Skunk fu fox and rabbit relationship

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skunk fu fox and rabbit relationship

Fox kisses Rabbit in the middle of a scouting duty and Rabbit really enjoys it More rabbit fox relationship pics coming soon Skunk Fu. Skunk Fu! is an animated children's television series featuring the fables of anthropomorphic animals protecting their valley using martial arts. The show chronicles the adventures of young Skunk, training with his Kung Fu master, Panda, with the support of Rabbit, Fox, Turtle, and others. This article is all about the romantic relationship between Fox and Rabbit. In numerous episodes, it's obvious that Rabbit has a crush on Fox, and it appears to .

He ends up going to both schools as a student, and everything is fine until a tournament pits the best students from each school against each other, and now Skunk has to fight himself. Turtle's humorous bedside manner, Skunk resolves to become a comedian. His comedic styling comes in handy when he tags along with Fox and Rabbit on a special mission. However, when Rabbit and Skunk are captured and brought before Baboon, the two must find a way to escape.

However, he quickly founds out that this is not the case because Rabbit is extremely bossy. When Ox and Skunk save the day, however, Ox loses his ability to see them. Fox, Rabbit, and Tiger, worry about Skunk, and they decide to follow him.

Skunk soon finds himself fighting for his life when he's ambushed by Baboon and the Ninja Monkeys. To exact revenge Skunk and Tiger make a Rooster costume and in turn scare Rabbit from his post.

But now with no-one on patrol, it is up to Skunk defend the valley. However, Dragon has different plans. Skunk, Rabbit, and Praying Mantis must now find a way to return Pig to normal. This is easier said than done, however, because Baboon and his Ninja Monkeys decide to steal Turtle's shell. But Dragon wants the truffles for himself, in order to make a scale-soothing lotion that would set him free from his icy cave.

Skunk and Rabbit attempt to protect Pig and his truffles from Dragon's henchman. Unfortunately, Fox is caught but she doesn't lose her cool. In facing down Baboon, she teaches Skunk that sometimes patience and cunning can be much more effective than speed and strength. But when the Ninja Monkey's swipe the rock that Panda just transferred his chi to, Skunk and Tiger hunt the chimps down to save Panda.

And he gets off scot-free. But soon everyone starts blaming the Ninja Monkeys for everything! And then no one seems particularly concerned when Skunk tries to warn them of a real monkey invasion. This isn't easy, however, because Panda takes him on a secret spy mission.

Before he can eep "no", Skunk is swooped up into a Ninja Monkey unit and is face to face with Dragon himself. Of course, Skunk uses the move to prank everyone in the valley. But the joke is on him when the Ninja Monkeys watch Skunk showing the move to Rabbit. Now Skunk and Rabbit have to freeze all the Ninja Monkeys before they can pass on the secret technique to Baboon.

But soon he becomes a total pest.

The Rabbit-Fox relationship

It weren't hurt them for borrowing. Skunk flips and lands safely into the Ninja Monkey's boat and setting sail away from land to the ocean. Skunk is feeling good for awhile. Especially for hurting the Valley with you know who," said Frog.

skunk fu fox and rabbit relationship

He's banished the Valley forever. I overheard what Panda said to him," said Mantis. We'll talk about it later. Right now, we got harvest to reharvested," said Frog as both of them were about to attack until the Ninja Monkeys charging in and squishing them like pancakes. Frog asks Mantis a question. That's why," said Frog. Later, the evil Ninja Monkeys got Duck's vegetables for a snack and Baboon is very pleased to see the results. The boss will be very pleased for the results.

The Ninja Monkeys feel discouraged about Baboon's hunger so they off again to get the vegetables from Duck's garden. When they enter Duck's garden, Fox and Rabbit pop out for a surprise attack. Fox and Rabbit keeps on fighting with the high kicks, punches, smack downs until Baboon give them a slip with the banana peel. They won't be slipping us off," said Rabbit.

