Sinon and kirito relationship

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sinon and kirito relationship

To me, Sinon fits Kirito better than Asuna. Asuna and Kirito only became a couple due to them being stuck in SAO together. Their relationship always feels a little. before sinon gave the sword to kirito she said that everytime u use this remember me (something I never understood the asuna relationship. Shino Asada (朝田 詩乃, Asada Shino) is a fictional character who appears in the Sword Art Shortly before the Bullet of Bullets (BoB) tournament, Sinon encounters Kirito, deciding to help him after believing he is female due to his avatar. . one not defined by her relationship with Kirito, but rather an incident from her past.

sinon and kirito relationship

Sinon actually despised Kirito at first, when he neglected to inform her of his gender. Events added up, and the two became rivals.

sinon and kirito relationship

However, their relationship steered in an entirely new direction when she noticed that Kirito might be dealing with the same grief she was as well. By the time she was beginning to get over her phobia of the Black Star, she began to have very slight feelings for Kirito that may have been kindled ever since their duel during the preliminaries of the Bullet of Bullets.

The first time she met Kazuto and Asuna in the real world, she unconsciously started to wonder if they were dating before snapping herself out of it.

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As gratitude for her efforts in stopping Death Gun, Kazuto, Rika, and Asuna introduced Shino to Oosawa and Mizue Sachi, a young mother and child she had saved during the post office incident when she was This tremendously helped Shino in overcoming the massive guilt that had burdened her for years. When Kirito was forced to abandon it to save himself, she retrieved it but would only give it to Kirito on the condition that he thought about her every time he used it.

Recognizing that she was tormenting him for her own amusement, but still desperately wanting the sword, Kirito agreed.

Six months after the GGO incident, although she was still questioned about the mysterious boy who picked her up on a motorcycle, Sinon's new close friendship with Asuna had causes her to push any romantic feelings towards Kazuto to the back of her mind, out of respect for the happy couple.

She still sees Kazuto as a very close friend, however, and was instrumental in helping Asuna and Suguha find his location after he had been kidnapped for his use in Project Alicization. Kawahara notes at the end of the volume 2: I have previously also played some online games.

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But no matter in what game, I have never been part of a high-ranking group. I merely envied those eternally strong players with the best equipment and reputation, one after another easily defeating monsters, and afterwards feeling that they were "So skilled!

Regardless of which story, they are basically about Kirito debuting and causing a big stir; and feeling that he is "So skilled! Really, and once would be enough, I really want to know what it feels like to show off to others a weapon of which there are only three copies in the entire server.

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Kawahara created many side stories which introduced these different female characters, all of which had their own backstories and troubles to be solved. However, despite creating these girls and their problems, he always has one solution to their problems: Since Kirito is the main protagonist of the story, Kirito was always the hero which would show up to fill this role of legendary MMO player. Kirito is the game's hero and all of the focus and glory shines on him and his perspective.