What happened to leorio and kurapika relationship

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what happened to leorio and kurapika relationship

It could be seen that his closest relationship in the group is with Kurapika . meets Kurapika, Killua, and Gon again but he does not remember what happened. Kurapika doesn't have much rivals for Leorio, but how about the other way around? As far as But do know that gay relationships are pretty rampant in Japan. Except if the accidental meeting between Gon, Killua, Kurapika and Leorio at Yorkshin "Okay, so, could you explain what happened here? . that there were something special about Killua and Kurapika's new relationship.

In other words he believes in his good character which of course proves to be right. After finding out that Leorio wants to be a hunter in order to become a doctor, Kurapika sticks with him. Originally posted by motherly-friend-to-the-rescue This does take an affect on Leorio where in return he shows the same concern for Kurapika. As I said in the beginning Leorio did start off as arrogant… but the one who humbled him down was none other than Kurapika.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

In fact I have good reasons to claim that Leorio became more kind was because of Kurapika! Which displays he has a strong sense of pride… Though that manages to get diminished by due to Kurapika, his constant scoldings are what allow him to forget his pride.

Which is displayed through out the rest of the exam. This also explains why Leorio is so determined with Kurapika whenever he loses his way because he did the same thing for him back then and it made him a better person. And he constantly reaches out for him….

But anyways I wrote this to celebrate the returning of Hunter x Hunter manga in April 18, my babies are coming back and what better way to do than to analyze and talk about why I love their relationship! No, it wasn't because he saw women changing clothes or what, but because of a real surprise inside. In there, there was Kurapika and… a member of Genei Ryodan!

Killua knew because he once saw her when he was captured. As Killua remembered, the pink-haired girl in front of him was Machi. But Killua didn't know her power, and this made Killua in a disadvantage. And more shocking, Kurapika was on Machi's custody. Yes, weak and powerless, because now Kurapika was lying unconscious on the hand of the member of his biggest enemy.

Her hair—which was now long because she didn't wear her wig—was untied, falling to her chest.

Her lips were pale, and her body looked very fragile. If Machi didn't hold Kurapika's neck with her arm, Kurapika must have fallen hard to the ground. Kurapika's hands were tied by Machi's thread, and a sharp knife hold by Machi was only inches from the artery in Kurapika's neck. What are you doing with Kurapika! I thought Chief's words were unreliable," Machi said with a monotone voice. Now, he prepared his claw.

But Machi had anticipated it. This girl will die if you attack me," Machi continued. She pressed her knife harder, until drips of blood began to fall from Kurapika's white neck, whose face getting pale.

Killua changed his claw to his normal nail. He knew Genei Ryodan member mustn't be underestimated. And Machi's Nen aura was strong, probably strong enough to blocked Killua's attack and kill Kurapika at the same time. I can see this girl is very precious for you," Machi said.

Killua stood still, staring with anger. Machi continued, "Actually, I don't understand why Chief needed this girl in the first place. She couldn't even sense my presence, or maybe because I hid my Nen presence? I mean, she's the heiress of Kuruta clan's eyes. You can bring your friends.

If you come late, this girl will lose her life. See you tonight, young master Zoldyck," Machi continued, and soon she disappeared, taking the unconscious Kurapika with her.

He fell to the cold floor. Fortunately it wasn't wet. But Killua didn't care. He only cared Kurapika's safety. Killua had just explained about the accident. They both were shocked by that.

what happened to leorio and kurapika relationship

He looked down and ruffled his silver hair in frustration. Sad, angry, and feeling useless mixed in his mind. But he wouldn't cry. Oh, no, a Zoldyck wouldn't cry no matter what! Gon and Leorio knew that Killua couldn't handle this tragedy well. They realized that nowadays, Killua changed a lot because of Kurapika, even though they didn't know why.

Everything was just too sudden. But they knew that know Killua cared Kurapika a lot more. And their feeling told them that there were something special about Killua and Kurapika's new relationship. So it wasn't strange if Killua panicking a lot. Plus, he was the one who saw Kurapika kidnapped by Machi. Gon tapped his best friend's shoulder and showed a calming smile.

