Wes gibbins and annalise keating relationship questions

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wes gibbins and annalise keating relationship questions

Annalise Keating's past and her possible connection to Wes Gibbins even before These are the central questions to the rest of this season. To which Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) responded: A Wes Gibbins and James return Olivia Pope and Annalise Keating dancing it out. In the midseason finale, Annalise whispered "Christophe" after Wes shot her — and it young, and it makes sense that Annalise was somehow involved, given their connection. Is his last name really Gibbons, or something else? Like any good twist, it raises so many more questions than it answers.

wes gibbins and annalise keating relationship questions

His friend does not allow it. In the fourth season, Connor accepts Oliver's marriage proposal and applies for an internship. As a consequence, Connor begins facing an identity crisis, triggering him to drop out of college. Rebecca Sutter[ edit ] Katie Findlay Rebecca Sutter portrayed by Katie Findlay is a drugs inclined social outcast who was once the best friend of Lila, who is still dealing with Lila's death. Rebecca is killed by Bonnie via suffocation in the first-season finale.

Michaela and Aiden have a long discussion about their engagement. Michaela finds that she has an interview at a law firm, only to discover that it's her future in-laws who have called the meeting for a prenuptial agreement.

Michaela meets with her future mother-in-law to discuss the pre-nup agreement she is refusing to sign. She is involved in Sam's murder. In the second season, Michaela has sex with a man named Levi Wescott, who is revealed to be "EGGS," a unknown messenger who tried to contact Rebecca before her death disappearance for Michaela and the others and Rebecca's foster brother. She also gets romantically involved with Caleb Hapstall, one of Annalise's clients.

By the end of the season, Michaela and Asher share an unexpected moment together which lead, in the following season, to a relationship. In the third season, Michaela's foster mother Trishelle lives with her in her apartment for a while, but she leaves after uninterrupted fights with Michaela.

In the fourth season, she continues her relationship with Asher, and after she is dispensed by Annalise she applies for internships. Asher Millstone[ edit ] Asher Millstone portrayed by Matt McGorry is a privileged, jokester who comes from a law-based background. He is even excluded from Sam's murder. Over time, Asher begins a casual relationship with Bonnie.

In the second season, he becomes embroiled in the murder of Emily Sinclair after her actions caused his father, William Millstone, to commit suicide.

After his father's death, he's excluded from his family, leaving him with no money and gets closer to the others, becoming aware of their criminal past and starts a sexual relationship with Michaela, that leads to a serious relationship. In the third season, he tries to glue the group together after opinions begin to diverge and Annalise is distant. In the fourth season, he applies for internships but is turned down.

wes gibbins and annalise keating relationship questions

Laurel Castillo[ edit ] Karla Souza Laurel Castillo portrayed by Karla Souza is a quiet, sensitive and ambitious idealistic who enrolled in law school to learn how to help the less fortunate.

With a profound attention to detail and inventive mind, she is talented and darker than expected. In the first season, Laurel gets sexually involved with Frank Delfino as the two help each other with their struggles. In the second season, Laurel and Wes investigate on Annalise's involvement with Wes' mother. They get romantically involved while Frank is away.

In the third season, Frank disappears and Laurel enters in the dilemma between Frank and Wes. Eventually Wes is killed and she discovers she is carrying his child.

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Laurel, wanting to honour him, does everything to find out what happened to him and gets resentful after Annalise pins all the murders on a deceased Wes. In the fourth season, Laurel starts to suspect on her father, believing he is somehow guilty of Wes' death.

Frank Delfino[ edit ] Frank Delfino portrayed by Charlie Weber is a reckless employee of Annalise's firm who is not a lawyer but handles special duties requiring discretion. In the second season, he helps them with Sinclair's murder. In the third season, Frank disappears after Annalise discovers that, years ago, Frank was responsible for the driver who hit in her car and made her lose her baby.

He slowly returns in order to protect Annalise, Bonnie and Laurel and even lies to the police saying he killed Wes. In her childhood, Bonnie was sexually abused multiple times by her mad father.

