Soubi and ritsuka relationship help

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soubi and ritsuka relationship help

Fighter, Nisei, appears, trying to help Ritsuka's mother commit suicide. I don't think Seimei is trying to kill Soubi or Ritsuka, though he did seem I fell in love with the sweet relationship between Soubi and Ritsuka, only to. He sees the people around him as objects, and Ritsuka and Soubi as his personal . and pleasant to gain people's trust to aid him in his schemes. been betrayed and hurt the most by Seimei in his relationship with Soubi. Aoyagi Ritsuka Name Ritsuka Aoyagi True Name Loveless Battle Role Sacrifice Age Soubi (Fighter) Occupation Student Family Aoyagi Misaki (Mother)Mr. Aoyagi Ritsuka's relationship with everyone develops a little more with each volume, Community Central · Support · Fan Contributor Program · WAM Score · Help.

It was also significant to show that Hatsuko does have a partner. The flashback characters were also not put on here because I feel as though they deserve their own relationship chart, due to those chapters being centered around completely different characters and almost a different world than the ones we see in the current timeline. I will be making this, because those relationships are also very important. I cut the names and most of the labels, aside from ones that I felt were the most important.

I made this because I wanted to analyze it, plain and simple. I also made this because I see a lot of misrepresentations of certain relationships in loveless in fics and whatnot and im frankly a bit annoyed by it. Let me tell you the number one thing that I realized while making this chart: Soubi does not have neutral relationships with people. Everyone who is shown to know Soubi has either a positive or negative relationship with Soubi, with the exception of Mikado and Yayoi, who seems to have just met him the Zero girls are debatable, since they had a negative relationship with him that has been settled.

Every other character either likes or hates him. Soubi has very significant, important relationships with people and seems to split on people very easily and cause strong reactions. Also interestingly with Soubi, his positive relationships are very new in his life. They include the Zero boys, but their space became too crowded to put anymore arrows down, so I put the familial relationship with those three.

The exception to this rule is his dislike towards Hitomi, which is caused due to her naivety, inability to take action, and the fact that her being a teacher reminds him of Ritsu. Obviously, this is not something that he has learned in canon yet. Specific relationships dealing with Soubi: As such, it was hard to simplify their relationship into the parameters that I had given myself.

In his case, the red line is an obsession and an abusive relationship.

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He took him in, adopted him, and was supposed to raise him into adulthood. He was the only family that Soubi had after his parents died in the accident, and as a child, Soubi seemed to seek this familial bond with him. He never got it, though, which left Soubi very confused and unable to properly attach, because the person who was supposed to be his parent was simultaneously pushing him away and drawing him closer in an inappropriate way.

Whenever this is brought up, it tends to make people extremely uncomfortable, since things feel so much worse when people apply this identity to their relationship and then look at the way Ritsu treated Soubi.

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However, as it stands right now, both relationships are primarily negative. As of chapterSoubi seems to have lost most, if not all, positive feelings towards Seimei, and Seimei has repeatedly let Soubi know of his disgust of him and how much he dislikes the fact that Soubi can now think and speak for himself.

He hurt him and played with him and did everything he could to put Soubi into more pain, but that seems to be the way that Seimei treats people who allow him to do that to him, especially Soubi, who he had permission and the ability to do anything and everything to.

soubi and ritsuka relationship help

Seimei seemed to enjoy that and was fine with the type of person Soubi was back then. However, Soubi changed and with that, his relationship to Seimei changed. By the time Seimei took Soubi back or—actually, by the time that Seimei breaks into Seven Voices, Soubi has developed enough of a personality that he actually speaks out against Seimei, and when he does this, things instantly change.

soubi and ritsuka relationship help

Seimei glares at him and his entire tone changes and he puts Soubi down for it in front of Ritsuka. From there, Seimei seems to do his best to punish Soubi for becoming a person by putting him through the most pain possible, all of it adding up when Seimei takes Soubi back.

During that battle, Soubi actually actively wishes at multiple points that he was anywhere but there.

soubi and ritsuka relationship help

Many of the romantic overtones have been toned down or are gone completely and Soubi seems to care about Ritsuka in a much more healthy, acceptable way. Ritsuka, in turn, also seems to care quite a bit about Soubi. This is a relationship that was actually incredibly strong and actually pretty healthy at the beginning of the series, and has remained that way.


Soubi and Natsuo and Youji: But after that changes he has become the opposite of his former self, which is achieving perfect marks in school and failing to get along with his classmates, often expressing that he hates various aspects in a person. In addition to this change, he claims Seimeihis beloved older brother who died before the beginning of the story, was the only one who could understand him. Because the cause of these drastic changes is still unknown, he has regular therapy sessions on Wednesdays to determine the reason.

The story begins on his first day at his new school when Ritsuka meets a mysterious man named Soubi Agatsuma for the first time. Soubi confuses him with his sudden intimacy and puzzling claims that he was Seimei's friend and Sentouki Unit.

