Shin hyesung and eric relationship advice

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shin hyesung and eric relationship advice

Korea Shinhwa leader Mun Jung Hyuk (Eric) and main vocalist Shin Hye Sung couple (RicSung couple). In Shinhwa, every member can be. No -- Our relationship is only us mommy and son, there's no papa bird, I only. . What Shin Hyesung and Eric have been up to during their hiatus The next recommendation is "Because It's You" from "Live and Let Live". It's about Taemin asking advice from his hyungs about girls. .. Eric is forever my bias in Shinhwa while Hyesung, was my least favorite member back then. reason why Hyesung keeps telling people how awkward his relationship with Eric is.

shin hyesung and eric relationship advice

I try hard to contact often those members who are currently in the military. I heard that the tickets for Hyesung's December concert was sold out in 10 minutes.

Tell us how you felt, and please tell us something about the concert to come. First I would like to say thank you to my fans. This concert is being held in the meaningful place where I held my first fanmeeting, and I gave it the title 'Close to You' to mean that I wish to share feelings with my fans more. I plan to rearrange my original songs with an acoustic band and a strings team, and I am preparing some pop songs which fit with winter. Eric has been cast for a role in the drama Poseidon.

Are you feeling any pressure because of the expectations you're receiving even before filming, and also because it's your first work since your release? Of course it gives me pressure but as much as it pressures me I'm looking forward to it.

Because my passion and eagerness towards acting in dramas has increased during the last 2 years, I plan to return to my original intentions and try my best for this piece. That is why I am working harder on filming and I hope the results after it's broadcast come out well. It's already been 12 years since Shinhwa made its debut. Compared to 10 years ago, what has changed and what has remained the same?

Well first of all we're older Laugh. If anything's different, it would be that the members are working hard in their own areas with solo albums or acting. But we all have the same thought that we are 'Shinhwa.

shin hyesung and eric relationship advice

Shinhwa is still the legend of idols. These days many idol groups are making their debuts. Are there any boy idol bands which remind you of how Shinhwa used to be, or any bands which just catch your eye for no reason? It wouldn't be too much to say that these days idols rule the market.

There are many groups which are great but seeing the performances and dances of '2PM' or Beast remind me of Shinhwa.

Andy: “Shin Hye Sung and Eric are Very, Different, like Oil and Water”

They also remind me of Shinhwa because they're good at both singing and dancing and work hard Laugh. Also, among girl groups, Girls Generation and Kara are popular in Japan. I am proud of them and wish to compliment them on their good work. Lastly, please tell us your plans for the future and leave us a message for your fans. Next year my 4th album will be released so please look forward to it.

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I will try to show you a better me on stage, and I hope you like the digital single 'Hello and Goodbye. But more often than not, I think that we need to work harder ourselves. I want to say that to be like Shinhwa is to be a group that remains well-loved for a long time because of the close-knit teamwork of the members. What did you think when you heard the title?

When I first heard the title I thought that the song was about a sad separation. After looking at the lyrics I was even more sure. I think you can better appreciate the charms of winter when you listen to Christmas carols. Occasionally when we see the younger idol groups performing on TV, the members think about this even more. I hope we can quickly get together again. Just like the fans, we are also looking forward to singing on the same stage again.

As a singer my goal is to become a singer that everyone will remember. The more I go about my activities, the more I feel the preciousness of the fans and my work. To repay the love from the fans, I think I can only work hard at singing my heart out.

shin hyesung and eric relationship advice

In future I will give everyone the best of me, with good albums and good performances. Actually when I made my acting debut I was very worried about whether I could do a good job, but with the members by my side supporting me, and the fans watching me, I think I can do well.

Also as a Shinhwa member, I have a big significance. While I enjoy acting, I also feel the importance of the members and the fans. How do you feel when you see these young fans?

Shinhwa Opens Up About How Their Relationship Has (Or Has Not) Changed Over The Years

In future we will work harder for your love and support through our albums and other activities. It seems that the Shinhwa members get together regularly, what do you do at these gatherings?

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What gives Shinhwa the strength and motivation to stay together for so long? We will work even harder to get to 20 years, 30 years and beyond.