Velma and fred relationship trust

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velma and fred relationship trust

I HATE the Velma and Shaggy love thing. (exactly as he was) and his wonderful doggy - you don't try to cut the doggy out of a relationship. to the other two kids- they're often seen dancing together and when Fred has the gang " split up". What's the gang to do when they lose their loyal, most trusted companion? And while Fred, Velma and Daphne understood the inevitability of . Ordinarily, it was he who would comfort her, after a failed romantic relationship. it as the Scooby gang find that there are virtually no adults that they can trust. (Fred's Dad is the Mayor, Velma's parents run the town's Spook Museum and the relationships evolve with Fred and Daphne, Shaggy and Velma alternatively.

Scooby-Doo has always had interesting and ambiguous group dynamics. This has led to multiple interpretations of those dynamics. The traditional view is that there are two couples: Fred and Daphne plus Shaggy and Velma. Part of the ambiguity is that these pairings were always hinted at, but never really confirmed. Daphne was always more interested in Fred and Velma was always more interested in Shaggy than vice-versa.

The most popular alternative theory to the Scooby-Doo group dynamic is the one championed by Joss Whedon: This, essentially, is the dynamic explored in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Note that when I say modelled on, I am not implying plagiarism, except to properly quote T. For one thing, the monsters are real. Buffy uses monsters to explore the emotional wasteland of adolescence and those emotions are not something that can be dismissed with a rubber mask on Old Mr.

Daphne suspected the change started when Velma was hospitalised with a bad head injury she received whilst on a case. Shaggy had been very supportive during her recovery, this made a deep impression on Velma and she had responded with warmth towards him ever since. The experience had also touched Shaggy and he had remained very attentive towards her even when her recovery was well under way.

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Then there was the time when they all thought Velma had been eaten by a monster leaving just her clothed skeleton behind, that had forced Shaggy to face up to his feelings about Velma.

That's when it all came together for them thought Daphne. Shaggy had shown a level of physical courage Daphne had never seen before, but only when Velma was in danger, Velma had made sure that she was the bait rather than Shaggy so she could be sure he was safe and the two of them had show open displays of real affection towards each other. Daphne had since spied them cuddling up together on the sofa, holding hands when out walking together and, after checking to see that they were not being observed, passionately kissing; they had even been sneaking off to 'look for clues' while the gang had been on cases, the same thing she and Fred used to do when they were first dating.

But maddeningly for Daphne, neither Shaggy nor Velma would acknowledge that they were officially an 'item', and Scooby wasn't talking either no matter how much she tried to bribe him.

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She overdid the ice-hockey yesterday and needs the rest. No free samples for us yet, the first load of the products got stolen before they left the company warehouse After the gang had left Shaggy busied himself round the house.

A few hours later he thought he could hear some movement from Velma's room so he went to see if she was up. He knocked on her door "Velma, are you up? The mass of aches, pains, bumps and bruises slowly coalesced into a just about awake Velma which sat up in bed, put on her glasses then promptly went back to sleep.

She was awoken by knocking on her door "Room service" called Shaggy "Come in Shaggy" she replied then stretched and yawned. A couple of trays piled high with food, fruit juice and coffee with legs underneath entered the room "All your favourites Velma, told Daphne I'd pamper you. She told me not to make too much food so I've only done two trays. Velma patted the spot on the bed next to her "Thanks Shaggy, come and sit here, I think I'll need a bit of help with all this. And do understand that he was not alone when he died--he was surrounded by those who loved him, and those who he loved, too.

So please don't feel that you are. It wasn't a necessary act, but the blond man believed that somehow, it could offer closure to himself and to his friends.

velma and fred relationship trust

The elderly breeder opened the door and cheerfully greeted Fred. None of them, Daphne least of all, could contain their anguish over what had just happened. Daphne wiped her eyes with her scarf before entering the house, though it was plain to see that she had been crying only moments earlier.

Fred took a deep breath and gathered his composure; he knew it would be difficult to speak, but he felt that it was his responsibility, especially since Shaggy was in no condition to do so. The blond man shook his head and lowered his eyes to avoid her gaze. Swallowing a huge lump in his throat, Fred managed to continue his conversation. Thank you for twelve wonderful years with that dog.

The elderly breeder looked at the four people standing in front of her and favored them with a kindly and compassionate regard. As a breeder, she knew the cycle of birth, life and death all too well, and that it did always not occur in that sequence. Fred could tell from her voice that she was sincere. They're in the other room, and you can go take a look at them if you want. Like, there can just never be another Scooby. But I think it would do you some good to at least take a look at the litter; whether or not you choose to adopt one of the puppies is your decision.

The two girls stopped in front of the nesting box, gasping collectively at the sight of the squirming Great Dane puppies, yipping and whimpering, full of life. Velma reached into the box and lifted one of the pups. The squirming animal strove desperately to lick both girls. You're licking my glasses!

velma and fred relationship trust

He's just too much! Shaggy turned his attention to the two girls. For the first time in a week, he managed a semblance of a smile. Velma raised her head and managed to bring herself to a standing position. Picking up the gangly puppy, she slowly approached the skinny man. He too had fallen in love with the little pup's antics, though he hated to admit it. Knittingham, "and he's from the same parentage Once again, it was her turn to comfort him.

She handed the puppy to Fred, then approached the skinny man. She faced him, and began speaking, trying not to let her emotions interfere with the message she wanted to convey.

Shaggy sighed, trying to reconcile his conflicting emotions. It's as if I'm betraying Scoob's memory, and especially, so soon. In a way, you are honoring him—you're bringing another Dane into your life, and one from the same lineage as Scooby.

Shaggy, sometimes, the best cure for sadness over death, is the reintroduction of life. And if it means anything to you, Shaggy, I would like another dog. No one will ever replace Scooby, that's true, but it would be unbearable on all of us—especially you--to live without a dog. Shaggy carefully thought of what Velma had said, then managed a semblance of a smile.

Instinctively, she knew what his words meant. Shaggy took his first steps into the adjoining room, accompanied by Velma.

velma and fred relationship trust

Fred, Velma and Daphne looked at their cohort, nervously anticipating his next words. The little animal squirmed to get out of Daphne's grip, stretching its neck to lick Fred. Fred closed his eyes and laughed, pretending to push the dog's face away from his own.