Sho and kyoko relationship advice

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sho and kyoko relationship advice

Ren's heart leapt as she handed the tray to him. .. love to think of with sho and kyoko's relationship take a listen there are even some AMV's to. Kyoko is turning 18 this year and Lory is tired of waiting for her and Ren to get together. So he's But things get complicated when she asks for Kanae's advice. (I'm all for the Ren/Kyouko relationship and it's eating me up what Ren's .. good enough friends that she'll turn to him for advice and Sho might.

You probably don't know this, but I watched you outside the window a couple of times. I kept telling myself you would give up eventually. Then without warning you walked right into me as I walked around the corner not a few days later, so caught up in reading you just hit me and flew backwards.

I remember looking at the paper for your newcomers audition, realising you must have worn Sawara-san down in some way. I also remember the anger I felt when you were telling me you were auditioning for revenge. Revenge is a hard emotion to carry Kyoko-chan. In my own life seeking revenge has caused me nothing but pain and suffering. It was my own stupid desire for revenge Kyoko-chan that led to me killing my best friend. I was raised in this industry so like many kids raised in the same way we grew up in an adult society.

I went to school of course, but due to my time around adults I found it really hard to fit in so as life goes I was bullied. I kept it locked away pretending it didn't bother me by smiling around my family and friends. But there are times when even I wasn't strong enough to smile. I would sob my heart out alone in my room or out and about where I thought no one would see me. It just so happened one day I was noticed, it was the son of my father's friend.

He was 5 years older than me, Rick was his name. You see I idolised him. He was so big and strong yet gentle. He carried himself in a way that you couldn't help but to recognise him, everyone loved him. So there I was sobbing away. Can you imagine caught by the one person that above all else I respected, but he didn't laugh at me or make fun of me he just hugged me and asked the one question that had been my personal dream for so long, 'Do you want to be stronger?

He showed me ways to build up my body and taught me moves so I could defend myself from being hit or beaten as I had been many times. He taught me what true strength was and forced me to face my own fears. He hadn't of course there was no way he could have done it. Instead he had given Rick some chicken nuggets he had brought from the local KFC. He also tried to teach me about love, but sadly by then I was already becoming conceited in my own strength.

I would listen, but some of the things he would say would just annoy me about a woman's magic. Hell to me at that time it was all lust. I went through girls like water never staying with one long before they would leave me.

Over time my arrogance and self-esteem got the better of me and I found myself going out to take the anger I felt towards my parents for never being there to everyone. The bullies had tortured me for years and lately Rick who had got himself a new girlfriend didn't have as much time to spend with me. Something you could never understand. I doubt you have ever been spoilt not even once. A local youth gang that would hang around the town by where we lived, a few of the boys had been the boys who had bullied me at school.

We got into a scuffle and I was knocked around pretty bad, but they kept baiting me calling me things like 'Filthy half breed' and 'Japanese scum. I'm not sure how many I hurt that day but it was past double figures. Someone that knew me had seen what was happening and they had called Rick. He turned up with his girlfriend in tow to stop me. He held me back telling me if I didn't stop then the guy I was hitting would die.

He pleaded with me to go home with him, that if we left now our families would come up with something to diffuse the situation. As I turned I saw one of the boys who had been bullying me for the longest time run. I only remember thinking 'You can't get away from me. I loved every minute of hurting those people who I felt had wronged me all my life, but not only them, more like every single person that had ever wronged me.

I chased him out of the alley we had been fighting in and across the road. He never looked, just ran straight into the street. I heard the tyres screech and turned to see Rick's body flying through the air. She called me a murderer and the horrible, painful truth was she was right. From then on something died inside me. But it did shake her. Sho had said please. Sho never said please. Now she had to go. In the front seat, Shoko had to choke back a gasp. Kyoko hesitated for a moment before hooking his pinky with her own and giving a perfunctory shake before snatching her hand back.

Sho grunted, but accepted this stipulation. It was not like she was going to get any jobs in the next few weeks anyway. And Kyoko was the kind of girl to whom a pinky promise was still like a blood oath. Kyoko had remained silent for the rest of the trip back, and Sho, in fit of unusual intelligence, did not start another conversation.

She did not have them drop her off outside her home, but at a residence nearby. At the very least, she was not letting Sho know where she lived on top of everything else. The next day, Kyoko arrived at work and immediately pinned Kanae in the LoveMe room, falling to her knees and weeping. Would you stop that?

What is it now? Watery eyes met cold ones and Kyoko sniffed. When she got to the end of it, she begged Kanae to go with her. I've got work that night for my new drama, and there is no way on earth that I can cancel.

She noticed Kyoko's tear streaked face and froze. This could not be good. Chiori glanced at Kanae and in an instant gathered that she was being used for a devious purpose.

sho and kyoko relationship advice

She did not know why Fuwa Sho brought such intense reactions out of Kyoko, but she was not going to get into the middle of this. Kyoko only sniffed and a few more tears leaked down her cheeks.