Then, they got slipped on the banana peels on the ground and Baboon smacks them down with his two feet while Fox and Rabbit were flying. Both of them got KO on the ground. Baboon said, "you two are pathetic. Take them to Dragon's Lair. You all know what to do.

skunk fu fox and rabbit relationship

Looks like you're having fun. So we can have our fun with you dummy monkeys," said one of the bees as the forming into a fly swatter and swatting the Ninja Monkeys badly. Suddenly, one of the Ninja Monkeys got a vacuum cleaner and sucking the bees inside the sting proof class container. The Ninja Monkeys are having their victory with their very own victory can-can dance with their pom poms on until Crane and Duck flying around with their fans and doing the fan fan technique.

We got something to entertain you fools," said Duck. Their doing the fan fan technique and giving them the big windspread on the Ninja Monkeys and more of them striking back at Crane and Duck so they're continuing with their fan fan technique by using their fans smacking down with those monkeys to a pulp.

And then, they made one final move and it's a Twister technique and made them spinning out of control. We show those stupid monkeys around, Duck. Now, let's get Pig and the Bees free," said Crane. Then, Baboon order them to let go the cages, "NOW! They're both stuck inside. We anticipate Master Panda's move this time. He won't last long," said Baboon while laughing evilly and the Ninja Monkeys also laughing, too.

Get them to Dragon's Lair. Turtle are attacking, but, it was a short fight when the Ninja Monkeys hold Snake and wrapping around Dr. Turtle and landed on the ground badly. Tiger was about to strike when they got a mirror and he shouts in fear, "AHH! Is the dimensional monster that giving me nightmares. It seems all the Valley Animals are in trouble now while they're captured. Only Master Panda can help them now.

Meanwhile at Dragon's Lair, Baboon gave Dragon a full report for victory from defeating them all. I'm glad those uncoordinated animals get hurt.

Now, time is come for me to be out," said Dragon as he gets up and smashing the entrance apart. Dragon is now free and he can torture anywhere he wish. Dragon wishes to see Master Panda for old times sake. You're free from the mountain over there? Now, I'm gonna punish you and your Valley to become my territory," said Dragon.

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Swatting Panda badly on his place and it starts crumbling into rubble. The tree timbers down after the rubble lands on the ground. Dragon starts firing on the trees and now there's fire everywhere. The Valley is in trouble. We could be buddies and protecting the Valley together," said Panda. He's letting go of Panda from his tail and Panda's KO badly with bruises and scratches.

Panda is now officially defeated. I shouldn't banish my student. So sorry," said Panda. Meanwhile in the ocean, Skunk is still sailing smoothly and smelling the sea breeze.

He never been feeling so much better after the skunking incident. This is the life. No more pushing around and absolutely no more Ninja Monkeys. Smiling to frowning I miss them and fighting the Ninja Monkeys, too," said Skunk. Suddenly, a storm is approaching towards to Skunk's route and the waves starts moving up and down at the same while the rain pours faster and harder.

Skunk is feeling green and going on the ledge and starts giving off from food. No more Green Tea Cake for awhile. Holding his mouth and starts giving out ," said Skunk. Without warning, a island appears out of nowhere and he's about to crash.

Skunk's boat got shipwrecked and he's stranded on a remote island. A island in the middle of the ocean. Then, Skunk picks up the pieces from the Ninja Monkey's boat and starts building his very own home by piece by piece.

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Also, he's building his wastebasket for trash, his own oven made with stone rocks and wood for cooking. A table, his own weapons, and wooden dummy for training.

He's all set for his new life in the island away from the Valley. I'm so glad you here.

skunk fu fox and rabbit relationship

Talking to the dummy coconuts Speechless? I bet you are. Come on, I'll show you," said Skunk. Skunk is talking to his coconut dummies almost like another animals around. He's helping his new visitors for the sightseeing trip.

When he does that, there's someone behind the palm trees and it flew faster than ever. Later on, the sightseeing trip is officially over and Skunk is sitting down on his bench which he built. Skunk is ever so relaxed.

I never been so freed. Nothing's gonna ruined my life," said Skunk. Baboon using the whip to make them carrying the bricks to make a statue for Dragon.