Wyatt earp and doc holliday relationship help

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wyatt earp and doc holliday relationship help

PROFILES OF THE EARPS AND DOC HOLLIDAY. WYATT EARP is best known as the fearless frontier lawman of Wichita and Dodge City, Kansas, and as principal survivor of the Gunfight at . "Big Nose" Kate, broke him out of jail and he felt he owed her for all of her help. He had a strong relationship with Wyatt Earp. All told, Wyatt Earp had a complicated domestic situation. didn't have to live the life she had been living as long as Wyatt could support her. who was Doc Holliday's girlfriend before moving elsewhere to live by herself. Were Doc Holliday and Wyatt Earp really friends? I wondered and did some research. Original sources show that in the Wild West the line.

Doc Holliday invited Wyatt Earp to sit down. When Wyatt declined, Doc poured a shot of whiskey just for himself.

Of Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday

Holliday, though only 26 years old, had a haggard face and a chronic cough. He dressed well, and his face showed some spark thanks to his deep-set blue eyes and neatly trimmed mustache. This made sense enough to Wyatt that he headed over to the telegraph office and sent a message to the sheriff of Ford County that the gang of thieves might be back in the area.

Upon receiving the telegram, Bat Masterson, the top lawman in southeast Kansas, put together a posse. One indication of how generally unlikable Doc was could be summed up this way: Thirty years later, in a magazine essay about Doc Holliday, Bat began in an evenhanded way: However, that January, such judgments were ahead of him, plus Bat doubted that Wyatt could be hoodwinked with false information.

Thus, he acted on the belief that Dirty Dave and his gang were back in Kansas. The third week in January, having by then been duly sworn in, and braving the risk of blizzards, Sheriff Masterson set off with his posse for the territory between Dodge City and for the Texas Panhandle, which included the Cherokee Strip.

They picked up signs on the trail that made them think the Rudabaugh group was in the area. Nasty winter weather caused Bat and his deputies to seek shelter at a ranch owned by cattleman Henry Lovell. Bat had an idea: Bat suggested that they abandon the ranch but stay near it, at least for one night.

They bedded down within sight of the compound, and the four men took turns as lookouts. Late the next afternoon, as the wan light was fading from the Western sky and Bat debated whether another night spent in the snow was merited, the lawmen saw four riders approach the ranch.

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The sighs of relief of Dirty Dave and his desperadoes turned to groans as Bat, Morrow, Webb and Bassett appeared out of the driving snow with their hands full of shotguns and six-shooters. Bat ordered them to throw down their guns and throw up their hands. Though heavily armed themselves, the outlaws were too flummoxed to fire a shot.

The next morning, Bat led his party back to Dodge City, where the lawmen were lauded and the outlaws taken by train east to await trial. Dirty Dave was a lowdown scoundrel to the rest of his gang.

He informed on them, probably heaping most of the blame on his former comrades. They wound up in prison. Rudabaugh, after promising to go straight, was released and allowed to ride off to New Mexico. Byhe had put together a fresh band of outlaws, who included, of all people, former lawman John Joshua Webb. Rudabaugh eventually joined up with another gang, led by William Bonney, who would become known as Billy the Kid.

Dirty Dave spent the last night of his life in Mexico, February 18,when he shot a man he accused of cheating in a card game. Angry friends of the dead man gathered. Rudabaugh was seized, and knives went to work. He had lived a full life of villainy in only 32 years. Lawman-turned-outlaw John Joshua Webb right got convicted of murder after shooting a man, Michael Kelliher, inside a saloon in Las Vegas, New Mexico Territory, allegedly in self-defense.

He escaped from jail, however, in November with the help of another inmate—his buddy, Dirty Dave Rudabaugh. Around this time, his new acquaintance, Doc Holliday, began the flight that would eventually bring him to Dodge City.

It was Kate Elder who got him out of a serious jam. InKate was performing in a Dodge City dance hall and was probably a part-time prostitute. Though an attractive woman, her nose was a tad prominent; bynewspapers were calling her Big Nose Kate. Why she was in Fort Griffin, Texas, in January is not known. It may have simply been a place to find work at a time of year when saloon jobs were scarce. She met Doc Holliday there.

They had quick tempers, a love for alcohol, independence, restlessness and a low regard for life in common. All that and more would be enough to keep them together despite the knock-down, drag-out fights that would impress those who knew them.

Doc was the one dealing, and Bailey picked up the discarded cards and looked at them. The former dentist must have been in a mellow mood because he let slide what was a clear violation of Western poker.

But when Bailey continued to do it, Doc warned him, and after a couple of unheeded warnings, he simply raked in the pot without revealing to Bailey if his hand was a winner or not. For Bailey, this was like waving a red flag in front of a bull.

Immediately furious, he reached for his gun. Just as it was coming visible above the table, Doc slashed a knife across his stomach.

Doc Holliday

How could a man as good as Earp be friends with a man as bad as Holliday? Doc Hollidayby John Myers Myers, republished in and The Frontier World of Doc Hollidayby Pat Jahns, republished in These two s books are presented together here because each in its own way, though dated, offers particular insights and different perspectives on the friendship of Holliday and Earp.

wyatt earp and doc holliday relationship help

She portrayed him as pleasant, in love with his first cousin, Mattie Holliday, embittered by his tuberculosis, and addicted to gambling and alcohol. They probably never understood each other until one day in Pueblo, Colorado, in the late spring of And then they never spoke to each other again. Wyatt became a real person with this book, not just a two-dimensional figure representing either good or evil.

Tefertiller does not belabor the point of their friendship. He does detail the benefits and costs to Earp. The Life and the Legendby Gary L. Roberts The most frustrating part about trying to write a biography of Doc Holliday is that he left so few records of a personal nature.

As a result we see him largely through the eyes of others, most of whom had agendas of their own.

Doc Holliday (Documentary)

In the absence of personal information, an important tool is context, learning as much as possible about the times in which he lived. Context sometimes makes obvious what seemed obscure.

The friendship of Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday is one example. Storytellers and historians have needed the latter to be a mystery in their efforts to justify or condemn Earp. But understanding 19thcentury attitudes toward male relationships takes away the mystery.

wyatt earp and doc holliday relationship help

The Damon—Pythias relationship between men the 19th century extolled rested upon a willingness to sacrifice for one another. Finding more details and missing pieces is important, but sometimes one has to throw a wider loop rather than a tighter one to understand. Gunfight at the O. Producer Hal Wallis realized that none of the earlier movies on Tombstone had focused on the relationship between Earp and Holliday.

This film presents Wyatt Burt Lancaster as an upright, honest, almost puritanical lawman, while Doc Kirk Douglas is a cynical, deadly man-killer, embittered by tuberculosis and indifferent to death. Texas cowboys and even the evil Clantons are subordinate to the Earp and Holliday friendship, which director John Sturges brings to the big screen in a storm of ambiguity.

It plays loose with history, of course, and makes the Gunfight at the O. Corral the climax of the film, effectively ending the story with a showdown in which law and order triumph, and Earp and Holliday go their separate ways.

wyatt earp and doc holliday relationship help

Straight-shooter Earp is pushed over the edge by the murder of baby brother James. Holliday, the vicious killer, is then the person who tells Earp not to throw away his badge and the justice it represents.

wyatt earp and doc holliday relationship help

Ultimately, both men realize they need each other.