Can't you go with me? Kotonami-san is your best friend and it's her job to take care of you in situations like this. You cry at her, not me. I'm just the kohai. After some clever speaking, both friends managed to escape without making any commitments and without Kyoko crying. Which meant Kyoko still had no one to go with her to the concert.

She had begged a bit more. She had considered breaking her promise. She had argued with herself and with a few of her Ren dolls over what was the appropriate course.

But even her artificial senpais were resolute. She had given her word, her promise. She had a duty to see this through. So after much deliberation, Kyoko decided that there was only one course of action. It was foolhardy, but she had to ask Tsuruga Ren if he would place his dignity and better judgment on the line and save her from having to face this trial alone.

And it had ended, not to her surprise but much to her chagrin, in a nightmare. Ren reclined against a wall, waiting somewhat impatiently outside of Takarada Lory's office. This was an unscheduled appointment, and even LME's greatest could not expect to have the doors simply thrown open in welcome, especially given that this was not an emergency. Ren kept his irritation under the surface, allowing it to simmer beyond sight of the people around. He was fairly sure that his manager could sense the bubbling heat of his concealed temper, but Yashiro would be the only one, and Ren hoped a little that the conniving man was squirming internally.

In spite of Ren's many protests, Yashiro had continued to step up surprise meetings for Ren and Kyoko. Ren had tried to explain, with little success, that he found this officious behavior particularly unhelpful of late, but because he had hidden his confession and rejection from Yashiro, his manager had not complied.

Not that Ren would have expected Yashiro to stop anyway. He had a feeling that until they were a couple, Yashiro would continue to throw them together until Kyoko was forced to accept Ren as a part of her life. Whatever his determination, only an hour before he had casually led Ren into the depths of the LME building and nonchalantly thrown his charge into the LoveMe room.

Kyoko had responded with a weak smile and a polite, "Good afternoon," for both men. She seemed even more skittish than usual, which concerned Ren because he had been trying to avoid her so that she would not feel pressured to think about his previous confession. Maybe he had been too optimistic about how well he understood her.

It seems like you're busy. Ren's eyes narrowed in suspicion. Yashiro, making his own assumptions about Kyoko's seeming embarrassment, opened his mouth to make a surreptitious exit when Kyoko looked up suddenly and prevented him.

Yashiro glanced between the two of them, wondering where this development had come from, suddenly suspecting Ren's determination to avoid Kyoko had been some sort of plot to make her miss him. Clearly Ren had not expected such excellent results. Ren had, of course, not been playing such a devious game, but his heart had soared for a single moment when he had allowed himself to believe that Kyoko was considering, maybe, a date with him. Then reality had reared up, and slammed such a foolish and pathetic dream into the stratosphere.

Her words had not included "date," she was a proper Japanese girl and would have accepted his feelings and confirmed herself as his girlfriend before she would have gone on a date with him, and she was talking about this in front of Yashiro. This was not a proposal for a romantic expedition. Given how nervous she was, she needed help, probably with work. And between his earlier confession, his avoiding her, and her own diminutive pride, it was no wonder that she was nervous. Very carefully, making sure he was as sincere as possible, Ren smiled reassuringly.

She would relax, and he could step back into the dreaded position of senpai. He would not have her, but he would not have lost her. He could do this. Yashiro did not seem to move, but if he was not swelling with pride and joy, it was more than Ren was willing to bet on.

He had wished he could pop all that happiness and hope into oblivion, where it would have stopped encouraging him. He can use a break and I'm sure you have plenty to say," the manager had stated, slipping out of the room before Kyoko could protest. She looked horrified, and Ren suspected she had been counting on Yashiro's presence to protect her in some way or another. Then there was a moment of awkward silence before Ren took control.

Ren remembered mercilessly quashing all the tiny seeds of hope that had tried to blossom in his chest at that moment. Kyoko was not a typical girl. This would not be the confession he wanted to hear. He was an adult, not a child.

He had stopped wishing on falling stars and dandelions. He was logical, composed- Kyoko had thrown herself onto the floor, a stream of unintelligible babble pouring from her lips, startling Ren for a moment before he scolded himself. He had gotten so used to a Kyoko that was comfortable talking to him, he had allowed himself to forget to block her from this pathetic show of agony. The babbling continued, Ren only catching so many words. A rush of tears had streamed down her face, but he had not bothered to wipe them away.

Until she had calmed down, it would be a pointless gesture. She shook her head and stared down at the floor, shamefaced. Ren's jaw clenched, but he forced himself to stay calm. Kyoko, he was more than aware, had the tendency to get dragged into the most awkward and dangerous situations, just by breathing. Especially where Fuwa was involved. Kyoko shook her head. He… sort of dragged me off.

