Tyrion and daenerys relationship goals

tyrion and daenerys relationship goals

Though many fans were initially rooting for the couple, Dany and Jon's they do have similar goals: create a better world for their people. Jon. Peter Dinklage Says Tyrion Has the Hots for the Mother of Dragons. The relationship between Tyrion Lannister and Daenerys Targaryen on Game of Thrones has been kept pretty vague. So, is Tyrion in love with the Mother of Dragons, or does he simply admire her cause?. Fans are wondering if Tyrion Lannister betrayed Daenerys in the 'Game of Aside from Jamie, with whom he always kept a close relationship, Tyrion however, Tyrion insisted to Cersei that his goal was never to destroy.

As Tyrion points out, Dany has a habit of charging headfirst into dangerous situations on the backs of her dragons.

Every time she does, she's risking death — and if she dies, her revolution dies with her. A guide to coping with the latest death on 'Game of Thrones' Dany's coalition of Dothraki, Unsullied, and disillusioned Westerosi are currently being held together by their righteous belief in their ruler and the ideals she espouses.

Without her, they'd just be a bunch of squabbling, unrelated factions. That, in turn, would make them easy targets once the crown got around to punishing them for treason.

Dany's whole pitch is that she's not just "politics as usual" — she stands for something greater than herself. Just listen to Missandei gush about how great it is to follow a leader she chose, rather than one she was forced to accept.

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By refusing to even entertain the idea of how this movement might carry on without her, Dany is demonstrating the usual selfishness that citizens of Westeros have come to expect from their leaders. She starts to look like just another politician who wants power for its own sake. All your favorites are meeting in the 'Game of Thrones' finale and there's gonna be a rumble To be fair to Dany, there's a reason why this is an extra sensitive subject for her.

Per a certain prophecy, she cannot bear children. So the usual method of hereditary succession is out of the question. Tyrion, who's well aware, presents some other options for her to consider.

tyrion and daenerys relationship goals

However, why did he encourage them, then? In one of their chats, Dany described stupid things that heroes do, citing all past admirers, lovers, and Jon Snow. Tyrion calls her out on this and the queen rebuffs that Jon is "too little for her.

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Drogo stood at 6'4'', Daario at 6'1'', and even Jorah was 6'0''. Jon Snow, comparatively, is 5'8''. However, Daenerys Stormborn herself is only 5'2''.

While Jon does not tower over her, he is still half a foot taller than her. Dany was just using a deflection tactic, but it still doesn't quick make sense when she's still so much smaller than Jon.

However, past that, they are very different. Jon is a willing leader, but he's also reluctant. He's family-focused, down to earth, and humble. Though a king now, he still tries to do the right thing, as he's always done. Dany has become fierce in her pursuit for the throne. She has burned away her past, including her only living brother.

Her loyalties lie with her people and her dragons. She is a dragon mother and a queen before anything else. His good guy approach and her ruthlessness are bound to contradict eventually.

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This leads to a few bizarre topics of conversation that initially would be unexpected. One of the strongest examples of this is their talk about Dany's infertility.

While at the dragon Pit parley, somehow Jon and Dany get to talking about bloodlines and, subsequently, her infertility. He notes that the person who told her she was infertile was unreliable. However, Jon deliberately talking to her about this is odd and out of place. However, Jon wants to get proof, a wight from The Wall, to ensure that Cersei understands the danger and won't turn on them.

As the wights have converged into an army, though, this is a difficult task. As feared, the raid goes terribly. They capture a wight, but the army finds them and they lose several men trying to escape. The plan, though well-meaning, always was dumb. The White Walker army is too organized for a small party to stand any chance. Also, worse, they lost a dragon to them.

Allying with Cersei is less risky than this. However, Dany complicates this situation by ditching this trusted friend for her new flame, Jon Snow. Love is understandably powerful, but it's heartbreaking to see her disregard her loyal adviser for a man she has only known for a short while. She needs the support of the beloved King of the North, while he needs the dragonglass in her caverns and the support of her armies for the impending wight war.

To solidify this union, it would be logical for them to arrange a political marriage. However, Dany and Jon never mention it.

tyrion and daenerys relationship goals

Not only would it make a strong bond between their peoples, but it would also have been an easy device to bring the two characters closer together. She decided that she was going to become the queen she was destined to be: Never again would anyone look down on her.

Despite all of this, she falls in love with a king: Jon Snow, which hardly makes any sense. Dany wants to be the leader and re-mold Westeros in her own vision. Having a king could hinder this, and at best he'd be her equal, not her subject.


The wights were quickly encroaching and war was upon them. However, despite this impending doom, Jon refuses to do the one thing that will get Daenerys' dragons and armies on his side: He's initially uncertain about her abilities as a leader.

Later, he cites the fact the North won't accept her as queen. Jon is so adamant that it's ludicrous. He talks to her about how dire the situation is, yet he himself is hindering progress to help save the world.

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Jon, too, will have a graveyard to rule if the North is decimated. While her desire to accumulate more allies is reasonable, her belligerence is counterproductive. It doesn't encourage Jon to want to ally with her to keep him a near-prisoner at her castle.