In the first season, she serves as Annalise's right-hand woman while assisting her in court. She kills Rebecca in order to protect Annalise. In the second season, she embroils in Sinclair's murder and psychologically helps the involved. She covers up their tracks with the help of Nate, Annalise and Frank.

She discovers that Frank was responsible for the death of Annalise's baby and eventually tells it to Annalise, culminating in Frank's disappearance.

In the third season, Bonnie secretly meets with Frank to talk and keep him updated. During one of these encounters, they have awkward sex. Along with Asher, she works to keep everyone united while Annalise is in jail. In Coalport, PA, Frank kills Bonnie's father at the prison in which he was serving time, avenging her mistreatment as a child. Later, Frank, trying to fix everything bad he caused to Annalise, is prepared to shoot himself in the head in front of her and Bonnie, leading to the duo's heated argumentation.

Later, Bonnie convinces Frank to spare his own life for her sake, revealing their love affair to Annalise and encouraging him to turn himself over to the DA's office to save them all from being arrested.

In the fourth season, Annalise gives Bonnie and the Keating Four recommendation letters and Bonnie uses it to become state prosecutor.

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Connor first approaches him in the first season, needing info a company to help one of Annalise's cases. They have sex several times until Oliver finds out that Connor is using him. However, Connor comes back and tells Oliver that he really likes him and that he never felt this way towards anyone before. Connor moves into Oliver's apartment and they begin a relationship.

In the third season, Oliver proposes to Connor, but gets no answer. In the fourth season, Oliver continues to ask Connor to marry, to which Connor eventually says yes. In the fifth season, Oliver and Connor get married. While investigating his daily life, Frank discovers that he uses a disposable phone and maintains a suspicious attitude.

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After appearing in a guest capacity in the fourth-season finale, Flynn was promoted to series regular for the fifth season. She, Michaela and Annalise team up to help Soraya Hargrove's negotiation with her ex-husband regarding their children's custody. His job is to make sure the firm does not receive any further setbacks following the arrest of Jorge Castillo, but rumors of misconduct have spread about him during his time working in London.

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A professor of psychology and the husband of Annalise Keating for over 20 years until his death. Sam was involved in a sexual relationship with Lila Stangard, that eventually led to her death. He is the one who released Frank from jail and made Annalise hire him as her assistant. He also sent Frank to kill Lila after she threatened to expose their affair and her pregnancy to Sam's wife.

During the first season, flash forwards show that a fight led to Sam being killed and buried by Annalise's students. Lila was born to Stuart and Miranda Stangard. She wasn't raised for a religious life, so her family was shocked when she started dating O'Reilly and took a virginity pact with him. However, Lila lost her virginity to Sam and had sex with him multiple times.

She ended up getting pregnant. When Sam found out about her pregnancy, he took her to an abortion clinic and wanted her to terminate it. Lila didn't want to, and their argument is captured on the surveillance camera that eventually helps convict Sam. After, she tries to sleep with Griffin so he would believe the baby was his, but he refused to.

Sam went to Yale for a lecture, and Lila suspected that he wanted to get a job at Yale so he could move away and escape her, so she decided to visit his wife, Annalise, and tell her the truth. However, at that time, Sam was calling Annalise, so Bonnie Winterbottom answered the door and sent her away.

In the night of her death, Sam skips his lecture at Yale and drives back to Philadelphia to see Lila. They meet on the rooftop of her sorority, and he tells her that he loves her and that he is going to leave Annalise for her.

He slips away under the guise of going to tell Annalise immediately and calls Frank with a payphone. Frank later shows up at the rooftop and strangles her, dumping her body in the water tank.

Griffin O'Reilly Lenny Platt: Lila Stangard's former boyfriend and a primary suspect in Lila's murder case. He made Lila take a virginity pact with him. The night Lila died, he had a fight with her and eventually ended up in Rebecca's apartment, where he and Rebecca made out.

