Sturridge and suarez relationship poems

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sturridge and suarez relationship poems

Mar 5, Luis Suarez believes strike partner Daniel Sturridge is the perfect foil in a good relationship off the field, with Suarez revealing the excellent. Mar 11, in my somewhat tempestuous relationship with my dad was football. . with a devastatingly effective attacking troika of Suarez, Sturridge and. Jan 1, Let others sing bullshit songs about England, slipping and transfer .. Suarez had no love for the club once he saw it wasn't on the up to .. in their peak years ( we currently have none until Sturridge comes back fit) Lampard's a different type of player to Gerrard and has no emotional relationship with City;.

Steven Gerrard clearing efforts from Everton off the line and celebrating with a clenched fist. Steven Gerrard running the length of Goodison with his hand to his ear after slamming in a shot no-one was saving.

sturridge and suarez relationship poems

In an FA Cup Final. Steven Gerrard scoring, and inspiring, in Istanbul. Gerrard at right back, in the middle, on the right of midfield and behind the striker. Gerrard kissing the camera at Old Trafford. Gerrard scoring every conceivable goal. Gerrard snapping into tackles and jumping on Everton players. Gerrard putting Jack Wilshire on his arse. I could go on.

sturridge and suarez relationship poems

Let others sing bullshit songs about England, slipping and transfer requests. Nothing can spoil the Steven Gerrard legacy.

sturridge and suarez relationship poems

Not to my mind. An ordinary lad from an ordinary home who went on to be one of the best in the world. Even now, even at the tail-end of his career, he is capable of things that very few in the world are capable of.

Remember that skimming half-volley ball he played the other week?

sturridge and suarez relationship poems

What about that through ball at Fulham at the end of the last season? What about those passes that he effortlessly curls 40 yards or the close to un-defendable balls he puts into the box from a free kick?

The fire and the flair of Luis Suárez and Daniel Sturridge at Liverpool

What about the free kick against Basel? Again, I could go on. Is Steven Gerrard the best player to have wore the red?

I missed Kenny and Souness.

The fire and the flair of Luis Suárez and Daniel Sturridge at Liverpool

In Huyton his talents were no secret. The fella who used to cut my hair at Twig Lane barbers used to rave about his ability before he was anywhere near the first team.

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In the same barbers a hand-drawn picture of him in a Liverpool kit lived on a shelf long before he was in the national conscience. Few players would have even spotted the goalkeeper marginally off his line. The technique to execute the chip to perfection was simply outrageous and ensured that Sturridge shared the headlines.

They were undeniably single-minded, and would never pass up a goal when presented with the opportunity, but this is what made them so good. Many classic partnerships have had a playmaker and a finisher, or some variation on the big man, little man approach that so dominated the thinking of English coaches in the s. They were both complete forwards, equally adept at producing something out of nothing, and converting the chances when they came. Indeed, the partnership that developed was almost transactional; an assist created more than a goal — it created a debt.

It merited a response in kind, often an immediate one. In away matches at Stoke and Cardiff, in which Liverpool scored a combined 11 goals, Sturridge laid on goals for the Uruguayan only to be presented with tap-ins of his own later in the same games. Invariably, this would prompt a celebration almost as iconic as the aforementioned wriggly arms: Sturridge would turn and point at the provider, who would be pointing back at him with a look of unbridled joy etched across his face.

The elation was about a goal for the team, of course, but beyond that, it was about the restoration of equilibrium between the strikers. There was no such parity by the end of the season in terms of goal and assist tallies. He was second only to Steven Gerrard in assists, and led the second-highest scorer by 10 clear goals.


Who was this second-placed man? Daniel Sturridge, of course. Even before the unpleasant side of his utter single-mindedness reared its head at the World Cup, in the form of a bite on Giorgio Chiellinia move away from Anfield seemed inevitable. England were drawn in the same group as Uruguay, which meant that the two forwards who had thrived so much together would now have to do battle on the biggest stage. Again, this was almost irresistible theatre: This final severance of the ever-unsteady bond between the two signified the end of a partnership that burned bright but ultimately burned out.