Shion and nezumi relationship poems

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shion and nezumi relationship poems

Shion happens to chance upon Nezumi's secret journal, and this is what he giving a first kiss as your last, disguising farewells as goodnight. Well, damn. After reading (the summary/translation) of volume 5, I have to admit, Shion and Nezumi's relationship is way, way more. The manga follows the book more closely, where Nezumi and Shion fall Not to mention when Nezumi pulls Shion close enough to kiss him when he says he.

So it was like a completely new world. I guess Shion gave him what he needed most in this situation, even if Nezumi was the one who initiated their embrace. No wonder it was such a big deal for him, being treated like a valuable human being.

It was like a miracle and he knew that Shion was fully aware of the consequences. Shion touched him very much and who knows what he thinks about how deep the dept is that he owes to Shion after that night.

They both fascinated each other and Shion was really in love with him after that night. I guess he said it himself in the book that Nezumi had stolen his heart… And he sighed and thought about him the whole time just like a normal child.

XD I think both of them fell in love with each other in this particular night. It has to endure a lot of hard things. But it also wants to grow and it grows a lot in the whole series. He lived in some kind of matriarchy and had a lack of male caregivers. So Nezumi is the first. Although I never believed that Nezumi really would be able to kill Shion or he really thought of him as his enemy.

XD So I guess he already likes him more than he thinks. I mean it happens pretty often that he is really lovingly when it comes to Shion. So he definitely likes to touch him, even when they barely know each other. Apropos handle — I really like the way Shion is able to handle Nezumi. Now, let me get back to Safu.

Like I said, she had no chance at all. She was precious to him.

Nezumi and Shion – The Best Part of No. 6

He loved her like family, like a close friend. Whatever kind of love it was made no change to the fact that he cared about her. Or maybe he realized it too late that he should have valued her more. Those lines are more like an excuse to his own conscience, that he really loved her and that they were close friends.

And that she was dear to him. I think he also would have gone to the Correctional Facility without Safu being captured in there, just to accompany Nezumi and to help No.

With that I want to finish telling you my two cents concerning this topic.

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Gosh, I wrote way too much! Shion apparently puts bandages on Nezumi. Nezumi doesn't want Shion to worry about him or put himself in danger. Shion tells Nezumi in a heartwarming speech that he's glad to have known him, even if Nezumi doesn't feel the same way, and kisses Nezumi on the lips.

shion and nezumi relationship poems

All he could manage to do was tell him "I'm glad I met you" and give him a kiss. He also thinks that he doesn't want to lose Nezumi. He says he'd do anything if it meant he could protect Nezumi. Nezumi beats up Shion for lying to him and says he kept a note from him because he worries about him. Also, Rikiga worries about Shion again.

And at the end of the chapter Nezumi covers Shion's hand with his when Shion is worrying about Safu to comfort him and tenderly intertwines his fingers with his own. In chapter 14, Nezumi tortures a top No 6 official for information and Shion stops him because he cant' bear to see Nezumi hurt others and he doesn't want to see a cruel "false" Nezumi—he wants to see the Nezumi that was kinder, especially to him.

It's stated that Nezumi is only being cruel for Shion's sake. The top No 6 official also hits on Nezumi. In chapter 15, Nezumi tries to kill the top No 6 official, but Shion tries to stop him. In response, Nezumi hugs Shion close and holds a knife to his throat.

He tells Shion to never leave his side again. He also tells Inukashi that Shion will give him a really skillful, passionate good night kiss if he wants one. Nezumi has had experience with it first hand after all. Shion and Nezumi also give each other a warm smile and Shion freaks out when Nezumi collapses because he thinks he's been infected with a parasitic bee.

Shion gets upset at the thought, holds Nezumi up and hugs him close. He also thinks that he wouldn't be able to handle it if he lost Nezumi and swears to save him. In chapter 16 Nezumi faints and Shion freaks out and they hold each other very close.

On page 11 Shion is shown in bed atop Nezumi, who's laying down, feeling feverish. Shion worries and frets over him and gently touches his neck. Nezumi informs him that he doesn't want him worrying over him so earnestly. Shion still worries over him and holds his hand, looking at it closely. Nezumi then suddenly states he wants to teach Shion how to dance and they dance together. Shion then worries about Nezumi again and said he worried that Nezumi was going to die.

Shion tells Nezumi "Probably more than anyone else. More than any other person I'm afraid of losing you. I can't stand how scared it makes me. I want to make sure that you don't disappear from before me. In chapter 17 Nezumi reaches for Shion, screaming his name, and pulls him underneath a blanket with him to protect him when the manhunt arrives.

They get into this position with Nezumi worrying about him. Nezumi grabs Shion and orders him to not snap. Shion looks at him and thinks "This is where my heart is.

I was human when he stole my heart and human when I longed to stay by his side. I want to stay human! Shion does a Caught the Heart on His Sleeve moment to Nezumi something usually reserved for female and male couples and thinks "Nezumi, please He then tells Shion "We're going to hell together.

shion and nezumi relationship poems

But we're coming back alive. In the novels, Shion almost cannot mention Nezumi without talking about how beautiful his eyes are. Rikiga even gets in on the act in episode 7 by bursting into tears over how kind Shion is and insisting on buying him new clothes. Or getting really close to his face when he says that he should worry more about himself rather than about others. Also, Shion leans forward and kisses Nezumi on the lips after giving him an emotional and meaningful talk about how he's glad to have met and known him, calling it a "good-night kiss".

And Nezumi smiled afterwards. Also, in the novels Nezumi breaks down and cries for what is implied to be the first time in years because Shion is leaving Nezumi seems to not want to involve Shion in anything dangerous like going after Safu. Dogkeeper even says Nezumi does have emotions when Shion's involved and wonders if Shion's really that important to Nezumi.

Not to mention that Nezumi seems willing to sacrifice himself if he has to for Shion's sake. And the mere fact Nezumi doesn't automatically get pissed off at Shion for kissing him just makes it all the more obvious. I mean seriously guys?

Ahiku's Art • Relationships between Shion/Safu and Nezumi/Shion

My belief is that the short of it is that they mold each other, for the better or the worst. Part of that molding includes drawing out the grey in each other.

Shion's Hair Turns White - Full Scene (Sub) - No.6

Shion was stark white and Nezumi was pitch black. After their conversations and shared experiences the evil in Shion was brought to the surface and a bit Nezumi's light shone. During the night they shared together at the ages of twelve they each saw something that was completely alien to the other. Fast forward four years and it's the same story.

They each have something that the other does not. And they either desire those somethings or are petrified by them. Is there is a name for that kind of relationship? None that I've heard of. I like the wording of Inukashi's thoughts of the relationship.

But if it's anything I can't imagine it being sexual or romantic.