Tokyo ghoul fan art kaneki and touka relationship

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tokyo ghoul fan art kaneki and touka relationship

Tokyo Ghoul Deadman Wonderland, Tsukiyama, Fairy Tail, Vocaloid, Tokyo Ghoul, Manga Kaneki Ken & Kirishima Touka - Tokyo Ghoul / Toukyou KushuKaneki Ken, Kaneki, Haise a.k.a Kaneki's twisted relationship with himself Ayato obsession hahaha Kanae Von Rosewald, Anime Meme, Tsukkiyama, Fanart. When posting official art or fan art, please link to the original source. Tokyo Ghoul:re - Jaimini's Box - Current fan scanlators I don't think Hinami has loved Kaneki in that sort of way but rather I think she would love to be. He is a childhood best friend of the main protagonist, Kaneki Ken, and one of the many fans believe that the author of the Tokyo Ghoul manga, Ishida Sui, . a commercial spot, promo video, and some additional gallery artwork. . based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including.

tokyo ghoul fan art kaneki and touka relationship

She was staring at him, HIM, in living flesh, those same melancholic eyes, the same white hair. The girl just stood there until she finally got over her shock. Kaneki just stayed put, unfazed by her attitude, but of course he wouldn't, he wasn't the same anymore Just wanted to see how you were doing.

So go back to your little place! I don't want to see you shithead! I know that I hurt you You think I'd pass it off as if nothing happened?! She was doing fine without him. Why did he have to appear in front of her, with that same painted expression he had when they separated? It made it more painful than it already was.

Kaneki & Touka Got Married. Tokyo Ghoul Re: Season 2 Episode 7

I don't want you to get hurt, you and the others. You don't know a fucking thing about me! You don't even care about trying to know! You only think about your selfish actions! You don't even care what others feel! Well, I'm sick of it! I'm sick of the empty promises! I don't need any fucking liars!

tokyo ghoul fan art kaneki and touka relationship

Her vision was blurred from the tears, but she didn't care anymore, it didn't matter anymore if the idiot saw her weak, fragile, vulnerable side. Everything she tried to hide She just wanted it to spill over and get over with it.

The girl was pounding angrily with her fist on his shoulders, not that she could much force in it at the moment. The girl didn't even flinched when she felt a pair of arms wrapped around her torso, nor when she felt his breath close to her ear.

He decided to get her inside, since they would draw quite some attention. The half-ghoul made her sit on the couch, while the girl buried her face in his shirt and continued to cry her eyes out, until she fell asleep. Kaneki hadn't moved an inch since she lost conciousness, he just continued with comforting her, rubbing her back gently in circles.

He hadn't expected that she would be 'that' distraught, she really cared a lot for him. Kaneki gently placed his hand in her hair. It was softer than he remembered and longer too.

He caressed her gently as he stared at her face. The tears haven't dried, but at least she calmed down a little. The teen wondering if his memories had done any good, because she looked absolutely stunning. He kissed her forehead lovingly and whispered apologies to her. How he really regretted leaving her, how he missed her, how he wanted her by his side and how much he treasured her.

Kaneki stared at the girl, she looked restless and distraught. Her words stayed on his mind. Only that her brother Ayato was one of the higher ups in Aogiri. She never mentioned her parents so he figured they were killed by doves probably It explains why Ayato was so focused on getting stronger.

tokyo ghoul fan art kaneki and touka relationship

Their parents were probably no fighters and that's why they died. I'll pluck every one of them that gets in the way. She rubbed her eyes and blinked a few times when she noticed she was on her couch with Kaneki.

I didn't mean to hurt you.

Ayato Kirishima

She stared at Kaneki questionable. He was surprisingly close, she stood up, acting as if what happened before never occurred. The half-ghoul only nodded as the girl walked to her kitchen. Deja-vu seemed to overtake the girl, it was just like the time when she offered him to stay at her place until he calmed down from his nightmares after the incident with Tsukiyama. Only this time the nervousness and awkward mood had completely disappeared and the current Kaneki was different, calmer and not even nervous at all.

It felt pleasingly strange. The room was quiet for a while, until Touka finally decided to open her mouth. The female ghoul snorted. The man was silent, he stared at the 17 year-old's back, trying to come up with the words to phrase his sentence.

I missed you and I wanted to see you Slightly shocked by his blunt and honest answer, she focused on the coffee. Arms crossed under her chest and a frown present on her face. Another silence filled the room and this time it annoyed Touka to no end. It made her feel uncomfortable and uncertain, she wasn't used to this She thought that that moment couldn't have happened since she thought that her closest friend would be afraid to love her.

That's what she thought when he kissed her. She knew she didn't have to wonder that to herself since she already knew that that was real. As she let that truth sink in, she felt so happy. She finally had someone that she loved besides her parents and brother. And so she gave herself to him, as with Kaneki. They both were shy when they became a couple at first. Everything they did that normal couples would naturally do would make them both blush with embarrassment. Even Yoriko thought it was adorable at how they blushed when they both exchanged hugs or kissed each other on the cheek.

Touka wanted to tell her that she had the wrong idea as always, but it was hard getting used to the idea that she actually had a boyfriend. It really was hard. But after a while, they didn't have any problems. They were not scared to express themselves and their love to each other. It's strange how it worked, yet it's still beautiful as roses.