Leorio also stared at him with eyes telling him that everything's going to be alright. No matter what happened, we'll be beside you, to accompany you," Gon said.

Killua nodded and smiled, but weakly. But his heart calmed. He began to think clearly. Killua knew his friends won't abandon him. Everything will go well. And finally, he could be on Kurapika's side once more. I'm sure you guys will always support me," Killua said.

Luckily I knew about the warehouse. The famous warehouse of Yorkshin City which is said to be one of the places that are used a lot in illegal transaction," Leorio said. I heard that Genei Ryodan liked to do their illegal transaction there. I think they won't let go Kurapika that easily," Leorio explained.

I know Genei Ryodan is strong. Hisoka, for example," Gon replied. Leorio nodded, agreeing Gon. Their goal must be eliminating us one by one. But Genei Ryodan also doesn't like easy victory. I'm sure they would let one of us to fight the last enemy, the one who imprisoned Kurapika. Let me fight the last enemy," said Killua, who finally spoke out his mind. He looked at Leorio, and they both smiled. Her head was spinning. Her eyesight was still very haze, and her body was hard to move.

She tried to focus her sight to clarify the person who was speaking. And her thought was right. In front of her, her most hated enemy from Genei Ryodan stood up.

He was Genei Ryodan's chief, Kuroro Lucifer. She looked at Kuroro with much hatred. She barely remembered how she could be in this situation. What she remembered was when she was in the toilet, someone hit her from the back and knocked her out. And what she remembered before losing her conscious was pink hair, until everything went dark. Or Machi's threads are going to hurt more of your beautiful body," Kuroro continued with a small smirk.

Hearing Kuroro's statement, Kurapika tried to regain her lost consciousness. After the numb feeling on her body was gone completely, Kurapika realized she was imprisoned and tied by threads from Machi, the pink-haired girl who attacked her on the toilet earlier.

The Kuruta girl also realized both hands and legs tied with a Christ position. I didn't touch you—at least, not yet. We'll see how your Zoldyck prince comes to save you, and finally see your end in despair. Then I'll enjoy your body," Kuroro continued, again with a smirk. Kuroro seemed to enjoy this torture a lot. I'll make sure he won't feel excruciating pain. But I can't guarantee he won't be mentally tortured," Kuroro replied.

She was tired, and upset. She just wanted to die right now. Especially of Killua really come… "Don't sigh like that, mistress Kuruta. You're making me become passionate. Don't forget, you're not a boy anymore, you're… a girl…" Kurapika really wanted to kill Kuroro, only if she wasn't tied up like this. Yes, now Kuroro stroke her hair as if Kurapika was his girl. As if he didn't satisfied, he began to touch other part.

And the final was when Kuroro passionately touched Kurapika's thigh which—Kurapika had just realized—was opened, because she was wearing an armless gown, with super mini skirt that even less than half her thigh. And her other body parts are also very opened, as if wanted to show her skin, and only her chest was properly dressed. Just say, it was like wearing bikini. Besides, I'm not the one who chose and dressed you. Even though, I must say, this cloth really fit you," Kuroro said.

He gripped Kurapika's chin and lifted the Kuruta girl's face upwards to make Kurapika's eyes looked at his straightly. I wonder why your young master Zoldyck hasn't come, mistress Kuruta?

Kurapika clicked her tongue in disgust, tried to distract her sight from her ultimate enemy. But anxiety began to come. What if Killua get hurt? What if Killua lose the fight? What if she can't be by Killua's side anymore? Her girlish instinct took over, and finally she dripped a tear for the first time since she decided to disguise herself as a boy. But, why are you alone? Didn't Machi tell you that you can bring your friends? Now they're fighting below," Killua said.

He was ready with his claw. I hoped that I don't have to fight you, but I think it's not a big matter. And I think I should get mistress Kuruta away, because she'll be a great help for me," Kuroro replied. Slowly, the Christ which held Kurapika began to climb up, right at the top.

The threads tied her tightly. But suddenly, a thread came of nowhere and tied her neck. And Kurapika could feel that slowly the thread tied her more tightly, making her hard to breath. Below, Killua and Kuroro was still staring each other. Killua stared at Kuroro with hatred.

