Yoona and taecyeon relationship goals

Who is Ok Taecyeon's Girlfriend? Lovelife about Ok Taecyeon of 2PM | MIJ Miner8

yoona and taecyeon relationship goals

Although the couple ring situation between SNSD's YoonA and 2PM's Taecyeon was promptly clarified by Taecyeon via Cyworld back in. 2PM TaecYeon and So Nyeo Shi Dae Yoona talk about their scandal. He was playing on the fact that TaecYeon addressed with ‘YoonA’ instead of ‘YoonA ssi’. After that, Kang Ho Dong asked YoonA to “Choose between Lee SeungGi and Ok TaecYeon in terms of looks, and not on. #yoona #snsd #2pm #taecyeon #taecyoon #2pmsnsd #yoontaec - 1 month ago .. Please be real of #couple I will be #shipper both of you taecyoon is the.

Like you said Mr. So once again, if Taecyeon wishes to court Yoona, it is up to Yoona to make a choice. As for Yoona, since I do not know her personally, I cannot say with confidence what kind of person she is but I can only deduce from my observations of her actions and words and from reading what has been written about and of her.

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You are right to say she seems to be a genuine and lovely person. I say that because I have been observing and following her since her debut 10 years ago.

yoona and taecyeon relationship goals

She is kind, caring, respectful, intelligent and loyal to a fault. She is also extremely diligent and dedicated and has accomplished so much for someone so young. She has matured very nicely in her chosen vocation as a singer and actress and she has shown she has so much potential that has yet to be tapped. As for who her heart beats for, well that is the million-dollar question, is it not? Like I said, she must have a million, or more, suitors, both inside and outside the entertainment industry.

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yoona and taecyeon relationship goals

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Taecyeon and Yoona’s Uncomfortable Relationship Due to Rumors

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