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With his manager," she added, pity for Shoko escaping into her tone. Ren did his best to not growl. She left out what job she had come from, and she did not mention what they had talked about in the car, or the tumult of her own feelings that had brought on her stupidity, but she told him the events. Ren knew enough of her temper towards Sho to believe that he had dragged such a reaction from her. He was the adult she had come to because she was a child needing a scolding.

He could give her a scolding. Because, above all else, Tsuruga Ren was gentle. I've told you before, I don't hold grudges. Yes, he was still the adult here. It's not like we're dating. Ren bit his tongue to keep himself from saying anything else stupid.

Kyoko had gone rigid, as if up until that moment she had not considered the fact that about two weeks ago, he had told her he loved her. Actually, given that it was Kyoko, that was possible. Because he did not register as a man to her.

Ren had nodded, trying to shift back into his scolding adult figure. The adult had disappeared again. He fought to even out his tone at least, but he could not stop his unruly mouth. Kyoko had explained as best as she could what had happened, trying to get him to accept why she could not have said no.

But I need someone to go with me," she pleaded. I know you'll hate it, but please-" "Mogami-san, if you can avoid it by doing LoveMe work, why don't you just go and hunt some down?

She stiffened then, defensive. But with the President offering time off, even people who don't like Sho's style of music are going, because they feel like it's an order to go.

I checked with Sawara-san, but no one is going to need me! Kyoko shrank back, blinking. Ren shoved his temper down as hard as he could, trying to backtrack. If you want a friend going with you, why would you want me to go? To scold you the whole time? Kuon had reared his ugly head, snapping at people and getting angry and everything. Ren wondered for the millionth time why it had to be Mogami Kyoko that could throw him completely out of character.

And why he had to lose control at all the wrong moments.

sho and kyoko relationship advice

It had been Kuon's idea to confess to her. Kyoko did not answer, and he saw her floundering. Ren closed his eyes and begged for patience. He knew he needed to escape before he did something even more stupid. Maybe someone else will save you. But he had not really left the issue behind.

Ren had grabbed Yashiro, who was slowly making his way back, and had told his manager that they needed to talk to Lory. Ren knew Kyoko would never have pressed her boss for help, but Ren was more than willing to make that sacrifice for her.


Lory would tease him, and make things difficult, but Ren was willing to endure that to make sure that Kyoko did not have to deal with the idiot singer.

He might have lost his temper with her, but he was still mature somewhere inside his head. The doors to the President's office opened and the secretary at the desk across the hall sighed. Please watch out for spiders. The woman at the desk smiled. Lory was not a man to do things on a small scale. Walking into the office, Ren was depressed to discover the room had been turned into a miniature jungle, with Lory dressed for some sort of treasure hunting expedition.

The desk and chair that Lory sat in were normal enough, and misplaced with the surroundings, but Ren suspected he had actually had some important business and was considering his guests comfort. The chair in front of the desk was also normal. What kind of trouble have you gotten yourself into this time?

There were a plethora of bugs crawling over various plants, and he heard several varieties of birds chirping. He spotted one, as large as his hand, scuttling long the ground near his foot. He repressed the urge to kick it away. But what did you need? For Mogami-kun," he added with a smile. The spider had started crawling up his leg. Ren was not, in general, afraid of spiders, but he hoped this one got tired of him very quickly. Lory merely raised a brow at Ren's question, not deeming it worthy of an actual answer.

I need you to assign her some sort of LoveMe task that will take up her time until after six or so on Saturday. Ren hesitated, then decided that the truth would be the best response to this suspicious reaction.

He explained, with all the calm and maturity that was expected from him, Kyoko's situation and her need for a convenient exit. The spider made its way onto his knee and remained there, sitting and staring with its beady black eyes. Lory listened silently, a small smile playing on his face. When Ren had finished, he leaned forward, propping his elbows on his desk. If you want my reasons you can have them.

But I don't think that you will like them. Lory rolled his eyes. No, don't ask how I know. You should know better than to assume I will let a girl who openly declared revenge on the most popular singer in the industry to work in my company without having some idea of their relationship. I have not pried into her feelings, or his, but I think the flow of events between then is enough for me to hazard a safe guess.

In spite of his actions. Which is another reason I won't prevent her from going. The fact that she promised because she saw him as a human being who was capable of being wrong and needing help suggests to me that she is healing. But she needs to have more opportunities to see him if things are going to ever reach some sort of closure.

And we are both aware of the fact that this concert is a showcase for all of his love songs. Musicians rely heavily on their own feelings to influence their music. I think it very likely that something, anything, could happen under those circumstances. He would have sworn creature on his knee hissed. And I can always drop a few hints that will reach Fuwa's manager that I am aware of the situation and have… expectations for how Mogami-kun will be received.

Lory might take risks, but he cared for his people and he would not risk Kyoko's safety, no matter how interesting things might get if he let them unravel on their own.

I know you haven't done anything to make her change her opinion of you-" He cut off as Ren looked away. Well, I won't ask how it went since it's plain from the look on your face that it was a complete and total failure.