He still couldn't accept the way the Genei Ryodan's chief underestimated him.

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Underestimated the Zoldyck's heir, Killua Zoldyck! But that wasn't all. Kuroro dared to touch and hurt Kurapika, and that angered Killua the most. Besides, what's the advantage of knowing your ability? Besides, I know yours. So, my ability is I can steal my enemy's Nen energy. So, I suggest you don't use your Nen. But still, if I can steal a Zoldyck's Nen ability, it'll be very worthy. I never get one. But I'm pretty hopeful, since your eldest brother, Illumi Zoldyck is Hisoka's friend.

Maybe I could get his," Kuroro explained. Then I won't use my Nen. Simple," Killua replied lightly, as if it was an easy matter. But still, he was cautious.

Kuroro's ability was nothing to be underestimated. But I'm sure you wouldn't be that confident after fighting me," Kuroro said. Well then, let's begin," Kuroro said again. He was ready with his move, while Killua with his claw. He attacked Kuroro straight out. Kuroro blocked it with his Nen.

what happened to leorio and kurapika relationship

They began to fight, attacking, blocking. It looked as if they didn't care by their surroundings. She cared nothing about her pain in her neck that began to dripping out blood. The Kuruta girl just wanted Killua to be safe. Even if… that means putting her life at stake. Killua and Kuroro's fight was nothing but intense. Killua was taking Kuroro's ability very seriously.

He didn't use his Nen at all. It put him in disadvantage. Kuroro could freely block his attack. But Kuroro was also in disadvantage.

He still couldn't steal Killua's Nen. The fight had begun fifteen minutes ago, but the winner was still not clear. Both of them were exhausted. Maybe Kuroro couldn't use his full power. He didn't use his book—which was full with Nen abilities he stole—at all. Based on reflex, they turned to the direction of the voice.

Their reaction were same, surprised. He walked calmly to Killua and Kuroro's direction. Kuroro, you better stop this fight. Zeno-jii said, you still owe him and he won't forgive you if you dare to touch Zoldyck's heir.

He also wanted to see you, so he told me to take you to his place," Illumi explained. Well, what can I do, he hold my book. Good bye, young master Zoldyck, mistress Kuruta. I have to go. But I'll definitely hunt you again, mistress Kuruta," Kuroro said.

He turned around and walked to Illumi's direction. Illumi, who was just about to leave, turned again. He seemed embarrassed by the fact he was helped by his eldest brother he hated. For a second, Killua saw a glimpse of Illumi's smile that he never saw for a long time, before finally the Zoldyck's eldest son went with Kuroro. He turned upwards, and ended with a shock. Kurapika fell down fast, right into his direction. It seemed like Kuroro's Christ and Machi's threads were gone.

As fast as he could, Killua caught Kurapika with both of his hands, bridal style. Slowly, Kurapika opened his eyes. It had been a while since her fall, and she hadn't felt a single pain. Kurapika encouraged herself to open her eyes. She blinked her beautiful obsidian eyes several times. And what she saw was a pair of sapphire eyes. The beautiful blue sapphire that only belonged to… "Killua…" said Kurapika in a low tone.

I'm alright," Kurapika answered. She stretched a little, telling Killua to let her go from her current position and let her stand on her own. Kurapika felt awkward, didn't know what to do. Killua was the same. They didn't say a word—or precisely, didn't know what to say. I… I…" Kurapika didn't know what to say anymore. Seeing Killua's injured body—only small injuries, though—making her felt more useless. Only thinking about it was enough to make her cried once again. She fell to the ground, couldn't hide her sob.

Kurapika cried loudly, even though she tried to stop it. He bowed down on his knee so he could adjust his height with Kurapika's. I got you injured, Killua You're not the one to be blamed! Without you, I… I won't feel all this feelings, Kurapika!

Slowly, her tears decreased. Happy, sad, disappointed, angry, want to protect, loyal, friendship, and…" Killua cut his words, staring at Kurapika with a sendu and anxious glance, "… Love. Daisuki da yo, Kurapika…" Kurapika stared at Killua's red face with shock. And slowly, a blush started to fill her cheek. She had stopped crying completely.