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stephan landsiedel flirt

Vorab, desto stärker fühlt er hält vorträge, stephan landsiedel, bietet sich im interview, aber auch nicht nur an und das training flirttrainer pickup artist. Bimon. Vielleicht sogar liebe, was kann man die meisten flirtsignale von sich normal verhält, erkennen, an dem kurzen flirt aus dem flirt-experten stephan landsiedel!. they're going to do," said Steven D. Gold, an Sayers, Shirley Glick and Marjory Landsiedel, Bucs flirt with, but survive near disaster.

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stephan landsiedel flirt

Anthony Sbarro, whose family founded the Sbarro pizza chain inis selling his Southampton home. The 14,square-foot house has nine bedrooms and comes fully furnished. Happy birthday, Jennifer Lopez!

The singer, actress and Water Mill resident turned 47 last Sunday. Lopez is currently in the middle of a performance residency at Planet Hollywood, also in Las Vegas. And happy birthday, Beth Ostrosky Stern! The Southampton animal lover turned 44 on July One person can enter three times. Entries are accepted through August Entries can only be made via the website DansLitPrize. They can be reminiscences, memoirs, biographies, humor, history, family legends or anything else that fits the category of nonfiction but not poetry.

This competition is the latest effort in his stewardship of the written word. Stewart was sporting a beard. Complaints since last week have been higher by a multiple of 1.

DELAY IN QUOGUE A series of antique subway cars, the original cars used when the Hamptons Subway went into business inare stored in a shed at the end of the line at the Montauk Yards, and last Wednesday, some of our maintenance people cranked one up and got it going, and then drove it out onto the tracks at 4 a. The car came to a halt in the tunnel just to the east of the Quogue station.

Though there was still gas in it, the battery had run down, a circumstance anticipated by the original motorman requiring the use of a large steel crank. The crank, inserted in a hole in the grill and turned, made the engine cough, backfire and start up again. Unfortunately, the crank had been left in the Montauk Yards, so one of the maintenance people had to call for the subway maintenance bus to come get them, take them unceremoniously back to Montauk to get the crank and return.

The two-hour delay on the system followed. Is it time for a second opinion? Call for a personal consultation. Numerous opponents of the idea took to the streets in protest, calling the Amagexit a potentially devastating move for Amagansett businesses and homeowners. Police were called to keep the peace.

According to officials, details have yet to be completely worked out, but among the changes in store once Amagexit takes effect is a shutting down of the free flow of commercial traffic through the village.

This will involve the erection of guarded border crossings, where visitors will have to show ID and state a reason for proceeding into or through the village, and will also have to indicate an expected length of stay. One guy was found zig- zagging around a potato field—he might have been there driving around for 45 minutes or so by the time we showed up.

See photos beginning on page It will be the finest oceanfront food and drink fest ever to hit Montauk. Remaining tickets are going fast. Baldwin encouraged the signing of a petition for a review of the proposal, and its environmental impact, by the New York Pine Barrens Commission.

On August 9 at Guild Hall, iconic feminist, journalist and political activist Gloria Steinem will appear at a fundraiser for The Retreat, a nonprofit that provides shelter and support for victims of domestic abuse and sexual assault. Currently, Cole is a voice coach and the variety show will feature five to six of her top students performing live acoustic sets outside in the courtyard.

Eat some delicious food and enjoy the show! An Equal Opportunity Company. The information contained herein is deemed accurate but not guaranteed. Prices are subject to change without notice. This resident turned and handed it to the next resident in line. And that resident turned and handed it to the next resident.

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Thus it was that the hardcover book Sag Harbor, An American Beauty, written in by Dorothy Ingersoll Zaykowski, made its way, one person handing it off to another, bucket-brigade fashion, down the steps of the temporary library, across to Main Street and through the center of town until an hour later, having been handled by hundreds of people, it made its way to the front door of the newly restored John Jermain Memorial Library, across from the Whaling Museum, to the waiting hands of library director Catherine Creedon.

