Warren beatty and shirley mclane relationship quotes

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warren beatty and shirley mclane relationship quotes

Shirley MacLaine slept with three men in one day, she revealed this week. After revealing that her year marriage to producer Steve Parker had been It's the least you'd expect from Warren Beatty's sister, but where modern West also left us with some very choice quotes, including "Is that a gun in. Warren Beatty, a true Hollywood maverick, sets the record straight on his six- decade-long And then I see quotes taken from these books. credit for not saying bullshit,” he adds – since his marriage to Annette Bening in and snaps back: “I know someone thinks the same thing: Shirley MacLaine. Shirley MacLaine Poster. Shirley MacLaine. Quotes (26) [on Warren Beatty] The difference between us is sex. over the phone and he would ask me, 'What is it like having a relationship with Peter Sellers?' and I said, 'He's out of his mind.

The big studios were paranoid about avoiding damaging scandals, and tended to marry off young stars and starlets as though they were breeding racehorses. All this did was create unhappy marriages, and a lot of extramarital carry-on that provided fodder for the Hollywood scandal sheets.

But beyond all this was the sheer hedonism of an ultra-wealthy town that always knew how to have a good time. Promiscuous men tended to get away with it, free-living actresses tended to be branded scarlet women, but the best of them didn't give a damn -- and only rarely were their careers adversely affected.

Here's our list of some of Hollywood's most legendary lovers. Ava Gardner Frank Sinatra sang torch songs to her, but he was only one of the men whose heads were turned by the spectacular Ava Gardner. She was briefly married to Mickey Rooney in the early s, and when he later boasted about their sex life she dryly commented "Well honey, he may have enjoyed the sex, but goodness knows I didn't".

She was also involved with Howard Hughes and jazz man Artie Shaw before embarking on a tempestuous marriage to Sinatra in She later had an affair with Ernest Hemingway in Cuba -- now that's what I call living. MaE West The Brooklyn bombshell with the salty turn of phrase took Hollywood by storm in the early s and deliberately fostered a loose and vampy image.

A writer and wit who was way ahead of her time, she supported gay rights, took black lovers and was openly contemptuous of the institution of marriage. West also left us with some very choice quotes, including "Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?

Though she tended to play wide-eyed innocents, she was anything but in her private life. Throughout her career rumours abounded about a disreputable youth, and during her tempestuous marriage to Douglas Fairbanks Jr she began an on-off affair with Clark Gable. She was married four times, and was named as 'the other woman' in two divorces.

While still finding her feet in Hollywood she'd married a dentist called Petter Lindstrom inat the age of only 21, and had a child with him. But Lindstrom was old-fashioned and controlling, and when Bergman was in Italy making a film called Stromboli inshe fell in love with its director, Roberto Rossellini, and became pregnant by him.

warren beatty and shirley mclane relationship quotes

She was ostracised by a predictably hypocritical Hollywood, and didn't make another film there for seven years. Marlene Dietrich German actress Marlene Dietrich became an enduring star after moving to Hollywood in the s, but always retained a whiff of the decadence of Weimar Berlin. A bisexual, she enjoyed continuous affairs during her adult life, despite being officially married to an assistant director called Rudolf Sieber for over 50 years.

Lana Turner An angel-faced actress with a thoroughly chaotic personal life, Lana Turner was married seven times and once said "my goal was to have one husband and seven children, but it turned out to be the other way around".

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Her most disastrous relationship was with a small-time LA gangster called Johnny Stompanato, who quickly became the bane of her life. Sean Connery punched his lights out when he arrived on the set of Another Time, Another Place wielding a gun, and Turner's daughter Cheryl stabbed Stompanato to death during a domestic dispute on April 4, Grace Kelly For most of her brief Hollywood career, blonde-haired beauty Grace Kelly played pure maidens and damsels in distress, but in reality -- before her marriage to Prince Rainier of Monaco -- she was an adventurous and thoroughly modern young woman with an active sex life.

She had affairs with Clark Gable him again and William Holden, and became embroiled in a scandal after being pursued by co-star Ray Milland, who was married and odd years her senior. I have wondered for 26 years what this would feel like! Thank you for terminating the suspense.

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I'm not unaware of how I'm perceived, I just don't care about it. Unless I really hurt someone's feelings. I care about that. I was always a character actress and never a sex symbol. Even when I was the leading lady, I was a character actor. I've made so many movies playing a hooker that they don't pay me in the regular way anymore.

They leave it on the dresser.

warren beatty and shirley mclane relationship quotes

My first few weeks in New York were an initiation into the kingdom of guts. You are an asshole!

Shirley MacLaine admits she slept with three people in one day

You are the architect of your personal experience. I can take it or leave it. But my kid brother Sex is the most important thing in his life. It's his hobby, you could say. From the neck up she's eighty. If we can genuinely honor our mother and father we are not only at peace with ourselves but we can give them birth to our future. I'm very interested in how insane everybody is.

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That's why I write. I don't know what the norm is.

warren beatty and shirley mclane relationship quotes

The latest evaluations on human sexuality say that we are one-third monogamous, one-third serially monogamous and one-third polygamous. I would say there should be some kind of form to fill out before you promise monogamy. And then she said, 'No, I think not. I think I'll fall asleep'. I said, OK, that's good too. And then she said, 'No, I think I will cry'.

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I said, I don't know what you'd do that for, but whatever. What she did instead was flirt back. I was so surprised.

warren beatty and shirley mclane relationship quotes

I do miss the stage.