Virgo female and libra male relationship

Virgo and Libra - Compatibility in Sex, Love and Life

virgo female and libra male relationship

Find out the Libra man - Virgo woman love compatibility. Know how the Libra man and Virgo woman relationship will be. When it comes to the Libra man and Virgo woman, compatibility is complex, but away that the Libra man is looking for a serious relationship, not a dalliance. Love match compatibility between Virgo woman and Libra man. Read about the Virgo female love relationship with Libra male.

They have a fundamental conflict of interests in the bedroom. On the other hand, he is bothered by her lack of imagination when it comes to making love. Finding that initial spark can be very challenging for this pair. However, there is hope for their sexual attraction to grow over time.

If the Libra man is willing to be patient and tender towards her, the Virgo woman will become more comfortable and willing to open up. This change will take time, but once she is able to trust him, she will be more willing to be vulnerable and supply the passion and expressivity he craves.

virgo female and libra male relationship

This transforms the slow burn of their sexual chemistry into something they both crave and find fulfilling. After all, it is undeniably true that there is usually a good bit of truth behind her criticisms. At times this can even be beneficial, as the Libra man can improve his airy ideas with her grounded and practical suggestions. But constantly being under scrutiny and criticism by a Virgo woman can break almost anyone down — especially the sensitive Libra.

This continuous nagging will hurt him deeply. The Libra man strives to avoid conflict at all costs. In order to maintain the peace, he will readily back down to the Virgo woman during a disagreement. He would rather give up and simply agree with her or withdraw himself from the conversation than get into an argument. The Virgo woman finds this incredibly frustrating, as her solution to conflict is to discuss it at great lengths. As soon as you give him that attention, you are no longer special.

Libra man seems selfish and detached to me. He is sweet but I think it's because he wants everybody to like him. This has been one of those things I've had to just let go, even though I love the high when I'm around him.

The high is not worth it because he does not mean what he says. I don't understand a Libra and he does not understand me! My experience with a Libra. I'm from the Caribbean and he was from Botswana. He came to my island to do school. I'm the beginning I really had no interest in him whatever. It all changed when there was an event taking place by our faculty room. Da group of decided to go get a bite and we were chilling and talking and all We hung out more and more each day and one night he told me he loved me.

I think he's the most charming guy I knw. We went to the pond one day and I really wanted to kiss him, but I never initiated those things b The kiss was dif though. Weeks went by and we spent much time together, being that we had the same classes etc, we'd talk everyday and then even in the nights. He was a great conversationalist.

One night I asked him what his fantasy was and he said to lose his virginity. I told him I would fulfill it. When we did do it, he reminded me of myself when I lost my virginity.

Libra Man And Virgo Woman Compatibility In Love Match

I didn't understand it all. I felt like I didn't know him anymore. I told him everything about me. I guess he couldn't let go of my past. I have a friend who I send forwards to as well. I started getting real emotional. He was the 1st guy I ever really loved though.

I think the person above me summarize the libra man well. Well, I'm with this Libra man whom I absolutely adore.

Libra Man and Virgo Woman

I must admit though, he comes off as really jealous at times. I think I'm pretty free spirited when it comes to the opposite sex, so I feel that there should be no problems with male friends, but he is not having it!

virgo female and libra male relationship

He gives me the security that I crave. I do feel that he does move fast though when it comes to marriage and taking our relationship to the next level; but that may just be my issue with not accepting that we can actually have a good marriage without having dated for a set amount of time.

virgo female and libra male relationship

He can be very childish at times and I find my self being mother like to him. I handle all of the finances as far as making sure the bills are paid on time and all. He just goes to work and makes the money. I allocate the funds. I love the way he takes the authoritive role naturally. It takes a lot for me to want to step out of the driving seat, but he does it. I like the way that he's a manly man. I'm a Virgo women an I love me a Libra man. He hurt me so bad and cheated on me many times.

He was a liar and used his charm just to get me in bed. One thing that I have to say is the sex was very good. But all Virgo women stay away from Libra men!!!!! I am a Virgo woman dated a Libra man for three years. Hello I'm a Libra man and I've been with my Virgo lady for 5 years now. She is the most beautiful, sexy, lovable woman I have ever met. She is, however, terribly critical which causes me some pain as I find critisism sometimes hard to take especially if it seems unfair.

I know I can sometimes be argumentative especially if she gives me generalised opinions or if the critism is unjust. I try hard not to do this because when she is annoyed with me she can be in a dark mood for several days.

I find moodiness hard to accept in anyone and sometimes will try to lift her out of her mood by joking. This often makes things much worse! I have never been with anyone who can make me so furious at one moment and the next make me want her so badly.

Sometimes it feels as if she cares not one bit for me and at other times I feel loved as I have never been loved before. Any Virgo ladies out there, any guidence you can give me would be gratefully received. I just felt we would never work out because of how different we were and because he would never express his feelings to me which being a Virgo I need because I hate second guessing someones feeling for me.

I always heard that you normally find a partner that has the personality traits you lack because you want to gain those in one way or another. Libra men are the best at charming the virgo. Lets face it Virgo women we fall for the Libra man very easy and I would do it again in a heartbeat no man can treat you as good as a Libra can. Libra guys, we have charm, grace, and handle every social curb ball thrown at us. We have the tendency to become the person you want most in life and that can be good and bad.

You must remember to be open and honest with both yourself and her. Therefore, we tend to put ourselves in positions we don't really like just to keep the peace, and end up hating it later without warning.

