Travelling around malaysia and indonesia relationship

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travelling around malaysia and indonesia relationship

Although Malaysia scores less in economic resources and military capability than Indonesia, its economic relationship and defence network is. The trip unsurprisingly saw some significant symbolism, but less in the way of substance. Despite an outcry in Indonesia, sentiment against Malaysia did not blow up automotive and transportation equipment, construction materials.

There are a few reasons why Indonesians were quick to squirt out emotive reactions. Economic theory stipulates that competition is likely to be more intense when competing parties do not possess comparative advantage over one another. When a tension arises, there would be a tendency to constantly compare one country with the other to ascertain the superiority between the two. Second, atavistic memory is a strong element in the Indonesia-Malaysia dynamics.

Any bilateral tempest between the two in this modern era would always be affected by past turbulent events. Chief of these events is the konfrontasi, which set the tone of how Indonesians and Malaysians perceive each other. This array of past events has entered the current unfriendly discourse which sprouted out of an unfortunate editorial blunder.

Such an occurrence is far from new and will likely repeat itself unless people from both nations work to dismantle this regressive mentality. Third, the propensity to be emotionally triggered by inter-state misapprehension is due to deep-seated nationalistic values. While many attempt to avoid any sort of inter-state confrontation, regrettably, some parties anticipate such collision to erupt.

travelling around malaysia and indonesia relationship

Indonesians are particularly affected due to theirstrong attribution with national symbols, history and independence. Fourth, this disruption could not have occurred at a less-fortunate timing. While the Internet offers an avenue for embittered youths to vent their frustration and anger, it also has the potential to facilitate constructive exchange on fostering ASEAN unity.

However, some diplomatic spats have occurred that at times put tensions on bilateral relations. These range from territorial disputes, treatment of migrant workers to accusations of cultural theft.

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Territorial disputes[ edit ] Most of the current borders were inherited from Dutch East Indies and British Malaya and Borneo colonial rule. Currently, both nations are in a territorial dispute over the oil-rich islands of Ambalat. Previously, they were over territorial disputes over the islands of Ligitan and Sipadanwhich were won by Malaysia. Both parties involved in arresting and detaining their counterpart's officials and fishermen accused on territorial breaching violations and illegal fishing.

The AR3 has a maximum range of up to kilometers, a distance which will place some parts of Indonesia within firing range. The Chinese side also declined to comment on the report, saying "weapons exports were not part of its remit". Indonesians in Malaysia Indonesian migrant workers Indonesian: In the s to s Malaysia saw economic growth and development, industrialization, and modernization. With its large population and large workforce, Indonesian workers began to regard Malaysia as an attractive destination for work as a means of improving their economic situation.

In both Indonesia and Malaysia were hit by a financial crisis that prompted the fall of the Indonesian Suharto regime.

MALAYSIA vs INDONESIA Why so much animosity between Indonesia and Malaysia?

Large numbers of Indonesians lost their jobs and Indonesian migrant workers began to pour into Malaysia.

Indonesian migrant workers are plagued with issues such as poverty, human traffickingabuse, and extortion. Approximatelydomestic workers, most of them from Indonesia, are employed in Malaysia. Some suffer physical or sexual violence from employers. Indonesia resumed sending migrant workers to Malaysia in December ofafter both countries signed a memorandum of understanding about worker protection in April of that year. Because of many similarities and shared cultures between Indonesia and Malaysia —also because of significant numbers of Indonesian-origin immigrants in today's Malaysian demographic—both countries are often involved in disputes over cultural claims of the origin.

Through an intensive tourism campaign, Malaysia has featured some famous cultural icons, namely the song Rasa Sayangebatikshadow puppet theater and barongan reog dance. As the reaction, many Indonesians felt the need to safeguard their cultural legacies, and to the extreme developed the anti-Malaysia sentiments.

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In the Pendet controversy fuelled again the cultural disputes among neighbours. The claims to an extent also overlap with neighboring Singapore.

travelling around malaysia and indonesia relationship

Despite the dispute never leading to a serious confrontation between the two countries, and politicians of both sides having even acknowledged it as "petty", in Indonesia however, an activist group held a demonstration in front of the Malaysian Embassy in Jakarta to protest the origin of the dish, lumpia in February For example, Indonesian popular cultures such as Indonesian musicsfilms and sinetrons are popular in Malaysia.

Numerous Indonesian bands and musicians have their fan-base in Malaysia and often performed some concerts in Malaysia. In Malaysian music industry demanded the restriction of Indonesian songs on Malaysian radio broadcasts. Competitive matches between the Indonesian and Malaysian team are famed for their immense turnout and intense atmosphere, whether the tie is held in Malaysia or Indonesia. Environment[ edit ] The slash and burn practice to clear the lands for palm plantations in Sumatra and Kalimantan were causing haze and smoke fog that blown northwards by wind and had reached Malaysia and Singapore.

The haze occurs in,and reached the highest haze pollutant levels in June The trans-border haze problems have strained diplomatic relations between Indonesia and Malaysia, and also with Singapore.