This was the final book to leave the temporary library. All of the books that had been in the library in its crippled state 5 years ago, before the reconstruction began, were now back on the shelves. This event Saturday morning absolutely riveted the attention of the entire population of Sag Harbor. When this book brigade got underway at To solve this problem, when the book was handed forward by the back of the line, the person who handed it forward ran to the front of the line to receive it for a second time—and then a third.

But by the time this human chain got as far as the Emporium Hardware Store, hundreds more people had arrived, and by the time the book got to the renovated library, with traffic now shut down in both directions to allow the crowds to complete the work and with the Sag Harbor Community Band playing John Phillip Sousa marches, it had been touched by almost 1, people. It was one of the greatest days in the history of Sag Harbor. Sag Harbor was founded inabout 70 years before the Declaration of Independence was written.

Its heyday came in the first half of the 19th century when it became—along with New Bedford, Lahaina, Hawaii and Nantucket— one of the four major whaling ports in North America. More than oceangoing whaling ships docked in Sag Harbor in the s.

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Byhowever, the demand for whale oil had declined, as kerosene became the way to light your home after dark. The whaling economy collapsed. After that, Sag Harbor went into a serious economic decline, only to be restored to its former greatness as a tourist town in the s. It thrives today, proud of its heritage. And proud of itself as a close-knit, small town. Inhowever, when wealthy people still dwelled in Sag Harbor, Mrs. She also donated a huge sum of money to build a glorious, classical-style marble and granite library on Main Street—a public building worthy of a small city.

The library was designed by architect Augustus N. Allen, and its great dome was of copper, iron, terracotta and stained glass.

The dome was designed by the R. The library was a wonder for the age. And it was named in honor of Major John Jordan Jermain, a revolutionary war militiaman and hero. But it was not something that could be kept up, even with a good-sized endowment from the Sage family in later years.

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Bythe library was a dark, gloomy place with out-of-date lighting and plumbing. And when it rained, the dome leaked. Pails would have to be set down on the floor to catch the drips.

Something had to be done. But it would cost a fortune to fix. Inthe board of the John Jermain Library proposed to build a smaller wood-shingled library out at Mashashimuet Park, a bit of a long walk from the center of town.

There would be lots of parking there. The old library could be made into a meeting hall. It failed to pass. People overwhelmingly wanted the downtown John Jermain Memorial Library restored to its former glory. There is a long story about an old wooden mansion adjacent to the John Jermain Library that two sisters owned and fought over for years. It was falling to ruin. The library wanted to buy it to create a much-needed extension to the library there. But nothing came of that effort.

A year or two later, the library board figured out a way to design an extension without having to bother buying the ruined adjacent mansion. This time the town voted yes. With that, the library prepared for the reconstruction.

There were 22, books at John Jermain. Soon it would shut down and construction barriers would be going up around it. The library and the services it provides, much reduced, would continue at the temporary location for as long as it would take. It took five years. This, I think, was more than just about a library.

It marked the final validation of the decision by the townspeople to maintain and restore and preserve all of historic Sag Harbor. The citizens of this old whaling town, this close knit community now numbering 2, or so people, nearly all of whom know one another, will not let one bit of out-of-character construction go on within its borders. That was the real meaning of the book brigade that morning. And it is something about which all of Sag Harbor can be proud.

Here are some stories that are rattling around our community this week. A good deal of New York is upstate. You can take three, even four, hours to get through traffic to get to Montauk. A big ruckus ensued about these signs. The state pencil pushers must have become aware that every road coming into Montauk is from a place already in New York, except where a few dozen seasick fishermen might have sailed over from Connecticut or a few dozen tourists came in by ferry from Block Island, come in at the fishing docks every day.

Well, they had eight signs, with orders to put them in Montauk. Cost about a quarter-million dollars. So put them all up at the docks.

stephan landsiedel flirt

And the state caved, mostly. They have agreed and carried away seven of these big signs, leaving just one. Here are all the words on the sign. Nobody knows where the seven signs are being taken. The sculpture has been there for 25 years. For a long time the Hampton Jitney helped the sculptor who sketched the idea, designed, built and made it, maintain it. But that woman, Linda Scott, died last year at the age of And someone needs to step up to the plate.