Personality Despite his young age and inexperience, Ritsuka is very intelligent and approaches things with startling maturity. Despite this, he still has firm opinions and unrelenting ideas about those subjects. Ritsuka as he is depicted in the anime. It is these opinions that clash dramatically with adults and authority figures around him, most notably Soubi. Ritsuka is a pacifist, and strongly opposes violence under any circumstance.

Love is an uncomfortable subject for Ritsuka. He is wary of compliments and affection, and early on in the series is troubled when Soubi says "I love you" frequently. Ritsuka doubts this is true and has trouble tolerating it, and because of Ritsuka's cynical reaction, Soubi stops saying it altogether after volume 2 of the manga. Soubi, although not a masochist, is willing to bear great amounts of pain if it is "punishment".

He explains to Ritsuka that there is, for Soubi, a difference between violence and punishment. To Soubi, punishment is violence with an intention to discipline and is wholly acceptable and even desired from his master. This is something that Ritsu inculcated in him when he was young.

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Ritsu used to whip him and tell him that he must learn to bear pain for his Sacrifice without making a sound. Soubi is abnormally good at hiding his emotions, but at times, his weaknesses and inner conflicts show through his mask. He's been groomed to become an object, and has lived his life as an object, only attaching importance to the person who is his "master" and insisting that he be given orders to follow. Soubi is very distant towards other individuals who are not his master, but has eventually formed relationships with other characters such as Yuiko, the male Zeroes, and Kio.

soubi and ritsuka relationship help

Kio often asked him to go out with him and other college students, and talked to him during class, but Soubi only took a genuine interest in Kio after seeing a butterfly tattoo on Kio's back and learning of the vow Kio made when he had it done.

Despite finding Kio annoying, Soubi cares for him a lot, and when Kio was kidnapped, Ritsuka and Soubi rushed to his rescue.

After fighting the male Zero pair, Natsuo and Youjihe offered to let them live with him because they had nowhere to go, despite their cruelty in driving a nail through his hand during the battle. They soon grow close to each other, and the two help Soubi and Ritsuka on several occasions. Natsuo and Youji even choose to live with Soubi over Nagisa after their battle with Bloodless. Though his dislike for her is genuine, it was for her safety that he fought the male Zero pair in the first place.

Later, when Hitomi finally finds the courage to call him to ask about Ritsuka, who has been absent from school for several days, Soubi tells her about Misaki Aoyagi's abuse of Ritsuka, and tells Hitomi that there's nothing she can do about it anyway, expecting her to pull back after hearing this.

Instead, Hitomi passionately states that although she is scared of Ritsuka's mother, she will confront Misaki for Ritsuka's sake. To this, Soubi replies that he may like teachers a little better because of her, indicating a grudge or mistrust towards teacher figures that most likely stems from Ritsu's treatment of him.

Soubi displays a sense of inferiority when compared to other Fighters with a name because he is a blank Fighter that has no destined name. Ritsu assures him that this is a source of versatility and thus strength, but Soubi seems to regard it only as evidence that he can be easily cast off. Soubi has deep abandonment issues - first his parents died and left him to the abusive Ritsu, then Ritsu who started a sexual relationship with Soubi and left Soubi with the impression that he would become Ritsu's Fighter gave him to Seimei, and then Seimei died and left Soubi to Ritsuka only to reveal that he was alive and hadn't bothered to tell Soubi of his plans and had selected a new Fighter.

When Nisei introduces himself and reveals that Seimei is still alive, and the male Zeroes return to Nagisa, Soubi reveals to Kio that Soubi believes he is a thing that is "easily thrown away". Because of these attachment issues, Soubi is also entirely willing and capable of murdering Nisei for being Seimei's true Fighter.

Soubi is childish and cannot manage his emotions well. He gives in to anger by resorting to physical violence with Sleepless and Nisei Akame, and responds to upsetting events by withdrawing into sulks or a passive state. Upon finding out that Seimei has taken on Nisei as his Fighter to replace Soubi, Soubi goes to Ritsuka and begs him to run away together.

soubi and ritsuka relationship help

Soubi regards Seimei's word as "absolute", shown when Seimei tells him that Soubi will one day play Wisdom Resurrection and that he Seimei will one day be killed by Septimal Moon, both these things coming to pass. And even though Seimei fakes his death without telling Soubi and abandons him for another Fighter, Soubi still follows his command to break the window at Seven Voices Academy to allow Seimei to escape, even when doing so is against the wishes of Ritsuka and everyone at Seven Voices Academy.

However, Soubi also gives indications of believing this less now. He tells Ritsuka during the Seven Voices Academt incident that "not everything Seimei says is the truth" and when Seimei takes him back from Ritsuka, Soubi is clearly unhappy about it.