Being open and honest from the get go will prove to be better for the both of you. Virgo girls, you are beautiful and comforting to be around, but you have to work just as hard as libra. Libra's like advice so they can make up their own minds, but hate when you dictate or offer ultimatums that don't allow them to consider other options.

You need to learn that while you're opinion is valued, you should consider the feelings of others before you become too blunt. And when you're Libra guy is spontaneous and charming to you, he secretly wants you to do the same for him instead of waiting for what he does next.

Libra balances life while Virgo puts the rest in order. Both are good thinkers and have great conversations, but remember your strong points and don't hold back. Not being honest and open will undo you, but keeping the line of communication open like a highway will bond you both even more. Neither one of you should "settle", and it takes time to understand each other. This relationship is like fine wine, it takes a while to get where you want to be, but once you wait and then pop the cork, it tastes so sweet.

I'm a Libra man and my beautiful, sexy, clever, smart mouthed, annoying, caring, frustrating, and sensitive girlfriend is a Virgo woman.

Free Libra man and Virgo woman compatibility horoscope

Lol, nice description, right? Anyways, I love this woman to death and I'm pretty sure she feels something similar as well. I've known her since 10th grade and I couldn't stand her; her constant maiking fun of me during class was annoying as hell and it surprised me because she was the first girl I ever was mean to Besides her, the only women to get me so frustrated are my mom and sister Throughout high school she was like the arch nemesis.

But we made up on our senior year and became some what friends during college. We ended up going to the same Community College. I've read through these post and I gotta say much of these Virgo womans traits are nothing but at the same time some what relative to my girl When we first tried to talk it was horrible! She constantly made fun of me, I could never get a straight answer from her, it was a challenge just to keep eye contact with her, and whenever I tried approaching the topic about us she would evade evade evade.

Needless to say we never got that chance to actually become boyfriend or girlfriend. A lost cause is what I figured. So two years passed and we barely spoke to each other in those years, but then one day a friend of ours comes to visit from school and something clicks We're constantly flirting with eachother, we keep looking at each other from acroos the rooms, and when we talked their was nothing but laughter.

Yeah, our friends were pretty annoyed with us. As we were whining things down we were talking outside and then I noticed something really different about her She was looking me in the eye the whole time we were talking and I saw it She wanted me to kiss her. I don't know how I knew but I did and I wanted to so bad! But I kept my distance for a bit cause back then she use to have this weird policy that she doesn't kiss anyone if she's not going out with them.

So I mulled it over and I think to myself 'screw it! I never believed the whole spark from a kiss thing, but my body and mind was on auto-piolt cause next thing I know I'm picking her up and setting her on my car While kissing mind you. Call it pent up emotions from those years of not getting that kiss out of the way or maybe the fact that we're just good kissers.

Whatever the reason I knew from there I had to make her mine We've been going out for 11 months now and it's been fantastic! Of course we've had our petty and big arguments and I know theirs plenty to come. But I love this Girl! She's the best and I tell her that whenever I can.

Libra Man And Virgo Woman

She can still be pretty reserved when we talk about sex or her feelings at times, and I know I have to be patient with her since I was the one who took her virginity, which I'm working on and she understands.

We constantly argure but its very normal since we've done it for years, and she's very clever with comebacks which I find annoying and equally endearing. Anyways, I know I wrote a whole essay just now but my main point is to the people that believe a Libra and Virgo relationship is blasphemy. I'm sorry but you're wrong, I believe that these horoscopes have some good points but it doesn't only describe who that person is entirely.

I believed that the reason my girl and I are so good together is because of those years we had apart from eachother. We matured and saw what else was out there and thanks to God we were brought together again. I believe with time, patience, and understanding the most uncompatible of people can be the best of lovers. I'm a Virgo girl and the one guy I fell for happened to be a Libra, but he played me and once I fell for him and told him I liked him, he tried to get me to have sex with him I didn't of course, but for a while he would do stuff with me and kiss me I personally think they're bad news and I wouldn't trust another Libra guy because they seem to lie and are selfish attention-seekers I am a Virgo woman and from my experience Libra men can be very selfish, self absorbed, pulls away then comes back like nothing ever happened.

Libra men loves to be the center of attention, doesn't like to apologize, and when it is time for a serious conversation they seem to get defensive and to sum it up in a nutshell it's been a terible experience. Virgo woman are the perfectionist of the zodiac and we deserve more stabilty especially when it comes to the meeting of the minds our best trait. Where do I begin, I have fallen completely in love with an older Libra Man. I am 49 and he is Can I just tell you that I believe it's more about individuality.

Every one is different. It could'nt be that simple. Life is not that simple. I have had many, many men in my life.

virgo female and libra male relationship

She would prefer to call it help. Either way, she will be constantly full of suggestions as to how the Libra man can improve himself. Often, she does have a point, and her groundedness and practical abilities can really help him to make more of his airy ideas. His indecisiveness gets on her nervesas does his desire to be too sociable for her liking.

What really winds her up, however, is his refusal to argue. When there is a problem, the Virgo woman will want to talk it out, at great length; the Libra man will either just agree with her for the sake of a quiet life, or will withdraw, wanting to avoid conflict at all costs. This leaves many issues unresolved and many words unspoken — and if the Libra guy takes the easy way out too often and just agrees instead of voicing his real opinion, he will quickly start to feel resentful.