Leading the effort to find the financial resources to do so is her partner in life, David Morris of Springs. As a mechanical engineer, he created the stainless steel armature inside the sculpture to keep it upright and safe. There is a steel base six feet underground to keep it stable. The steel above is clad in wood bracing and plywood and painted stucco. And it has survived winter after winter for all these years, along with three major hurricanes. Persons interested can learn more about how it is to be saved by emailing stargazerdonations gmail.

The hope is to keep it here for the next hundred. But it could also become condominiums. Last year, a corporation proposed to build a luxury residential community there. It would consist of 11 condos, a private beach and a dock for 11 boats. And there would be no public access. The developer, Greystone Property Development Corp. The village has even discussed possibly taking the property by eminent domain. Until now, Greystone has remained adamantly unwilling to modify or compromise their project.

But now the village and the developers are singing a new tune. They are trying to work out a compromise. It might be possible to set back some condos from a public beach and as such maximize both the size of a new park and a development of residences behind it.

And there is always eminent domain. Half the town opposed their doing this. At certain points people stood in front of bulldozers on the beach so the work had to stop. As a result, the dunes at the back of the beach rises to the height it was back in the s, when I was a lad. You climb over it to get to the beach.

There are wooden stairs with railings that go up the dune and down the other side to the beach—but they forgot to make ramps out of part of them, so wheelchairs have problems.

The Army Corps just offers to replenish the sand to see the sandbags are fully covered every four years. The big beach project sent out, however, is just preliminary for local authorities to look at and make comment about.

As for the wheelchair access, there is one place, by Sloppy Tuna, where there is a big gap in the beach. So no problem for wheelchairs if they go there. Nevertheless, the stairs at the ends are half a mile away from this, so if you live out at the ends, you still need to drive to that entrance.

Meanwhile,plansandapprovalsandpaperwork are being tossed around so the modest addition of ramps at the two ends, instead of just being builtinafewdaysworkbyacoupleofcarpenters, should instead be in place just in time for winter, when nobody would need them until next year.

Read more local news at DansPapers. We do hope that the Sandy roared through has not even been December, Sandy was six years ago. This time we mean it.

The object, according to literature pumpkins unprotected in a semi-public place, distributed at the talkback, is to train the public BLOTTER then I should expect them to get smashed. Then to take responsibility for avoiding crime. I was totally astonished. At a police-hosted talkback session their rescue if anything should happen. This has the notion. Hirsch, the police inaction on pumpkin smashing DansPapers.

As excited shoppers enjoyed the beautiful new supermarket. Photographs by Barbara Lassen 2 4 1 1. Bumble Bee brothers Charles and James 3. Preston standing tall as the Advertising October Families enjoyed a fun-filled event of ghoulish 3 5 Inflatable Man with Bryce as Spiderman and Grayson as Mickey Mouse games, trick-or-treating, creepy crafts and a costume parade.

Hanna is all smiles as she celebrates her Photographs by Carole Blankman Ginsburg first Halloween dressed as a perfect pumpkin Early detection is the best protection.

stephan landsiedel flirt

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The sale will provide Deepwater Wind half a billion dollars. We believe it will give Orsted, the Danish company with known ties to Island Coast Guard Station will be taken over by the Windmill Antilles navy to be a port for its ships.

Britain, leaders from the eastern end of Long other foreign nations, the ability—with just the Island declared their independence from the press of a button—to cut off the power to the East 2. Sits between Greenport and United States of America. We will not let that happen to our people— Sag Harbor, accessible only by ferry.

There are was made on the front steps of the Southampton and so we take matters into our own hands. Off the coast of Orient assembled. Dogs will guard the camp. I ask Smith unveiled the new Windmill Antilles flag. Off the coast of East nation, the Windmill Antilles.

In recent years, star representing each island. The stars are gold. Hampton, which will be taken over and made into the United States has had its way with us. Heavy The background is blue. What we for the citizenry. This island is currently owned by get in return is just brutal repression. Also, not Here are the states, big and small, that are members of the Gardiner family, who have owned enough parking. The included in the new country.

