Sherlock and irene relationship memes

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sherlock and irene relationship memes

Their relationship is complicated, and cannot be shown as a romance right away. And if he did love Irene, when Sherlock is shot, why does he not go to HER. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows Quotes Irene Adler: Holmes, don't be late for dinner! .. Dr. John Watson: Being in a relationship. Season three seems to focus on Sherlock and John's relationship. There's an Irene cameo but if Sherlock were truly in love with her, her role in.

Molly pulled a body switch. A Sherlock doppelganger died in his place. Remember the little girl who was terrified of Sherlock? Fans think the doppelganger has something to do with it. Created by a drug that Sherlock administered to him so he could disappear — a bit boring, but plausible nonetheless. The Twitching Hand Sherlock has a history with cocaine and morphine in the original Sherlock Holmes stories, which Moffat incorporated into the show from the beginning.

John scoffs at the idea of his friend being a junkie, but Sherlock's reaction doesn't exactly indicate that the idea is so far-fetched. Some dismissed the twitch as a gaff — Cumberbatch admittedly fidgets a lot. Moffat left no question that Sherlock had been using substances. Tumblr melodymelsriver The mysterious Mary Morstan and her origins have been a popular topic since the third series finale.

Originally a kind-hearted love interest for John much to JohnLock shippers chagrinMary now stands as a possible villain for the fourth series. Other than her former job in the C. Charles Augustus Magnussen knew a lot about her sordid past, but his posed threat was erased when Sherlock killed him. Whether she is meant to be a primary villain, a bad-guy-turned-good or an outlying nuisance, there are many theories circulating about Mary, including: This would explain why he helped kill Magnussen.

Of course, it was all a trick to get Sherlock out of trouble and Moriarty is still dead. After years of silence, the popular psychopath Moriarty returned to the forefront as an adversary, just as Sherlock is about to be exiled for the murder of Charles Augustus Magnussen. Fans are scratching their heads as to how it could be possible. While fans have proposed some interesting and often wildly detailed theories, others have clung to simpler solutions.

Here are just a few of the compelling hypothesizes: Moriarty also has a doppelganger. Richard Brook was real. But Richard Brook, the soft-spoken Irish actor, is instead a living human being. It was just Richard who ended his life on the rooftop, while the real Jim Moriarty, whose real identity is unknown, remains at-large. Moriarty is dead, but his loyal followers are planning an attack.

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Moriarty has many diehard followers who are happy to follow through with his work. Boring, but it gets the job done. Moran or Mary planted the video. My presence may be absent from the room, but my methods are not. You can't mean Dr. I miss him too, you know, in my own way. It's going to be a beautiful week in Brighton.

He would have wanted us to go. He would have wanted to come along. I know you can hear me, you selfish bastard. You and Mary and Gladstone and I were at a restaurant. There was a satanic pony. It had a fork in its hoove and it was laughing at me! What have you administered? Elizabeth dancing on my chest! You do seem a bit What do you see? That is my curse.

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Tell me, when was the last time you had a hedgehog goulash? Well, I just told you Watson I can't remember. Well, maybe you've repressed it. Ah, that's where you're wrong. You see, unlike you, I repress nothing.

sherlock and irene relationship memes

Ah yes, and that's perfectly normal. How dare you be rude to this woman who has invited us into her tent, offered us her hedgehog? Says the man who throws women from trains. Are you sure you want to play this game? I'm afraid you'd lose. Rest assured, if you attempt to bring ruin down upon me, I will do the same to you in turn. My respect for you, Mr. Holmes, is the only reason you're still alive. You've paid me several compliments.

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Let me pay you one in return. If I could in anyway be assured of the former eventuality, I would cheerfully accept the latter. Didn't you find it strange that your telegram drew no action against me?

sherlock and irene relationship memes

You see, buried within the unconscious lies an insatiable urge for conflict. I just want to own the bullets and the bandages. War on an industrial scale is inevitable. They'll do it themselves within a few years.

All I have to do is wait. They respect a man's privacy here. Particularly if he has a fortune.

Irene Adler Quotes

Three men have been following you for the past half mile. Holmes, how many times are you going to kill my dog? A woman who has recently taken comfort in drink. From what does she wish to hide, from what does she seek solace?

A man making a fool of himself? Ah yes the Fool. Someone has been led astray, involved in something without her knowledge. Not bad, but you have to do better. I need to see it in your eyes.

sherlock and irene relationship memes

I can do better. The Two of Cups! A brother and sister perhaps? Yes, and I see a name! What do you want? Holmes, how did you know I'd find you? You didn't find me, you collapsed a building on me! You know my methods. And I know where you'll be. No other outcome could be more appealing to me than this. By the way, who taught you how to dance?

Well, I've done a rather good job of it. May I deduce that you, Mycroft-- nice to meet you, by the way [holds out hand]. May I deduce that you, who never strays from the path between your home and the Diogenes' Club, and never on a Monday when they serve your favorite potted shrimps must be here for some far more important reason than my stag party?