2, Daphne and Fred have a way more developed relationship than Scooby-Doo fan realize. Additionally, Shaggy is 17 while Velma is Aug 14, Remember I said I was going to create a love story with Shaggy and Daphne??? Well, this is it!!! Enjoy! Note: I do not own Scooby-Doo or any. Fred Jones and Daphne Blake · Scooby-Doo and Daphne Blake · Shaggy Rogers and Velma Dinkley · Shaggy Rogers and Daphne Blake · Scooby-Doo and.

Daphne had always been in love with Fred ever since their first meeting in junior high it had always been him. They had been the perfect couple for the most of their four years of high school but in that last summer before college things had started to go wrong.

Even the slightest thing lead to a fight and soon Fred became distant to her; it wasn't even a surprise to her when he finally gave the we need to talk line but even if she was expecting it having to accept it was still just as painful. It had been 10 months since that heartbreaking day and so much had changed since then the most noticeable was her relationship with Shaggy.

shaggy and daphne relationship

At the start of term, Daphne hadn't been able to go within a hundred feet of Fred; not that he had a lot of free time with his engineering course, part-time job and fraternity fun.

Despite being roommates now Daphne found she also had little time to spend with her best friend Velma who was deep in her study's trying to achieve a masters degree leaving Daphne with only two close friends who she could talk to. Shaggy had never known what he wanted to do with his life he was average in some subjects and below average in others, the only class he was awesome at was gym.

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Maybe it was from being chased by creepy guys in masks every other day but Shaggy was one of the fastest runners in school and also displayed a talent in jumping, swinging and falling without hurting himself. These talents had finally come in use outside the world of mystery solving as the only reason he had got into college was on an athletic scholarship and an agreement that he became part of the college track team.

The subject Shaggy had chosen to study was English which worked out well as it gave him a few lessons a week with Daphne who had decided to minor in English while she majored in drama. Two months into the term Daphne and Shaggy were finishing their last lecture of the day and now it was time for ice cream. I thought that class would never end" moaned Shaggy.

shaggy and daphne relationship

Daphne just laughed, she couldn't help it being with Shaggy just made her smile "come on Scooby is waiting for us" she grinned looking at a large and clearly hungry great Dane. Together the trio made their way to the malt shop however they never made to the ice cream.

Daphne stopped dead in her tracks when she saw Fred kissing a small girl in glasses who looked all too familiar to her and before Shaggy or Scooby had a chance to react she began running home. Shaggy just stood there unable to decided what to do but before long Velma caught them in the corner of her eye and joined them alone with Fred. Fred was the first to respond " only two weeks" Velma was quick to speak "please don't tell Daphne" she asked, "I know she's still upset about the breakup and I don't want to hurt her".

Scooby shot a concerned look to Shaggy "em I think it's a bit late she saw all that" he responded.

shaggy and daphne relationship

The look on their Friends face's said it all Velma began to sob while Fred couldn't do anything but lower his head. Fred owns the van but lets the others borrow it when need be. However, he does most of the driving. Letting Daphne ride shotgun is a special privilege and gives way to how highly he thinks of her. While she is first unimpressed with him, he instantly recognizes her innovativeness. The van originally belonged to a band called the Mystery Kids before the painter and pianist left.

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The Very Beginning opens with Shaggy and Scooby discovering a person, presumably a ghost, in a suit of armor sitting in a car. The person runs off and the team comes forward to investigate. Fred and Daphne immediately presume their roles as the obvious clue seekers, pointing out names written in and around the car in question. They start walking around the car and are clearly the more dominate figureheads.

They bounce off each other and immediately show a strong, unified connection. The first time they came apart, she acted as a freelance reporter. The second time she combined her love of beauty and attention and headlined the show Coast To Coast with Daphne Blake. Fred also played a role on the show. As a two-person team, they showcased crimes and reported them to the public. The show only made one appearance before the team was once again reunited. While he never published any works, the effort was certainly put forth.

shaggy and daphne relationship

His writing passion comes from his love of magazines such as the National Exaggerator, which he was hired to write an article for once. He basically acted as the entire crew to make her show a reality.

For a time, he worked as a construction worker with Shaggy and Scooby for extra money. They sing a duet that follows their love story. The song was composed by Fred but written by Daphne. As close as friends can be. While the much-discussed spinoff about the pair seems to be headed in the direction of platonic female detectives solving crimes together, fans are still holding out hope.


He has an orange ascot tied around his neck. This shows that they are somehow connected due to the matching colors.

shaggy and daphne relationship

This is further evidenced by Daphne sewing Fred a new one to replace the one he had. The temporary color he replaced it with was purple. It is even acknowledged that they all wear the same clothes when they forget to pack suitcases and Shaggy claims that they wear the same thing every day anyway.