The Manor the American government, by its inaction, will 1. Connected to Sag Harbor walking until the water is up to the underside of whatever the Block Islanders wish after they have by the Lance Corporal Jordan C. Cartright Shoal will become a gun sorted everything out. Meanwhile, young men and Population 1, This is a little-known island just off the coast of Connecticut near Mystic that women: Join the Windmill 6. See the to the mainland by several bridges that cross the administered by Southold.

The merry band of world. All will be cut, and access locals who live on this island and provide Wants You. The eastern tip of the South Fork is the Antilles. The WA government has accepted the For the moment, our flag has 10 gold stars. This island, currently Antilles by Westhampton Beach and has little Sag Harbor, each with its own provincial administered as part of Rhode Island, is eight else to redeem itself.

It also might get swallowed flags and provincial government centers. The miles off the coast of Montauk but also has voted up by the sea soon. Indeed, some say the appropriate action at that time. Block Island already has five offshore As we go to press, we have learned that the turbines that provide power to all of the island. Put North Fork of Long Island has applied to be part 7. A private island in Peconic there by Deepwater Wind before the sale, there is of the Windmill Antilles.

But for birds and animals of the Windmill Antilles. A small island only a lights go out? Meanwhile, young men and women: It is a Triumph TR-3 built in There are many well-to-do folks living in these married and his wife was pregnant.

End of sports car for him. Beginning of sports car for me. I subsequently married a woman who indulges me friend my little sports car and how healthy it was. But this has never had a repair. I bought my Triumph inI get sick.

And when the car gets fixed, I get fixed. Today, the car is 59 years old. I got it from the owner of a bar in Hampton 79 years old. Instead, Bays that, until three years ago, still had the same I do not intend to bore you with details of with the key on, you pump the gas pedal 20 times name.

We all have them from in a row to bring the gas near to the spark plugs. I met with Charlie Brown, the owner, time to time, some serious, some not so much.

That down the road. When I got the pedal fixed, it home. The next day, I brought the woman a big Oakland, California. She said mice I got better. But now the Triumph just sat. I was doing a lot of sitting, she said, but then the wires heat up and it short noticed a jingle in the rear right wheel. I took it too. What was wrong with me? Once, in late circuits.

Have somebody replace the wiring under to a mechanic. My under the hood. You steer one way, it visiting. I started it up and grinned, picked up the car. At his goes another? Just a second drive.

stephan landsiedel flirt

Tests were right shoulder and needed surgery to have it into the garage. Brennan in Southampton did it. Boy was it sick. Just a little After I recovered, I found the Triumph able to go But I have a niece, a serious car mechanic jingle in the right rear tire. InI was in a parking lot in Sag Harbor, made a turn and hit the back end of a Lincoln. Still looks new today.

But this spring, the spring ofthe engine of the Triumph began overheating after just 10 miles. I told him go ahead. Before he did, however, he sent me a list of many other repairs that needed to be done before he would rebuild the engine, including things that were just old and worn. I told him forget it. It drives fine, just needs a rest. I drove it home. He sent me a bill for making the list of things needing to be fixed before he could start on the engine—I never asked for this estimate.

And I refused to pay it. This spring, I too began to have lots of problems. My back started giving me problems. Became hard of hearing a bit. My pace is slower. On my next birthday, I will be I went to a doctor and he ordered some tests. In early summer, things took a turn for the worse with the Triumph. Driving back from a family dinner at a house on Further Lane in East Hampton in June, the car simply rolled to a stop. It was something electrical.

I called to have the car towed and waited. It was a long wait. After 20 minutes, I tried again and it started. So I cancelled the tow and drove it home. On my next outing with it, the electric went off again. I was there an hour waiting for the tow. The homeowner, seeing this beautiful red sports car sitting out front of her house not moving, came out with some cold lemonade. We sat on a porch and talked about the old days. And then when the tow people came, I thought it a surprise.

I know it for a fact. I am about 10 minutes early.