William wordsworth and samuel coleridge relationship

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william wordsworth and samuel coleridge relationship

Samuel Taylor Coleridge and William Wordsworth In a chance meeting that In this page, we will more deeply explore the relationship between these two. Samuel Taylor Coleridge is often discussed in association with his peer, William Wordsworth. This is due in part to their friendship and joint ventures on works. Frances Wilson reviews The Friendship: Wordsworth and Coleridge by as the young William Hazlitt put it, 'like the turning up of fresh soil'.

Holmes quotes Frank Cottrell Boyce, who wrote the screenplay: But Wordsworth betrayed him. He was feeding on two other geniuses — his sister Dorothy and Coleridge.

While it seems fair to say that Coleridge needed to latch onto a stronger personality he believed he could trust, a more fitting comparison might be that of a concerned older brother. Biographers describe Coleridge as a weaker personality, but maybe this is to judge him too harshly. He was a man of great imagination and sensitivity.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge in Contrast to William Wordsworth

Coleridge was unable to withstand such harsh criticism and rejection and so he did not publish the work spurned by Wordsworth. Instead, he turned to opium for both consolation and inspiration. His consumption was staggering. He began to gulp laudanum — liquid opium — as if it were wine. According to Jonathan Wordsworth, the only mistake made was by Montagu, for telling Coleridge what Wordsworth had written.

william wordsworth and samuel coleridge relationship

It was a betrayal, regardless of whether the victim had knowledge of it. Coleridge had been married, but the marriage, unsurprisingly, had broken down.

william wordsworth and samuel coleridge relationship

The other contributing factor, according to Jonathan Wordsworth in his interview with Helien, was this: Visionary poetry was what Coleridge did best. Did Wordsworth Abandon Coleridge? On the contrary, Wordsworth was an Anglican, as well as a pantheist. Although he did focus on God through nature as a pantheist, Wordsworth differed from Coleridge in that he did emphasize religious symbolism.

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The stress Coleridge placed on religion and God is ironic because this poem intended to address the strain on his relationship with Wordsworth. This poem addressed God and referenced religious anecdotes i. One would imagine that if Coleridge were addressing the problematic relationship he would use language that is partial to Wordsworth, and refrain from involving ideology different from that of Wordsworth. On a very deep level, this may be an attempt by Coleridge to use juxtaposed concepts to convey his point.

However, it is important to note that Coleridge integrated God into this poem. It displayed that even though he was concerned about his relations with Wordsworth, a very worthwhile topic, he felt that he could best address the situation by incorporating religious references.

Wordsworth refrained from bringing God into the issue, but instead used a literary device to convey his sentiment. Wordsworth comments on the situation from a simple standpoint and does not involve God or a higher being; however, Coleridge makes the situation more intricate by involving God.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge in Contrast to William Wordsworth | InfoRefuge

On the surface, this is an example of Coleridge complicating things that Wordsworth deemed simple. However, to truly understand why Coleridge involved God in his poem and why Wordsworth did not, one must understand how they each individually interpreted symbolism. In contrast, he is looked inside himself but not inside his soul, while Coleridge asserted that man must look inside himself and it is there he will find inspiration in God. Whether their differences stemmed from religion, means of inspiration, or simply poetic diction, it is evident that these two poets were uniquely individual.

Moreover, although Samuel Coleridge is often paired with William Wordsworth, upon further examination one can plainly see that the two poets are undoubtedly different. The similarities between them often overshadow their individual achievements, ideas, and styles.

Combined with the fact that his opium addiction crippled his poetic potential, these elements portray Coleridge as less accomplished poet than Wordsworth. Regardless of popular opinion, Samuel Taylor Coleridge possessed his own unique poetic diction, sought non-traditional methods of poetic inspiration, conveyed original theories about the imagination, and distinctly incorporated his religious philosophies into his poetry.

It is for these reasons that Samuel Taylor Coleridge remains a pillar for the Romantic era of poetry. Coleridge and Wordsworth; Language of Allusion. This source focuses on the relationship between Coleridge and Wordsworth, both as friends and as collaborators. Newlyn mentions that the friendship eventually faded but the reason the two were so complementary was because they were very different.

When Coleridge met Wordsworth - Telegraph

This source is of particular interest to me because it focuses on the differences between the two poets, and that will help in contrasting Coleridge with Wordsworth. In addition, this source will allow me to examine the men as friends and co-workers, and that can help me to see if either of those two relationships affected the other.

The shortcomings of this source would have to be the fact that some of the information is not supported very strongly.

william wordsworth and samuel coleridge relationship

Coleridge and Wordsworth; A Lyrical Dialogue. This source concentrates on the complexity of the lyrical dialogue between Coleridge and Wordsworth in their poetry. One must read between the lines in order to identify the dialogue between these two men in their poetry. The author contends that this dialogue arose due to the fact that Coleridge and Wordsworth recognized similar themes and styles in their writing. This source is of value to me because it we help me grasp a better idea of the poetic relationship that existed between the two.

In addition, the dialogue is hard to interpret so this source will make it easier to understand. Nevertheless, this source still holds value because it will break down the dialogue between the two men in several of their well-known poems.

william wordsworth and samuel coleridge relationship

Wordsworth and Coleridge in Their Time. The lives, letters, and criticisms of Coleridge and Wordsworth are covered in this particular source. The two poets are examined in accordance to their era and the events in politics, education and literature at the time.

This will aid me in breaking Coleridge away from Wordsworth, and discovering exactly where his ideas differ from those of Wordsworth.