Lila showed up and the three of them had a fight. Lila disappeared that night and, after her body was found in a water tank of her sorority building, both Griffin and Rebecca became suspects in Lila's death. It was later revealed that Griffin did not kill Lila, Frank did. Aiden Walker Elliot Knight: Michaela discovers that previous to knowing her, Aiden slept with Connor and begins to question his sexuality, eventually, along with other issues, resulting in their break-up. They first met during a bar party and caused jealousy on Frank.

As a way to flirt with Laurel, he gives her important notes to study for a test. He helped Laurel and the others to gather money for Rebecca's bail. After a while, Laurel forgets to break up with Kan or even talk to him and he notices. One night, she turns up outside of the Legal Aid building.

Kan commends her on having a lot to talk to him after blowing him off for so long. She tries to explain that she was buried in work for school and that she does not want their relationship to end. The two get back together but their relationship does not last long as their relationship was a method for Laurel to get over Frank. The two have a fight over the constant excuses Laurel makes for blowing him off and they break up. Wendy Parks Alysia Reiner: A district attorney who goes up against Annalise.

William Millstone John Posey: Asher's father who commits suicide after Asher discovers a corruption case with which he was involved. Hannah Keating Marcia Gay Harden: Sam Keating's sister who hates Annalise and suspects that Annalise is somehow involved in Sam's murder.

Jorge Castillo Esai Morales: The millionaire owner of Antares Technologies [8] and Laurel's ruthless father. He ordered Wes' murder. He meets Laurel at the university campus weeks after Wes' death and she tells him that she was pregnant and that she had an abortion.

They take a photograph and he later sends the picture to her. She prepares to write "Why did you kill Wes? During Annalise's childhood, she was raped by her uncle Clyde and Ophelia saw it happening. Angry, Ophelia burned down the house her family lived together with Clyde inside and, years later, still hallucinates about what she did. In the third season, she goes to visit Annalise in prison and confuses the fact that Annalise's house burned down with what happened years ago.

That way, Annalise learns her mother is suffering from dementia. In the fourth season, Annalise goes to Memphis to visit her family and tries to hospitalize her mother in a nursing home. Emily Sinclair Sarah Burns: An assistant district attorney who was run over by Asher after she provoked him by diabolically speaking of his father.

Immediately after, he put her body inside his car trunk and drove to the Hapstall house, where he, Bonnie and the other associates manipulated a fake crime scene and threw Emily's body off the second floor to make it look like she committed suicide. Introduced in season two[ edit ] Eve Rothlo Famke Janssen: A death row attorney and Annalise's college sweetheart. During college, Eve and Annalise were lovers and Annalise left her when she decided to marry Sam Keating.

She first appears after Annalise requests her help defending Nate for Sam's murder. The two share intimate moments and eventually sleep together again. Eve continues to show up to help Annalise in times of need throughout the series.

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Caleb Hapstall Kendrick Sampson: Annalise's client who is accused of murdering his adoptive parents. Caleb's foster sister who is likewise being accused of murdering her adoptive parents.

Sometimes it can take multiple takes over multiple days to get one scene right, and this requires a lot of invested time for all parties involved.

As fun as it may be, it can also be exhausting. After How to Get Away with Murder co-star Falahee was alerted to the edits and posted on Twitter about it, other How to Get Away with Murder actors and crew rushed to condemn the exclusion. Shonda and others, including Italian activists, stated that there was no place for discrimination, and they demanded that the scene be put back.

The company complied and issued an apology, stating that they were concerned with potential backlash but realized that the world has changed considerably and there was no real cause for concern on their part. By bringing these things to the forefront, it can help challenge the limiting concepts and widen the playing field. She gave a speech about having to jump into dumpsters just to find something to sustain herself.

She had to find a way to get by in a world that tried to put her down at every turn, whether because she was poor, is Black, is a woman, is a Black woman, or any other reason.

wes gibbins and annalise keating relationship questions

In an interview, she stated"I have jumped in huge garbage bins with maggots for food. I have befriended people in the neighborhood who I knew had mothers who cooked three meals a day for food, and I sacrificed a childhood for food and grew up in immense shame.

Despite that, she was given the role almost immediately. As Michaela, she brings the character to life by combining a somewhat naive world view with a fierce determination and loyalty to her friends.