Viola and orsino relationship

Cesario and Orsino?

viola and orsino relationship

In Twelfth Night the relationships are anything but romantic. Shakespeare writes from the male point of view which implies an un-easy split between love and. As the boy servant, "Cesario," Viola quickly becomes Orsino's favorite page and into a relationship with another human being (rather than the relationship he. Hi Just wandering what people think of the whole Cesario / Orsino relationship. It's clear in the play that Orsino values Cesario very highly, but.

viola and orsino relationship

The bonds of friendship are very strong but Shakespeare makes it evident that there is more than friendship between Viola and Orsino throughout the play. The beginning must be analyzed alone to fully understand how the friendship develops.

In this sense they already have a bond that is considered essential to love, service of one another. Although the service is one sided, it allows for Orsino to return her devotion at the close of the play. The idea that Orsino could just marry Viola whom he previously thought was a boy is softened by the love that they already shared.

But this love also allows the audience to question the sexuality of Orsino, and whether he loved Viola as more than a servant before he knew she was a woman. Say that some lady, as perhaps there is. Hath for your love a great pang of heart As you have for Olivia: She seeks to prevent him from being hurt in the only context she understands — that of her own apparently bleak situation.

viola and orsino relationship

Although love is undeniably a powerful force of change in Twelfth Night, it is not the concealed grief of Viola which is active in crossing the barriers of gender, closed mindsets and convention in her relationship with Orsino. Only in this situation of confusion can a love such as that which Orsino and Viola develop be realized.

viola and orsino relationship

The scene in Act II is therefore crucial, not just to establish the closeness which has developed between the two characters, but also to establish this sense of disorder — the necessary first stage. One of the most significant emblems of anarchy is that of the objectivity of truth which Viola embodies in her disguise.

viola and orsino relationship

Through this falsity, she is able to show her true feelings, as if her love itself were a blend of truth and imagination, like the loves of Orsino and Olivia. Only in this environment of confused gender, identity and genre can this love be conveyed.

We have never seen such a world. Orsino is not truly in love, but instead he is in love with the idea of being in love. He enjoys indulging in his misery, and complaining of his aching heart.

He likes that melancholy feeling that comes from unrequited love.

Love as Comedic Energy: Viola and Orsino, Twelfth Night II.iv

His love for Olivia is only superficial, and he comes across as being very emotionally shallow. Orsino is only a likeable character because he relates in a much different way to Viola. She brings out his real personality, showing that perhaps he is not quite as self-indulgent as he seems. He only speaks to Olivia through a messenger, and he is afraid to truly get close to a woman. In the beginning, she is in love with grief, locking herself away from the world to suffer from supposed sorrow.

Olivia is as fickle as Orsino, and she quickly sets aside her terrible grief when she meets Cesario. She falls instantly in love with Viola as Cesario, and begins pining away for him, just like Orsino pines away for her.

She compares love to a plague, which is an excellent description of the love in Twelfth Night.

Orsino's Development of Love

It strikes without warning, and infects everyone, leaving pain and madness in its wake. Olivia also quickly shifts allegiance in the end from Viola to Sebastian. Throughout the play, Olivia enjoys wallowing in her grief, first over her brother and then over Cesario.

She likes feeling sorry for herself. Viola, disguised as Cesario, falls in love with Orsino. This presents a conflict, because she is dressed as a man, and Orsino is unaware that she is a woman.

Olivia is also in love with Viola as Cesario, which deepens her conflict.

viola and orsino relationship

She sincerely loves Orsino, and does so throughout the play. Where the rest of the characters love is fickle, hers is steadfast.