Sadly, no one ever knows why God would always destroy the moments that seemed that they would last forever. When Kaneki was kidnapped by Aogiri, Touka was distraught. However, she didn't stop herself from being depressed. She promised herself that when she and the rest of the members of Anteiku would bring him back, she would always protect her lover even if he wouldn't.

It was a promise that she wanted to start keeping even when she had not seen him yet again. She was ready to find and rescue Kaneki, but she was the person being rescued by him instead. She was really happy seeing him alive and well, but he didn't have any of his sweet, old expressions he used to show whenever she saw him, whenever and wherever.

The old Kaneki would've held her or kissed her until he didn't have the strength to do so anymore. She would've held onto him as he did, crying realizing that he was alright and safe in her arms. But the Kaneki she saw, the one with hair white as snow rather than his raven black hair, was motionless.

Touka didn't know what happened to him over at Aogiri, but he changed. She felt pathetic when she didn't say anything when he told her that he wasn't going back to Anteiku. She did nothing when he walked away from her, leaving her behind. When she tried to reach for him, she realized something. Kaneki was a weak person, and she thought that they would both become stronger when they were together. But that's not how it became for them. She didn't help him become strong; they both traded places.

He took her strength and she took his weakness. She was, at that moment, weak. Since then, the two lovers haven't interacted or seen each other. Kaneki didn't try to go to Touka since he wanted to be alone and protect her along with the people at Anteiku. He would secretly observe Anteiku in the shadows to see how it was doing, but it wasn't the same.

Nevertheless, Touka was the one that made an effort to try and find him again. She spent long nights searching and waiting for him as many hours as she could, hoping that he would return and apologize to her for trying to abandon Anteiku.

She would also stay outside of the shop, hoping that he would come back to the same cafe shop they both loved.

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She would stay up for as long as she could, right until she fell asleep. Kaneki would usually see her like that when he came to visit Anteiku, so he would carry her back to her room without waking anybody up. Every time she woke up in her bed, she would always be confused. She still didn't know who kept putting her in her bed in the middle of the night. It didn't matter; with her being inept about who brought her to her bed, she thought that one of the employees at Anteiku brought her in. She would always be upset at everyone, wanting for one of them to confess who brought her in.

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She would've given up at one point, but she was always stubborn. And with that, she faced the same routine over and over again. In Chapter 10, it was shown that Kaneki's feelings for Touka are so strong, that even when he lost his memories, he still deeply cares for her.

Being completely shaken up after meeting her again as Sasaki. He even called her the most beautiful person he has even seen before. Juuzou's first appearance in Chapter 11, combined with a Funny Moment. He greets Sasaki by rushing towards him as though they were about to hug and then starts searching his pockets. It turns out that Sasaki hides tons of candy in his pockets whenever he expects to see Juuzou, so that he can find them.

Naki's followers returning the favour from the original and Taking the Bullet for him. The Quinx are reunited after rescuing Mutsuki, and Sasaki praises him for a job well done. Hanbee covering Juuzou's ears so he won't have to hear Big Madam's dying screams.

Hinami's love for Kaneki is as strong as ever. She then proceeds to fight the fiercest she's ever done in her life for the sake of Kaneki.

Tokyo Ghoul: [SPOILER] Just Hooked Up

Against the ghoul-ified Takizawa. And actually forces him to use his Kakuja! You goHinami! Sasaki accepting that Kaneki, his past self must have been a great person, to have been loved so much by Hinami, followed by the latter reaffirming her belief that Sasaki truly is Kaneki, and not just his "vessel".

Ayato looking physically upset at having to leave Hinami behind. Akira hugging Haise after their promotions. Mirumo's diary from volume 4, which shows him to be a Doting Parent that loves his son with every fiber of his being. It concludes with him addressing Shuu, telling him that he is So Proud of You and loves him no matter what.

Ito and another squad member beg Hirako to rejoin the squad in one of the omakes. Several ghouls who are heads of companies and have positions in society are all willing to sacrifice their reputation and lives to delay the CCG chasing Shuu out of respect for Mirumo.

Upon realising how outclassed they are by Kanae, Shimoguchi tries to get his subordinates to run and leave him behind but they refuse and insist on staying with him against the overwhelming force. Sasaki becomes very frustrated over how his CCG coworkers keep hiding the truth of his past from him, culminating with confronting Akira about it, screaming that he's not Haise. Then a flashback reveals that Akira was deliberately chosen to play the part of surrogate mother to him, and a clearly pained Akira soothes his pain and reassures him.

Sasaki's relationship with his team except perhaps Urie is something truly precious to look at, considering all the horrible things he's experienced. He really cares for them like a pseudo-parentand they in turn respect him a lot and care about him. Special mention goes to Saiko. This last one is especially poignant considering her particular brand of Parental Abandonment. When Sasaki's about to go fight Takizawa in what admittedly looked like a last stand, her begging him to stop is heavily reminiscent of the same scene involving Kaneki and Tsukiyama at the end of the first series.

Hori, Touka, and Yomo rescuing Tsukiyama from investigators and reuniting him with his father. Especially in Touka's case, since she and Tsukiyama are not exactly friends, and holds serious trust issues with him in Part 1. She could have refused Chie's request to come to his aid, or even kill her because she knew too much about them. Urie, Saiko, and Tooru disregard Shirazu's dying will to Mercy Kill his sister Haru in favor of becoming Special Classes to fund her medical bills in his place.

This explains their newfound dedication to their work over the Time Skip and Urie's new and selfless motive of getting promotions.